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I read a New York Time article the other day (it was from 2012, because I'm super quick on the uptake) about how, basically, living alone makes you weird.

I've been living alone since September; prior to that I shared my apartment with roommates and prior to that, I lived with my family. I fully maintain that I was weird well before I had a mailbox with just one name on it, but as I was sitting around re-watching Sex and the City via stolen HBOGO (thanks, Mom) last night, I realized...
I haven't sat on my couch in weeks.

Maybe it was the combination of the NYT article and the landmark episode of SATC where Carrie and the girls share their SSB—secret single behaviors—but it got me to thinking about mine.

Friends will tell you that I do a lot of weird stuff in their company—get on the floor and start stretching or doing yoga in the middle of dead-serious conversations without a trace of irony, inspect and adjust clothing or my hair or makeup in plain view until every bit of my OCD-riddled personality is satisfied, run a Swiffer duster over every inch of hardwood while chatting.

Its true that I have very little shame. There's not a lot I do in private that I'm afraid to do in at least semi-public. And it's also true that I love, love living alone. I rarely feel lonely and I've embraced my SSB. But I have to admit, sometimes I find myself in some kind of a questionable scenario, almost definitely the result of my solo-habitation.

+ I don't really sit on my couch. I sit on a blanket (two shoutouts for Mom today; she made both the blankets in the above picture) and lean against it and create a little nest on the floor. I did not stage this photo one bit; I stood up to put my weights away and chuckled to myself when I turned around and saw this scene. So yeah, own a couch. Use it as a backrest.

+ I take and retake Snapchats a zillion times. Mostly because Jessi always sends me super cute ones and I feel the need to reciprocate in prettiness, and when I'm at home alone after work it's rarely a pretty sight. I'm either sweating, just got done sweating, or am about to head out to sweat. Sure, my place is small, but there's really no reason for me to go from one end of it to the other just to get a mediocre Snap.

+ Also on the mobile front, sometimes I check my Instagram and accidentally end up scrolling back through my own pictures to 2013 and wondering if the "real intention" of the photo comes across to the people who've seen it. I'm insane, you can say it.

+ When I'm feeling froggy and start practicing handstands, I have laughing fits and end up laying on the floor laughing cackling out loud TO MYSELF.

+ Sometimes I realize that 45 minutes to an hour have passed with me standing/kneeling/laying in a position I only intended to be in for 30 seconds—to read a post on reddit, to answer a blog comment, to check the next day's weather—and then got sucked into for any number of unnecessary reasons.

+ I graze on the weirdest shit. A pickle. Ten minutes later, a hard-boiled egg. Fifteen minutes later, a handful of trail mix. Half an hour later, a scoop of peanut butter and a cup of tea. Then a Sourball.

Okay, I can't be the only one. What do the rest of you ladies do when no one's around to call you a weirdo?


  1. I can't not sit on my couch - it's seriously the most comfortable thing I've ever sat on!! When we first moved in we waited for 6 weeks for it to be delivered and I'd go to work and wonder why my butt hurt...that's because I was sitting on the floor! I graze on some weird stuff too...not pickles although I totally should!! I dont think you're weird LOL! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. I love that you don't sit on your couch. and those blankets are totally fetch! love that little area you've set up. you're just missing a book and i'd fit right in. i love to sit on the ground. sometimes we have people over, i sit on the ground and all the guys are like omg let me get up so you can have my seat and i'm like chill i like the ground but no-one can comprehend it.
    i get caught up in reading / commenting / whatever-ing and realise i've been crouched down in like a frog position that i only meant to be in for 30 seconds as well haha. i don't graze that much because i'm more like 'eat everything at once' so grazing foods aren't really allowed in my house lol

  3. When I lived in a place that had carpeting, I too was using my couch as a backrest for no apparent reason. Now I just build my nest on the couch because the floor is hardwood. My friend barely uses her couch either, because she has a TV in her room and lazes (is that a word?) in bed to watch. I can't say I nosh much, but I do find myself in odd positions that I only meant to be in for 30 seconds for 45 min- 1hr! So weird!

  4. I lived by myself for many years, and I still miss it on many occasions. There's something so freeing about being like IDGAF about what you want or dealing with someone else who puts shit where it doesn't go (side eye at my husband, who refuses to learn where the pans go).

    My favorite part about living alone was impromptu Pandora dance parties though. Because I only cheerleader-dance in private :)

  5. I have a desk but it's pretty much just for decoration by now because I always end up working on my bed. It's a bad habit I want to break, but every time the blankets just call my name! I totally do that "oops where did that hour go" in weird positions thing all the time, and I don't have snapchat because I always hate every selfie I take haha.

  6. Hahaha oh I HARDLY send you pretty snaps but looks like you're trying to reciprocate my compliments with even sweeter and more public ones <3! I have also done that weird thing where you look back at instagram photos and think of how specific people have viewed them and what thoughts they must have evoked. I'll be sure to have a blanket out for your Fall trip!

  7. I graze on weird shit all the time too!!! It makes no sense and I have always been that way. I also go down the wormhole of social media or pinterest. When Chris isn't home...I sometimes have a dance party or secretly watch the Kardashians.

  8. You make living alone sound like basically the best thing ever. I'm alone for a week-ish every month and except for the parts where I worry about getting murdered...I don't hate it. I wouldn't want to do it without my animals though! :(

  9. I am dying at these things. All of them. We were totally meant to be soul-sisters. I hate sitting on the couch and often sit on the floor no matter WHERE I am or at whose house I'm at. I take multiple SnapChats and then don't send any because I didn't like ONE particular thing in the damn picture. I also sing to myself loudly while I'm home alone, haha. Oh, and I don't live alone. Lol!

  10. These are so fun! I can't think of anything I do that's terribly interesting, but then again I also don't live alone and alone time is rarer than I would like. Sometimes if no one's there and I'm eating while reading, I'll rest my plate/bowl/whatever on my chest to minimize spill potential. And sometimes I slide my glasses up onto my head (to rub my eye or scratch my nose or whatever), move the book 2 inches away from my face to keep reading while doing whatever it is, and then forget to put the glasses back and just keep reading with my nose practically in the book.

  11. GRAZING FTW. Seriously. I sometimes wonder how people actually pick out only 3 things to eat for a whole meal. Because sometimes, I want sweet and then 5 minutes later salty and then meaty and then cheesy and then sweet again. Totally normal. I swear. :)

  12. I find myself randomly sitting on the floor too, but not as often. We would get along great though -- I would join you in randomly doing yoga :D I wish that I had a fun workout partner!

  13. Bahaha I love your list! I definitely try out some new yoga poses and laugh it off to myself. Because I'm a weirdo like that. All listening and singing along to embarrassing 90's music and other random pop tunes that I would never admit to liking. Cheers to being weird! ;)

  14. Girrrl I have my own apartment as well and I cannot tell you the last time I sat on my couch. Only when people come over do I go to that room. I'm always in the bedroom on the bed or on the floor. I'm that girl who would do work on her bed too although she has a desk haha.

    Oh and spontaneously bursting into laughter and singing and dancing in front mirrors - totally normal.


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