Sunday Sweats 11

Monday: wake-me-up yoga (10 min) + 2 mile run
Sleep and I have just not been on good terms lately, so it was another extra-snooze-button morning. I finally rolled out of bed with enough time for a gentle wake-me-up yoga session: sun salutations, cat/cows, reclined twists, happy baby, half happy baby on each side, and some low bridges.

It was the first really beautiful day we'd had, so I couldn't wait to get out and run—even with all the residual pain from my weekend fail-whale run. I overestimated the warmth and froze in short sleeves, but I really didn't care. It was light out at 6 p.m.! Praise. I picked up my pace and forced some fartleks out in a last-ditch effort to feel prepared for RnR this weekend.

Tuesday: restorative yoga (20 min)
No, I don't want to talk about how half the roads in my neighborhood were shut down (exploding manholes—WHAT?!), including the ones I need to take to get to yoga class, which I desperately needed (and can't replace with a different class any day/time), and even though I left 20 minutes early for the 3-minute drive I didn't arrive to even the block my studio is on until after class had started, and how it's the pinnacle of rudeness to go into yoga class late and I wouldn't even be able to practice without the opening meditation, which I had already missed, so I went another week without my studio class (snow closed the studio last week) when my body and mind were already going haywire. I really needed this before RnR.

I would have done a longer practice at home, but guess how long it took me to get back to my apartment after I missed class? Actually, don't. I had a lot of editing to do; I was on deadline before RnR. And it's hard to practice for so long without getting distracted at home, especially when I'm already agitated. But at least I got something done.

Wednesday: runners yoga (17 min)
I had planned on finishing out the taper with 2 miles tonight, but after consulting a friend about my shoe conundrum and race day concerns, he advised me to rest until race day and work my legs out differently to promote healing and pain-free running at RnR. He's got plenty of room to talk—he's run more marathons than I've run miles—so I took his advice. And then I went crazy, because I've got Half Taper Madness, if there even is such a thing.

Thursday: lower body yoga (12 min)
In case you haven't noticed, the theme this week is all about trying to use yoga to make up for the lack of miles. Trying to just keep my legs moving and working without impact so as not to go into race day with pain. Today was also chiropractor day, which meant Graston Technique and pain relief from head to toe—the perfect way to head into a race. Well, I mean, well-trained would have been better, but I'm taking what I can get at this point.

Friday: lower body yoga (20 min)
We arrived in DC Friday for the main event—my first race of 2015 and my second half marathon of ever. Tracy and Kristen were kind enough to let me play yoga teacher and lead them through about 20 minutes of pre-race lower body hip and hamstring yoga.

Saturday: 13.1 mile run (Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon) + hip & low back yoga (20 min)
Full race recap post coming this week, but the simplest explanation I can muster is as follows:
Rain + healing shin injury + lots of rain + wind + rain + incredibly undertrained + oh did I mention awful weather? should = bad race. But for some reason I'm still not sure of, all of that added up to a half marathon PR. !!!!!!!!!!!!

Somewhere between drying off (finally), warming up (we thought it would never happen), an afternoon nap (so crucial) and two massive post-race meals, I took Kristen and Tracy through another quick practice to get some recovery action in our aching hips and legs.

Sunday: rest
There's still a chance I may toss in some restorative practice, but today was go go go. Before leaving DC we swung by Georgetown for a cupcake and brunch with Carly (more on those adventures this week!) and then parted for our long trips home.

Weekly Totals:
Running: 2 || 15.1 miles
Yoga: 6 || 99 minutes

I have a lot of feelings about this week, but I want to sum it all up properly in a race recap post—plus, I have a lot of unpacking foam rolling to do at the moment. We'll catch up on it all this week. Later skaters.


  1. Im so proud of you for that race and yay for you guys still getting some recovery action in! You all rock. Cant wait to read about it from all three perspectives.

    Now can we talk about the exploding manholes? WTF!!

  2. I still can't believe you pulled off that PR. I mean, I CAN because duh you're amazing, but I can't because well you know, you already listed all the reasons why. SO proud of and happy for you, you definitely earned that one!
    Thanks again for the yoga classes :) I'd definitely do yoga every day if I had you around to teach me!

  3. I would have totally joined you for some post race yoga. Race? Meh. Not so much these days! haha. Happy PR!!!

  4. I'm so so happy that you had a PR for the race!! Can't wait to hear more! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. hells yes you PR'd! I am still so proud and happy for you. You absolutely earned it, and I can't wait to see what you can do with nothing like an injury or weather holding you back. you are amazing!!
    i had the best weekend (did i say that already?) and i agree with Tracy - I would do yoga every (damn) day if I had you around to teach me - you were super helpful and I felt like I improved even a little bit. You are a fabulous teacher, and we were so your first students. haha jk.
    exploding manholes are stupid. I hope you get to go to your class tomorrow!
    I managed to get 5 minutes in when I got home, my flight was delayed a little so I only had 15 minutes in chicago, but it was enough to notice they had a yoga room - next time i fly through there (europe!) i am totally doing some yoga in there. maybe i'll be able to headstand by then!

  6. Exploding manholes?! WTF?

    I don't run so to me, even the fact that you ran--AND FINISHED--a half marathon is crazy impressive. I don't know what PR means (and I'm too lazy right now to Google it) but it seems like a good thing so hooray for you!

  7. Congrats on the PR!!! You guys rocked that race in not so great conditions and should be damn proud!!!


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