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Guess what: I'm not going to talk about running in today's post! Or at least not a lot. Not after this intro. Because you probably got enough of that last week. (Unless you're Tracy.) Instead, here's a bit of a non-running life update, because it's been a while...

Reading // Me Before You by JoJo Moyes. I haven't been consumed by this yet, but I haven't had much time to read so I'm not very far in. I'm enjoying it and hoping to get really sucked in this week.

Writing // cover letters.

Listening to // We Have Concerns and Hard Out Here by Lily Allen, literally on repeat multiple times a day. How did I only just hear of this song this weekend? It's anthem status.

Watching // Going Clear, the HBO documentary about Scientology that was recently released. I didn't know most of what the docu discussed before viewing, and...wow. I watched it a few days ago and I'm still thinking about some of what I saw.

Wanting // the weather to be as beautiful as it was Monday (hit 69 degrees! brilliantly sunny!) all week, rather than rainy and cold (again...) like they're forecasting. Spring weather, why have you forsaken us?

Loving // the return of baseball and the boys in blue.

Anticipating // everything.

Practicing // my arm balances in yoga, because my triceps are waving back at me and that's just not going to work for me. Time to tighten up.
Learning // that I'm kinda boring, by the looks of this post. I swear, things are happening over in my corner of the world. But yeah, seems like on paper, I'm kinda boring. I guess I'm okay with that.

What are you up to?


  1. we had freezing rain this morning but yesterday was a glorious 10C and sunny. i'm gettin real tired of this!!

  2. You are not at all boring woman! Have you read your posts?! Anyhoo, love that Lily Allen song haha its been on repeat. The weather really needs to warm up for you guys yikes. Hoping for more sunny days for you guys. I need to check out that documentary - sounds interesting.

  3. Ugh, cover letters are the WORST!!!

  4. I'm happy that baseball is back only because that means it's getting warmer, however not really excited for the commute home it brings me lol! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. Doesn't sound boring to me. Sounds pretty great. :)

  6. Me Before You is a great book!

    Cover letters are terrible. How are they still a thing? I'm 99% confident no one reads them anyway.

  7. Me Before You is on my list to read!!! And I subscribed to that podcast after hearing you talk about it but I haven't had a listen yet, I need to get on that!!!

  8. Hahaha never enough running talk!
    I've been wanting to watch Going Clear and haven't found time yet! This weekend, I think.
    Baseball is always a good thing! In fact, baseball is the reason for hypothetical (but maybe for real?) California trip this summer :)
    You are so not boring. Or maybe you are and I just like that because I'm boring. Either way works for me :)

  9. You ladies are killin' the Bad Yogi Challenge!! :) I'll be up in your corner of the world in about 30 hours!

  10. boring is the only way to be. Also, I'm not Tracy but I love the running talk!
    haha my triceps are waving back at me. mine are hilarious. i loved me before you, i hope you like it!

  11. I can guarantee that on paper my life looks even more boring ;) I love all of the awesome yoga poses you have been doing on Instagram! What are the cover letters for?

  12. LOL triceps waving back at you?! My life currently. I've been putting those babies through hell at the gym lately.

  13. Yayyy for baseball!!! It's my fave :-D


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