Sunday Sweats 16

Monday: flexibility free flow (10 min)
Oddly, I couldn't get YouTube to play a thing this morning, so after a few useless clicks I just decided to free flow. A couple sun salutations led into some lunging poses and happy baby variations for this beautiful spring Monday!

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 min)
To say today was a terrible day wouldn't even remotely do it justice. I had an awful day at work, the kind where I was dashing out the door at 4:59 and wishing 9 a.m. wouldn't come so soon. The only bright spot in my day was looking forward to class with Donna. And it was a delicious class, exactly what I needed. A true full body flow with add-ons in each sequence building up to better challenges. I felt serious improvement in myself in a few poses and had a really good shavasana, which I desperately needed. Thank frog there are some things in this life you can rely on. For me, one of those few things is my mat.

Wednesday: yoga for runners (17 min) + 3.11 mile run (9:38 pace)
I love this video from Erin's first 30-day challenge and I feel like I haven't done it in a while. My quads were aching for a good stretch and they got it, which is always nice the morning of a run day.

I wasn't supposed to see my chiro today, but I asked his opinion on running/stretching and this right hip pain before I gear up for another shot at 8 miles this weekend. I've entered an area of extreme caution after convincing myself that I might inadvertently end my running career if I just run/stretch through the pain. He brought me in and agreed that our last session shook something loose and told me to back off the deep hip stretches but gave me the green light to run if I promised to go easy. This run was mild, and even though I "felt" my hip for most of it, I wouldn't describe it as pained. Praise be to the good stim machine.

At the end of the day though, it was all for Boston—and all those incredible, inspiring, awesome (in the truest sense of the word) athletes, past, present, & future.

Thursday: yoga for IT bands (15 min) + 4 mile run (9:48 pace)
IT band yoga felt right after yesterday, following doc's orders. I'll take it easy on the hip for a little while, but the right IT band is carrying all the stress. This felt good and prepped me for today's chiro appointment and run.

I left that chiro appointment with kinesio tape on both knees and alllll over my right hip with instructions to report back. After running with all that on, I felt a lot lighter in my right side for the first 3 miles. I didn't have the speed I would have liked, but I was into the wind for the majority of this weird, uneven loop (oops, miscalculated!) and all over the uphills.

Friday: yoga for hangovers (16 min)
Not hungover; I just like the half moon sequence in this flow. Paused the video after the second side to take a headstand for 10 breaths, then took the child's pose option and continued with the rest. This is a nice, gentle but active wake-up call video.

Saturday: 5.59 mile run (10:11 pace)
Walk/ran these miles because, I dunno, I just didn't feel good. Again. My weekends have been tough for running lately. I need a good one to boost my confidence I think. But I also need to not ignore that I'm upping my mileage by wayyyy more than 10% weekly and my legs are telling me what they think about that today. Also, lesson learned: No pants until fall.

Sunday: rest
I just wanted to rest a bit today. A lot of walking is on the agenda for this afternoon and I've been stretching out my hips and IT bands kind of 24/7 so I don't feel bad about skipping out on a formal yoga practice today.

Weekly Totals:
Running: 3 // 12.7 miles
Yoga: 5 // 133 minutes

+ I'm upset I couldn't get the miles that I had planned this week, but after coming home and looking at my spreadsheet and realizing I was being an idiot trying to increase mileage 33% in a week and not have my legs hate me, I'm okay with it.

+ Some hip pain, to be expected after the recent chiro work that, in his words, "pissed it [my hip] off." Hopefully it's part of the process of moving through it.

+ Some great yoga work this week.

+ Nothing ever wrong with two chiro appointments in one week :)

+ The anniversaries of the Boston Bombings and the Virginia Tech massacre—they're not peaks, let me finish—remind me of how insanely and dubiously lucky I am to be alive, well, and able to run. Just knowing and realizing that good fortune is enough to feel happy and grateful even when my workouts aren't perfect. They're still a gift, each and every one.


  1. Amen about Boston and VT. We are so lucky and blessed to be here and to run and move. Also, I love your pictures! And even if you aren't getting the mileage or time that you want in your runs, you're still running and working hard to increase your mileage so that's great!

  2. Wow. I can't believe those anniversaries. That's an admirable mindset, and I hope to adopt it as well. My half is this weekend. Eep. Also, I really like this stretchy yoga. It feels really good, which is my favorite kind of workout - one that feels good! Glad you rested some today. :)

  3. Love that last peak, so true. I'm sorry you had such a crappy day on Tuesday and a not great running week but glad you're listening to your body and not increasing too much :) and yay for chiro appointments!

  4. I had the same epiphany about my mileage. In my head, I should still be able to run 30+ miles a week like I was just a few weeks ago, but I hadn't quite accepted that a) it takes a while to recover from a marathon and b) for all the miles I'm not running, I'm more than making up for them in the swimming and biking departments and it's taking a toll. Same for you - you just ran a half like a month ago and I know you weren't as prepared as you wanted to be for that, plus the last few weeks haven't gone as planned either. It's just going to take some time to build back up. We're gonna be okay.
    Thanks for keeping my Hokies in your heart and mind this week <3 I'm right there with you. Honestly my runs this week were some of the worst I've had in a long time, maybe ever, but this was one of those weeks when it just wasn't about how good or bad they were.

  5. Look at all your yoga work!!! I am going to dust off my old mat and start trying again this coming Sunday thanks to your encouragement and seeing pictures of you, Kristen and Tracy on Insta every day. You keep listening to your body and don't get too crazy friend :)

  6. Glad you took a rest on Sunday you deserved it. You are killing the yoga. I did quite a bit of running and yoga last week but as you can tell I took an unofficial break from the computer as life just got a tad too hectic and I needed to breathe. I took a break from a couple things well and Im finally emerging!

  7. This girl has been slacking pretty hard on workouts after my trip and a feeling of exhaustion. I keep mentally thinking i need to get back into it with a hard workout, deep sweat, etc but maybe easing back in with some yoga home videos and basically following your workout coattails week by week will be best!


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