Sunday Sweats 15

Monday: yoga for hips (11 min) + 3.01 mile run (9:43 pace)
Are you shocked? Yoga for these hips and hams and IT bands is the name of my game. This is a slow, gentle practice—perfect for getting back into the groove on a Monday morning.
I'm trying to learn from last week and taking it easy on my body this week, so I only have 3 runs lined up. I wasn't super fast today, but it was windy both ways so I'm not mad about it. Just glad I finally had some beautiful (66*! Sunny!) running weather to enjoy.

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 min)
There were a LOT of beginners—like, brand new to yoga, never ever done it before beginners—in class tonight (yogi friends hesitant to try a studio class, let that encourage you please!) so Donna took it pretty slow and left out some of the challenging poses and the inversion. I appreciate that I have the background in yoga that lets me take a posture into a fuller expression (with Donna's nod of approval) if she leads the class just to a simpler expression, and totally understand that she tones it down so as not to tempt people to try a pose they aren't ready for where they can injure themselves. So it was a milder class, but still a good sweat.

Wednesday: hip & hamstring free flow (30 min)
Last week I promised Kay I would make her a video demonstrating some stretches that would help her get closer to a split, so I finally made some time and recorded that for her. It ended up being 18 minutes probably didn't need to be, but I'm annoying so it was. After I finished recording I took it down a bit and went into more restorative (read: I finally shut up and got quiet for 10 minutes) stretches and tossed in some twists to decompress the spine. I love to free flow sometimes and just kind of let my body lead my mind.

Thursday: low back yoga (16 min)
I paused this one around 11 minutes or so (after left leg, before down dog) to throw in a tripod headstand and childs pose. My basket headstand game is strong, but because I don't really love tripod headstand, I don't do it much, and I am wobbly whenever I do take the shot in class. It's sneaky, subtle core work and I hate core work, so headstands need to come back into my daily practice methinks.

I should have run today; I was "supposed" to. But I am just so, so damn tired of being cold and wet and miserably uncomfortable. Tell me how a high of 41* in mid-April makes sense? I just can't anymore. Spring, please. Please. Anyway, forecast says 65* tomorrow, and running in the rain in 65* just makes a lot more sense to me than running in the rain in 41*.

Friday: ab yoga (12 min) + 3.01 mile run (9:36 pace) + free flow yoga (10 min)
There's not a whole lot you could say I'm lazy about, but core/ab work is one thing you can. But if I want to go upside down, I kinda gotta. Easy abs for lazy people? Thank you, Erin!

This run felt more like a swim, so damp and heavy was the air. It's rained all week and all day and I was racing against the thundershowers. My legs felt amazing, but I feel a little bit out of shape cardiovascularly-speaking. Chalk that up to too much time away—not that it could have been helped the last few weeks—and move on, because I know I can fix that. Hopefully my paces next week reflect that.

I cooled off with a 10-minute free flow to really get into this right hip, which I'm trying to give some more TLC to after my recent discovery. Good thing my dinner companion was running late tonight too.

Saturday: full-body free flow & handstand practice (40 minutes)
I was all over the mat today—hip openers, dancing warrior series, leg work, holding planks, a long headstand, and an even longer reclined bound angle. I started feeling froggy and did some handstand work, which just basically proved the need for me to strengthen my arms and core. It was a fun practice though, and I managed to come off the wall in handstand for a couple seconds a few times. Progress.

Sunday: 5.01 mile run (10:16 pace)
OH. MY. FROG. You guys, it's finally spring here! Absolutely perfect running weather. Broke out the short sleeves and capris *sunglasses emoji* *thumbs up emoji* and really broke in my new shoes, which I am still adoring.

As for this actual run...five hilly, windy, chest-hurty, walk/run miles that were supposed to be 8 forced me to this conclusion: I'm out of shape and dearly paying for three weeks of little/no running. I took an early turn and cut it short because I didn't want to hate this run, and I have plenty of time to make up the miles as I work back to where I want to be and where I know I can be. It helps to know it's likely just because of so much time off. Other plus: My legs felt awesome :)

Weekly Totals:
Running: 3 // 11.03 miles
Yoga: 7 // 194 minutes

*FYI, I do strength workouts too, but with little rhyme or reason. Push-ups here, curls there, holding planks every now and then. I just don't count it here because I wouldn't know where to start or how to calculate it, and it's minimal compared to what I do share in these posts. (I only do the arm work for the handstands.)

+ The rain during the week was frustrating, but that was just a general life pit.

+ I wish I could have pulled out the other 3 miles today, as it was supposed to be my first long run since RnR. But I know why it didn't happen, and I'm okay with it.

+ My front split—which I had up until I was 18 without an ounce of effort, thanks to starting ballet practically in utero, and then lost when I got lazy in college—is SO CLOSE. I'm only about an inch off the ground now, and closing in on flush to the ground. Almost there!

+ This was my first week of substantial running at all since the whole injury and shoe fiascos. Feels good to be back in action.

+ It finally feels like spring. Runners tan, I'm coming atcha.


  1. haha runners tan. last year, or was it the year before, i had a capri tan. so super cute.
    so happy you got some miles in and i love that you stopped your run short so that you wouldn't hate it -i have definitely done that before and not done it and always regretted it when i pushed when i shouldn't.
    I love abs / core work though I'm not fabulous at it, so I will have to check out that video :)

  2. Ummmm I enjoyed your video so much I can't stop doing it!!!! So thank you again!!! So cool that your studio teacher takes it down when beginners are in class, I aways wonder how the freak Id keep up if I did go to a class. Also really cool that you are ok with that.
    I have to say Im glad its FINALLY spring for you guys. Your Sunday run sounds divine!!

  3. I'm so happy you're back to running...I had my first run outside in what seems like forever this weekend and it was amazing!! I love all the poses you're doing in different locations!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. Every time I read about your class, I want to go to class :( But I don't because I'm lazy.
    I can't even imagine being able to do the splits again. All the high five emojis for you.
    WHAT was up with Sunday?! It was beautiful and perfect here too but everything in me was just like NOPE. I have been trying to stop wimping out and get back on the hill train, so my first 4 were definitely hillier than my long runs have been...and then I was supposed to go out for my flatter 4 mile loop to finish the 8, but I was right by my apartment so I just turned around and bailed. I had a similar thought - I don't NEED to be running like crazy right now so no point in making myself hate it - but it still sucked.
    I was just admiring my little hint of a watch tan when I was in the shower the other day. Bring it on.

  5. I am glad that you are liking your news shoes and happy to be back at running. I feel like all of my runs are swims, I am such a sweater when I work out!! (TMI?) It is supposed to rain here all week, I hate when it rains too many days in a row but I hope that it washes away all the pollen!!!

  6. Great recap! Glad that you're getting back in the saddle and paying attention to your bod! Also, the splits??! I'm rawther impressed. :)

  7. Do you do all your workouts at once or do you split them up by morning and evening? I really want to get into yoga but I struggle with my time and don't have enough of it in the morning unless I wake up at 4am and that ain't happenin' lol. Still, I'm glad your running is getting there even after all the craziness!! Bad runs just remind us how good a good run is supposed to feel :)


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