Sunday Sweats 13

Monday: side body yoga (14 min)
Since my chiropractor and I came to the (devastating) realization that I can push out my appointments with him to three or maybe even four weeks apart, I'm trying to make sure I'm taking good care of my problem areas in the time between adjustments. I've had this weird low-back thing happening on just the left side for a couple of weeks and I'm constantly after the stretch or pop that will be the final cure. This wasn't it, but it still felt good.

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 min)
I brought my coworker M along to today's class and was happy to spread the love. It was a very full class, but a great one as always. Still resting the foot so still no run, but it's almost 100%! Now just waiting on that call that my running shoes are in...

Wednesday: full body yoga (10 min)
Short on time but I'll always get my yoga in if I can. Still no shoes. Still no running. Still on the mend.

Thursday: flexibility/hip opening flow (17 min)
Erin's been prepping us for bird of paradise pose for a couple weeks and this new video brought it all together. (Being a part of the Bad Yogi Club seriously pays off.) I loved this challenging flow. I hit it on the right side, but I've still got some work to do on the left. Good thing we call yoga a "practice" for a reason :)

On the other side of things, still no shoes. Still no running. Foot is just about 100% and I'm not risking anything with the shoes I know are shot or deadly. I can afford a week off at this point, much as I may hate it, so I'll take it until I have safe shoes to run in.

Friday: IT band yoga (20 min)
Still no shoes, still no running. I figure the least I can do it keep my legs warm and ready to run as soon as I do have the new rides. Anyway, I love this IT band video, and I paused it twice to work in a headstand before Erin's childs pose (always take childs pose to counteract an inversion like headstand) and some side stretches at the end.

Saturday: full body free flow yoga (25 min)
Still. no. running. shoes. And today was a beautiful day for running. Intellectually I know I'm being smart and not risking seriously hurting myself by letting everything fully heal and waiting for the right, safe shoes. But it's annoying, because I'd rather be running than not running.

At least my mat's always there for me. I cranked up the heat at home and sweated it all out for 25 minutes in a full body free flow, from back bends to hip openers and a little upside downing.

Sunday: rest
No shoes, no time today. It's my actual birthday, and I'm lucky enough to have many people want to come and celebrate with me last night. In the form of many drinks. Ow.

Weekly Totals:
Running: 0 / 0 miles
Yoga: 6 / 161 minutes

I just really, really want to run.


  1. i'm sorry friend :( i hope the shoes come in soon and you are able to run asap. there is nowhere else you can get the shoes from? glad you got lots of yoga done though. i did not know that about childs pose after an inversion, not that i can do headstands yet, but good to know! happy birthday again!

  2. Thanks for the Yoga links! I am fairly new to yoga and I'm always looking for more to practice!


  3. First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN. Now to the post ... bummer about the no shoes but its better to wait I think. Also bummer about having to see the sexy doc only every four weeks haha. Love that you got all that yoga in spite of the running slump. You rock!

  4. Happy birthday (again) (on the right day this time, haha)!!! I'm sure you are frustrated waiting on your shoes, but hopefully this just means that your foot will be completely rested and ready to go once you finally get them :) Sounds like you got in some really good yoga this week!

  5. I have some weird thing going on in my lower back too....right side though. Will have to try that video this week!
    Super bummer about the shoes...I hope they come in soon! Did they give you a date?
    I hope you had the best birthday celebration and a great rest day today! :)

  6. Ahhh no shoes is no fun, I hope they come in soon!!! So much yoga though, which is great!!! 75 minutes of a go girl!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  7. Happy Birthday!!! You tell those shoes it's your birthday and you should be able to run if you want to! Haha! Hope you have a great week!


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