Sunday Sweats 12

Monday: restorative yoga (20 min)
I was feeling like some gentle hamstring and hip stretches and sweet, sweet spinal twists to help aid in the half marathon recovery. Most of me feels good post-race, but I can always use some love in those areas so I turned to Erin for this one.

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 min)
Ahhhh, finally. But since I'm three weeks out of studio practice, the DOMS are gonna show up to play for sure. Just felt good to get back into Donna's class and work out the last of the RnR kinks.

Wednesday: loosening yoga (10 min)
I woke up creaking after last night's class, so I eased into the day with this "loosening up" sequence from Erin. Was hoping to get back on the run today, but I'm nursing some top-of-foot pain (I'm not worried: I have high arches, so it's a common thing, plus undertrained for the half, shoes on their last breath, yadda yadda yadda...) and figured one more day of rest wouldn't make me a slacker. Right?

Thursday: detoxing yoga (15 min) + 2 mile run
I wasn't hungover, but Erin gave us a new video and like a good Bad Yogi I had to give it a whirl. Great detoxing twists and some nice deep bends, even an arm bind were all thrown in there for us. Recommend.

Cut this run off at 2 miles after realized I had run mile 1 @ 9:03 and mile 2 at 10:01. My foot hurts. I'm not worried; I have enough time before the next race to rest a little. I'd be more concerned about injuring something else by screwing with my gait to accommodate the sore foot. (PS, why is it always something?!)

Friday: rest
Today was just a no. Slept like absolute hell last night—what else is new?—so I couldn't muster the energy for morning yoga and my evening was no-go too.

Saturday: 3.26 mile run + lower body yoga (15 min)
This was so miserable I went directly to Fleet Feet right after. These shoes are shot. I adjusted my gait to nurse my foot, which wasn't hurting much when I set out. My calves hurt, but I recognize that I need to strengthen them and I should be running like this all the time—so, a good thing. But my foot was not alright; the pain moved from the top to the side and it HURT to the point of limping.

I'm pretty decided on the Saucony Zealot for my next shoe, but my run shop doesn't have it in yet (it's new). Hopefully it'll arrive this week and I may just rest until least until my foot is 100%.

I licked my wounds for a bit and then got back on the mat to shake it all out with a homemade lower body practice . Yoga fixes everything.

Sunday: free-flow yoga (20 min)
I free-flowed through some restorative, back-bending and deep-stretching poses today, but none of that matters in light of my lovely lady Tracy kicking serious Shamrock ass in her marathon today! Do me a favor and make sure you congratulate her on her killer 31-minute PR. Congratulations and all the claps, my friend!

Weekly Totals:
Running: 2 || 5.26 miles
Yoga: 6 || 155 minutes

Just...why is it always something? Saturday sucked. One week prior I ran a half marathon in a little over two hours without stopping once. I could barely power through a 5k six days later. Cross your fingers some rest and new shoes are all I need. Please. Eight weeks til the next half marathon...


  1. Ugh I'm so sorry about your foot issues but yeah, you need new shoes ASAP. I hope the Zealots work out better for you!
    I know the shoes aren't helping, but still, you put your body through a lot last weekend! Powering through that half like you did was no joke so I'm not surprised it's not feeling 100% this week. Rest up, run easy, do yoga, and give yourself some time to recover. Better to do than now than run your body into the ground. You get a new training cycle, that's exciting! And best to start off on a good...foot?
    Thanks for the love and for virtually celebrating with me :)

  2. Oh my goodness, seriously, why is it always something? I am so sorry. I really hope the new shoes work magic and everything is peachy here soon.
    Yoga for hangovers? That sounds amazing and I am so checking that out.

  3. Rest rest rest rest until you get new shoes! I can't say it enough!!!! YES Yoga for hangovers!

  4. There is nothing worse for exercise than hurting feet and bad shoes. I used to do Zumba a lot and quit because I could not find a good enough shoe and it physically hurt. Hopefully you have better luck!

  5. I hope the new shoes do your hurting feet some good when they come in. Nothing sucks more than injury! Have a great week!

  6. Ugh sorry to hear abut the hard days. Maybe your body needed some time off after the race? I don't know just saying don't be too hard on yourself since you rocked it just days earlier. Im glad you got a rest Friday!

  7. Bodies are weird. That's why. You'll be back to your A game in no time. :)


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