Sunday Sweats 9

Monday: restorative yoga practice (20 min)
Today wasn't particularly challenging — there were no arguments, no work disasters, no catastrophes to speak of — but it wasn't easy either. It was almost like my mind hurt, the result of overactive thoughts. By the evening I was emotionally drained and mentally wired. I chose this Sarah Beth video for the first time and found it really peaceful, very helpful, and custodial to a much deeper stretch than I'd anticipated. Two thumbs up.

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 min)
Tonight's class was just okay. For some reason it was very, very full, and it felt a little crowded — I had to alter some movements to not touch the yogi to my left. The energy flow in the room just wasn't great, and we didn't have time for backbends and inversions — my favorite. I left without the grounded feeling I appreciate so much. BUT, it was a tough class. I thought I might get some miles in afterward, but my thighs were burning, to the point where I was dragging my legs up the stairs. They didn't have it in 'em.

Wednesday: vinyasa yoga practice (20 min) + 3.1 mile run
ALL THE SORE THINGS. Donna's insistence on revolved warrior 3s and half moons and standing splits left these hips a-hurtin' today, but again, it was the good hurt. I started the day with Erin's latest flow video and realized that I feel better, overall, this week than I have in a little while.

After my chiropractor went HAM on my tibias (I'll happily explain if you're curious, but I won't assume that you are) I felt like I was running on fresh legs, and I had to take advantage of the downright delightful temperature: 24 degrees. AND it actually went above freezing today! I see you, spring. Anyway, I averaged 9:23 but felt good, strong, satisfied. Really can't wait for more daylight so I can be comfortable running a bit longer route in the evenings after work.

Thursday: core yoga practice (12 min) + 4 mile run
Have I ever told you guys how much I hate core work? No? You guys, I hate core work. I just always have. That's partially why I spend so long in headstand, because it's an activated core posture that doesn't have any crunch motion involved. But I know I need to do it, especially coming up on a race, so I threw this video in this morning.

Tonight's run was a tad colder than yesterday but overall it was fine — not exceptional either way. I just really, really can't wait to have some light on these short runs so I can put the speed work in there without worrying about totally eating it on some black ice.

Friday: flexibility yoga practice (14 min)
Woke up feeling a bit of stiffness in my left shin and calf, which is where I found a bit of, let's say, not pain but stress at mile 4 and after last night's run. My first response is always stretching, so I picked this flow for the down dogs to go right into all those leg muscles.

Saturday: gentle vinyasa practice (12 min)
I had hundreds (literally) of pages to edit today, plus an apartment to clean, plus a cat to cat-sit, so it was a bit of a hectic day. I let my run slide till tomorrow and almost called it a day, but I managed to get a free flow in after dinner. Not much, but better than nothing: Some nice, deep, detoxing twists, a few sun salutation As, some cat/cows (always), and some slight backbends in table and stargazer. Turned out to be just the balancing act I needed.
Sunday: vinyasa yoga practice (40 min)
I'm really struggling with how I'll possibly feel ready for RnR in two weeks. My 8-mile intention was trashed today. First, I woke up with an absolutely POUNDING migraine. I hate, hate, hate this feeling, and I felt like I was doing so well for so many months, eliminating my triggers and reducing the number of headaches I had. But the past few weeks have been rough. And have you ever tried to run with a migraine? I have, and it's one of the most unpleasant experiences I've ever felt.

Later on as I finally started to be able to open my eyes, the snow came. I'm so done with the snow. The cold honestly isn't even bothering me this year but MORE snow? I can't. I know I don't have it as bad as my friends further north, but I've had enough. The roads are constantly disastrous, potholes and snow banks everywhere, and there's just no more room. I spoke too soon Wednesday. Spring, please come soon. I'm begging you.

So anyway, this all added up to the worst possible conditions for running. I took a long free flow instead, tried to focus on building heat in my legs and core to somehow, slightly make up for the lack of miles.

Weekly Totals:
Running: 2 runs, 7 miles
Yoga: 7 practices, 193 minutes

What felt like a really great and productive week kind of came crashing down on Sunday — starting the day with a migraine can really mess with you. Here's hoping my coming week's training goes according to plan and I can get a 10-miler in. I'm so glad Rock 'n Roll won't be my first half marathon, because I know I'll spend a good amount of time during the race willing myself to keep running because my body has already done it before — I know I'm capable of it. That knowledge will just have to be enough to supplement this disastrous training cycle.

Good thing I have Superhero Half two months later...


  1. You go with your yoga! I haven't done that ab video of Erin's but her other ones at least are no joke! Core work is really the worst.
    Your thoughts on RnR are exactly how I feel about Shamrock. Like wtf is going on and why do I feel sabotaged every time I turn around and OMG this training cycle was a disaster and I'm going to be lucky to finish. Lord help us through these races. I'm so sorry it's not going to be the race you wanted :/

  2. I took my first PiYo class last week and loved it! I was a little taken aback with how quick it was, but I definitely got my sweat on. I am hoping to go to another class this week as well as trying kettle bells. I also started the C25K on Saturday in hopes that it will help prep me for the 5k I signed up for this month ha ha. Looks like you were able to get a lot of yoga in this past week! Sorry to hear that your training came crashing down though :(

  3. I look at your sweat sessions and realize that I seriously need to step my game up...why does winter have to be so hard up here LOL! Sounds like you really know how to combat soreness which is awesome!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. oh boo. I am SO sorry for the crappy weather and migraine - that is really horrible. I have run with a toothache and a slight headache before and that sucks - all the bouncing and whatnot, so I cannot even imagine a migraine. So sorry!!
    I hate that you aren't feeling great about RnR - I mean, how can you? It's scary to be so unprepared. I definitely keep that in mind though - I have done this before, I know I am capable. I am bummed my training didn't go as well as I'd like, but all I can do is do the race, have a fabulous weekend with you lot, and try for the next one!
    Ps. I hate normal ab workouts - crunches and whatnot, but I love love love Erin's day 4 & 5 workouts. I feel like they are ab moves without being all sit ups and crunches. Boring. also, I can't do a headstand yet, so there is that.
    Pps. Always curious. HAM?

  5. I haven't worked out in a month and now I feel like such a slacker!! you are amazing!! look at all that yoga time you logged! And running too. Good for you!

  6. This is such an awesome way to keep you accountable! Good job

  7. Oh duh, there's YouTube Yoga! You did some serious work, hope you feel clear headed and nimble to take on the 10-miler this week. Who is your fav youtube yogi? Bad Yogi?

  8. Lots and lots of yoga! You did great. Sucks about the migraine though. I hope you get your 10 miler in this week. PS. I bought a new yoga mat today because thats how into yoga I am now. haha and Im looking for a class (although I quite enjoy the comfort of my bedroom)


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