Sunday Sweats 14

Monday: restorative free flow (20 min)
I slept wayyyy in this morning and took a nap after work. I slept horribly Sunday night—sleep just didn't wanna come find me—and today dragged thanks to it. I managed about 20 minutes of restorative postures before bed...mostly because I didn't have to come up from a reclined position much at all. It's a Monday for sure.

Of course, still no running shoes, but I wouldn't have used them today anyway if I had them. Just really, really hoping they come into my shop in the next few days or I'll have to go elsewhere looking for them.

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 min)
OOOOOH GIRL. I love Donna. Smaller class showed up today, so she gave pleeeenty of options for more advanced/challenging poses and I had a field day. Crow > tripod headstand, wild thing/flip dog, bird of paradise, eagle, and a niiiice long camel before the final inversion option. She does such a great job at bringing the class to a positive place for all levels. My coworker M came with me again, and she's new to yoga, and had a great and challenging practice of her own, even leaving out the advanced options. This is how much fun a yoga class should be. (This is how much fun I hope the classes I teach will be, once I get there!)
And my shoes finally arrived today *heart-eye emoji* but no miles were run yet. Not sure timing and daylight will allow me to run tomorrow either, but this week I will be back on the road. Praise!

Wednesday: morning full body flow (20 min)
Happy April 1! Detoxing twists, hip openers and a nice shavasana to start off this new month, courtesy of my fave yogi. (P.S., Erin's running another 21-day Instagram yoga pose challenge! @badyogi if you want to get in on this. Follow me at @alyssagoesbang to see my postures.)

Thursday: hip & hamstring yoga (13 min) + 2.18 mile run
Background: I've had bad knees my whole life. In 2012, I finally had x-rays taken and doc said there's nothing wrong. (Which just meant, apparently, no tumors or fractures.) After 13 months with my chiropractor showing me I actually can live pain-free, I'm done having bad knees. I got the images from 2012 and we looked them over last night...and it basically looks like my legs are built "wrong." My femurs and tibias don't align correctly on my knees, and my right IT band is a disaster zone.

So the shin pain I've always talked about? My various hip flexor issues over the last year? My coming-and-going IT band pain? All make sense after deconstructing the bone alignment. My chiro went Graston on my knees and quads, stimmed my IT bands (literally until my butt was twitching), and basically poked around my outer hips until he found the trigger points. My right side is much worse than my left and I've got some soreness to show for it. This morning, in half cow face my right knee was about 6 inches above my left, whereas I got left side about 4 inches closer. But, it's all a precursor to progress.
In the best news of the week, I finally ran! (Don't tell my chiro, he told me to "give it a couple days" until my body calms. Yeah right, buddy, it was 60 degrees today!) Put a few miles on my new Zealots and just felt so happy to be running, to be out under the warm sun today. My feet felt good, my legs felt good. Life is good.

Friday: rest
I've slept like hell all week. Last night included. No a.m. yoga today—my eyes didn't want to open. Had intentions to run after work, but I needed a nap more. Plus, my chiro's aggressive hip/quad/knee work really caught up to me today, and I was moving like Frankenstein, so I heeded his advice to let my body calm. Besides some patches of yoga stretches here and there between work and hitting the road for a weekend adventure, today was kind of a wash.

Saturday & Sunday: rest
Well. I was in Atlantic City all weekend (where no healthy choices are ever made), and then frantically rushing out the door to my aunt's house for Easter festivities as soon as we got home this morning and showered, so not a whole lot of sweating happened. I got some stretches in yesterday and today, but not enough for me to be satisfied calling it a yoga practice. Miles will hopefully resume tomorrow: every inch of my right leg from hip to knee went absolutely haywire yesterday, so I guess I should have taken doctor's orders before running the other day. Live and learn.

Weekly Totals:
Running: 1 // 2.18 miles
Yoga: 4 // 128 minutes

I'm glad I finally asked my chiro to take a look at these images. This was just kind of the last thing left to deconstruct—the last real "problem area" that hasn't seen any improvement. I'm really lucky to have such a great doc who's willing to go the extra mile for me and really pull me apart to put me back together the right way. So it comes down to this: I'm not going to stop running (I got teary at the brief, fleeting thought), but if I don't stay on top of this with chiro work and/or PT, that decision isn't going to be up to me anymore after another couple of training cycles. The Graston work helped my knees tremendously, but that's a short-term solution.

In running reflections, all I got is this: *hands praising emoji* x 100 that I'm able to run again.

I should probably be more unsettled by those three rest days in a row, but a) we walked a good few miles yesterday, so that's something, and b) it was a really fun weekend, and I needed it. So there.


  1. first off, YAY SHOES.
    second off (?), that is so awesome that your doctor was able to look at the x-rays and go the extra mile for you. if the graston work is a short term solution, what can you do long term? i can't believe all your issues stem from that, and if your original doctor had just looked a little further, you could have been saved a lot of pain.
    also, that yoga class sounds awesome - when it's fun for beginners and advanced alike, that is awesome. you are totally gonna be that kind of teacher!

  2. I want to come to yoga class with you! That sounds like a really fun one.
    SO happy your shoes are finally in! And that you got in a good run in them!
    No shame in the extra rest days. I'm glad you got in a good, fun, weekend - that should just make it even better when you do pound the pavement again!

  3. Oh man, I have totally whacked out knees too (apparently I've got cartilage issues?!). I should get a trip to the chiro planned out so I can figure out how to make things pain-free like youuuu! Also? Those shoes...heart eyes for days.

  4. What a great week for you!!! That 75 minute yoga class with challenging poses (I cannot imagin 75 minutes though haha) and a run in NEW SHOES!! I seriously hope these shoes are better for you.

    Also - good for you on getting rest days.

  5. This post is totally inspiring me for this week!! You had an amazing week and yay for your new kicks!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. I love that morning flow, I need to get better at making the choice to do a morning routine rather than staying under the covers for another 15 minutes. But never beat yourself up over multiple rest days. There's nothing wrong with them and they don't hurt your fitness. They do make you appreciate your fitness and help you understand that it's just as important physically as it is mentally. :) Let's sweat this week!

  7. Oh my gosh, I'm so glad it sounds like you're finally getting some answers about your knees/legs. So frustrating that your doctor didn't notice or mention anything about that when you had the x-rays a few years ago. As always, all of your yoga sounds amazing- the class you attend sounds like such a great environment.


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