Sunday Sweats 17

I rewrote my training plan from here until the Superhero Half on May 17. I had to take three weeks off/very easy recently, and I thought I could make up for that missed mileage in the weeks that followed. Turns out, upping mileage by 100%, 80%, and 33% weekly is a great way to have terrible long runs and hate your body from the hips down. Ten percent weekly increase is ideal, they say, but I capped my increase at 20% for the next couple of weeks (my personal rule is usually 25% and will be from here on out), so there are some weird numbers here.

Monday: lower body yoga (12 min) + 3.1 mile run (9:35 pace)
Cold, dreary, rainy Monday morning. I didn't want to do anything, but I'm glad I did this quick yoga video. It's a good hard for my hips which are getting 100% of my attention until...they don't need it anymore. And it being Marathon Monday and all, of course today was a run day. These miles actually felt really, really good, thanks in no small part to a half hour of legs up the wall and foam rolling.

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 min) + handstand practice (15 min)
YOU. GUYS. I have no words for this class. It was amazing. (Okay, I guess do have words. But trust me, they're inadequate.) My ass was sufficiently kicked in the first half hour. Donna just BROUGHT. IT. tonight. Luckily, so did I. Fun balances, great leg work, and plenty of time for backbends and inversions. And it's always nice to have Donna's hug and kiss of approval after class.

I was flying so high I continued to fly when I got home, until I realized I'm supposed to be taking it easy on my wrist after I did something weird to it last week. But regardless, I'm getting closer to handstand again. (I almost had it a few months ago, then I got distracted by other goals and stopped making time to practice.) Got some okay hang time taking myself off the wall, but I've got a ways to go.

Wednesday: lower back yoga (15 min) + 3 mile run (9:38 pace)
All the inversion work yesterday left my back a little tuned up. I love this video, especially in the morning because it's not really a sweat, but a nice way to come into each part of the body first thing and stretch out the kinks from sleep.

These miles felt weightless. Oh man. For the first time in a few runs, no—NO—hip pain! My pace doesn't reflect how easy this run felt because I was straight into heavy wind for the whole second half, but I was running like I love to run. I so needed these miles after my last two long run disasters.
Thursday: flexibility flow (12 min)
I like this video a lot, and picked it because I want to be sure I'm giving my legs the love they need as I increase mileage as the next start line draws nearer. Nothing feels like a good hammy stretch, ya know?

Today was 42 degrees. In April. At the end of April. No, I'm not running in 42-degree weather at the end of April. I've had enough, and I don't run so that I can be miserable. They shut off the heat in my building already too, so warming up isn't even an easy feat afterward. Moved today's miles because I'm just done being cold.

Friday: lower back yoga (16 min) + 2 mile run (8:34 pace) + arm balance practice (30 min)
It's actually a miracle I got up at all for this. It's freezing here—it literally went down to freezing last night; hi, it's APRIL!—and with no heat getting up was a real challenge. I paused this video ~13 minutes to throw in a headstand.

I only had 2 miles on the schedule for today, so I figured I'd make the most of them. You guys, I worked for that time. It was so windy and 45*—still not okay for late April! But I worked my ass off and nothing hurt and I am so pumped over these miles (8:45, 8:22). Probably couldn't have done it for another 30 seconds let alone another mile, but baby steps.

And then I celebrated by working on my newfound arm balance abilities (see below).

Saturday: free flow yoga (32 min)
I tried something different today. I made a playlist with a whole bunch of different songs I'm listening to a lot lately (from Alabama Shakes to Dixie Chicks to Dashboard Confessional to Jay-Z & Kanye...) and free flowed according to what each tune made me want to do. I ended up working a few standing balance postures (standing head to knee, warrior 3, standing split), some seated flexibility work, worked on the tripod headstand/crow/back again transition, and more arm balance work. And it was so much fun. This has been a great yoga week!

Sunday: 8 mile run (9:49 pace)
Finally. FINALLY. I finally got this long run to happen. More on why this was different than my last two attempts on Tuesday! (Are you linking up? Details below!)

Weekly Totals:
Running: • 16.12 miles
Yoga: 8 • 207 minutes
+ That pesky plantar fasciitis is creeping back into my heels and feet after upping mileage much too quickly, so I have that to contend with again. At least I know how to address it and am acting on it before it gets so bad I can barely walk, like it was last summer. Silver linings.

+ If we ever hit 80 degrees again I'll probably pass out from the shock of it. Tired of being cold and wet. Didn't I say this last week too?

+ My YTT (yoga teacher training) instructor Kelly informed me that my paperwork was received and I'm ready to go. Let the countdown to YTT begin! (28 weeks, in case  you were curious.)

+ So happy the hip pain showed itself out by Wednesday. That run was so, so crucial to getting through the rest of the week.

+ I don't know how to say this without sounding gloaty, but I'll just lay it out there: I'd pretty much given up on arm balances beyond crow (above); I just didn't think I could hit them. But I couldn't sleep Thursday night so I got out of bed and practiced and. Well. I can hit them! They need serious work, but here's my starting point for the three I'm working on now:
Sorry the pictures are barely legible, but I swear I'm balancing in the top two where you can't see! I need a full-time yoga photographer :P  (poses clockwise from top left: fallen angel / running man / eight angle)

+ I'm so happy with my runs this week. All of them are peaks. My pain levels (or lack thereof), my paces, my finally getting the long run to work. I needed this week so badly and I'm so, so, so grateful I finally got it. I'm back!



Don't forget to link up with Tracy and me THIS WEEK for April's Training for Tuesday! Honestly, I cannot believe it's time to link up again—wasn't it just the last week of March, like, yesterday? Anyway, if you're new, catch the details here. Can't wait to see what you're working toward this month!



  1. Love this, and SO glad you finally got the week you needed! Excited to hear more about the long run and DANG girl, I want to be on your yoga level. :)

  2. I'm SO HAPPY all your runs were peaks this week! Super happy you finally got in a good long run. I hope you're feeling good for Superhero!!!
    You were FLYING on your run on Friday! Holy crap. Sometimes it just feels good to go out and bust out a couple of insane miles. Who cares if you're dead at the end?! You freakin' did it!
    I don't even know what you're doing in those pictures. It just looks like magic to me. But I know you've worked hard to get there and I am so proud of you for hitting those poses! I have a long way to go before I am halfway decent at any arm balances (like your headstand, it's just not something I'm focused on right now :/) so that is seriously amazing to me.

  3. YAY for not only getting great runs in but the LONG run in! And just the way you speak of that yoga class makes me want to go to one with an actual instructor and students. I am loving yoga and feel the urge more and more to put my efforts into going to a class. We'll see! Missed you again this week but I think this upcoming week will be much better for me blog-wise - fingers and toes crossed ha!

  4. The article lighten my heart. Thank you.

  5. Your balance is insane! I mean, I know you probably have goals and feel like you're only part of the way there, but to a yoga newbie, I am just blown away by what your body is doing in those pictures. Good for you! And I'm glad you had a good run on Wednesday. I had something similar, where after struggling for a couple runs, I had a really good one that felt pleasant instead of miserable and it was such a relief!

  6. so much goodness!! first off - those arm balance poses, you are amazing girl! seriously. gloat away, you should be crazy proud.
    plantar fasciitis - boo! no hip pain?! YAY!! i am so happy for you!! and reading about your running this week made me smile so cheesy. Love it!! yay! all the yays. I wish you could see I am legit smiling right now.
    double yay for a good yoga week and that class (and Donna) sounds amazing! that lower back video is one of my faves.

  7. I am glad you had a good week! Look at you and your poses!!! You are like a pretzel, girl! It's funny, you are cold and wet during your runs and I am hot and wet during mine. So humid!!!

  8. So many good things, friend! You are doing amazing & you look awesome in all those poses! Thanks for sharing that lower body workout - I've been doing lower back extensions at the gym and I know a nice stretch there would really help out with all the kinks and stuff.

  9. I am forever impressed with your yoga moves...I mean you are amazing! I love that you say here is my starting point and you are clearly balancing in all of them! PRO!


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