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I'm an active Redditor—and by active, I mean I have an account so that I can subscribe to specific subreddits and occasionally upvote something for visibility or support (usually in /r/TwoXChromosomes and /r/Self) but never, ever, ever post or comment anything of my own—and one of my favorite time-killing subs is /r/AdviceAnimals. Aka, Reddit's Gold Mine. There used to be a meme seen often around there, the Unpopular Opinion Puffin. It was banned some months ago, because as you surely know, people on the Internet can be idiots. In its stead, I've decided it's my responsibility to make sure there is no shortage of unpopular opinions to be found on the Internet. YOU ARE ALL WELCOME.

A few weeks ago, I tweeted the unpopular opinion that raisins are the most important part of trail mix. AND I TOTALLY STAND BY IT. Here are a few more, because I feel like getting into an Internet fight today or something I guess?:

You know what? I'd actually really like there to be another Sex and the City movie. The second one was a disgrace, but screw it. I'll take a trilogy.

Exclaiming apathy toward politics and world news isn't impressive. I get it, you're far too sensitive (I'm an HSP, so...no) to not feel depressed every time you watch the news and it's just such an awful world out there so why would you subject yourself to such devastating things when you can't do anything about them? Right...except that if you live your life with your head in the sand, don't be surprised (I'm especially looking at women in the U.S. here...) when they take away your rights right before your blinded eyes and strip away the things your peers and ancestors fought for and little by little your inactivity in political processes (voting! based on important issues you've researched yourself!) sends us right back into the dark ages.

Hiring managers, I know you are busy people and get tons of applicants for every job. But if you have someone take the time to come in and interview, the very, very, very least you should do is provide some minimal sort of follow-up, especially if they take the time to do so after the fact. A simple two-line rejection email is polite. Radio silence should be an arrest-able offense.

If you're a parent and insist that your childfree or unmarried friends can't possibly understand your life, it's going to be your fault when you don't have any friends left because you don't keep even a small patch of room open in your life for those people who love you and who you used to care about.

Related shouldn't have been cancelled.

Every time I'm invited to a baby or bridal shower, I lean more toward throwing myself a shower every time I complete a milestone in my life. Expect your invitations when I earn a promotion, run a full marathon, and remove myself from a toxic relationship. Those choices count and are important too.

If you think there's something wrong with me because I don't like getting drunk, I think there's something wrong with you. For clarity: I have no complaint about you indulging—not my chair, not my problem. But if you think I'm a freak because I cap my cocktails at two or three, I'm not the one with the issue.

Product and medical testing should be conducted on death-row or life-sentence inmates. Not animals.

I don't care if your blog posts have pictures
if there's no purposeful picture to illustrate the story. I'd much rather a thoughtful, well-written, relatable post over a photo-dump or a blog post with a random photo jammed in there any day.
But I know a lot of you demand pictures, so here you go. (I lost.)

Spring is better than summer.

What are the unpopular opinions you want to get off your chest? Are you with me on any of these?


  1. bahaha!!! The one about you wanting to throw yourself a party when you reach a milestone, reminds me of the time that Carrie registered for shoes...you remember right?! I agree with you on all these points...especially the getting drunk, I just don't do it and don't like the feeling. Did my fair share in college and I'm done now!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. I love your opinions, not unpopular at all! I really want to register for my birthday. I will never have children and I don't even think I want to get married, but I'll be damned if my friends aren't getting me SOMETHING after all the time and money I've spent on them.
    But also, winter is better than summer. And spring. Sorry.

  3. nothing is better than summer!! you cray.
    so, i shouldn't invite you to my baby shower? damn.
    wait - a meme was banned? i'm confused. from the world or just reddit? i'm so out of the cool loop.
    i don't pretend to be proud of not knowing a lot about politics and what's happening in the world, though i do know that i could know more.. though, i can't vote, so.. boo. i really hope the rest of the people in america vote appropriately and you know, don't screw me over. haha.
    i probably put random photos in my posts, i do apologise :-|
    i'm not opposed to a fun night out a few times a year - like max 10 times lol - but i have never been a one glass of wine or whatever kind of girl and people always seem to act like that is the weirdest thing in the whole world and like why does it matter if i dont have a glass of wine with dinner? get over it. sometimes i try - like having a mimosa with brunch haha - and i'm always like.. is it bad that i kinda just want water / juice? lol. damn peer pressure ;)

  4. I heart your unpopular opinions. Especially about the testing on death row inmates not animals. And the hiring managers. And people who are parents shutting out their friends who aren't. And making sure you stay informed.

    You don't have to overindulge in the news but you need to know what's going on. You can't form opinions without information and waiting for someone to tell you what to think or going along with popular opinion simply because it's popular is ridiculous. /rant

  5. um yes, I just talked about how I need to have a single-childless registration. once you get through the marriages then the babies start coming and its just rape on my bank account. I have so many unpopular opinions I think I might be ostracized for life if I ever expressed them all... I don't like engagement pictures, I don't think all babies are beautiful, I don't like the great Gatsby or beyonce. the list goes on and on.

  6. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is why we are friends. I completely agree that testing should be on death row inmates and not animals, that the parents who say we dont understand their lives dont deserve decent friends like us, that people cant sit blindly just because they think their vote or opinion doesn't make a different and that you cant sit around being ignorant by avoiding news all together. Annnnd I dont like getting drunk either. I haven't been drunk since college and I dont plan on being so ever again. I like a few adult beverages at leisure and that is it. Another unpopular opinion of mine? I don't like the bachelor, real house wives of anything, and most strangers kids at a nice restaurant not behaving are not cute. I said it.

  7. Not my chair, not my problem!!!!!!!! I freakin' love you, girl.

  8. Can I crawl through the interwebs and steal you for a hug?! It's like you get me so well. I don't drink, so I completely understand what you're saying there. I always feel a huge eye roll coming along when people respond to my nondrinking with "OMG not even a single drink? How do you keep yourself entertained?" I mean, really? Ok.

    And people who refuse to be updated on current events / political events make me want to give them a little push. I will never understand when people tell me they don't have time to keep up with the news or what is happening around them. I could list off 3 or 4 times last year where something big happened and people just looked at me like I was nuts when I brought it up in conversation. Ridiculous!

  9. I love this. Mainly because I agree with most of this (save spring is better than summer) ha! This is why we clock. This is why we are friends! Raisins are the best part - no argument from anyone can change that; I love to drink - I have never and don't plan on even getting drunk not cute; I want to throw myself a single shower - no joke; I don't care for random carefully set up blog photos - if its your thing cool but if it werent there I would miss it; although I dont look at news often Im constantly reading the newspaper or online news and there is no current issue I dont know about .... and yes to the third movie.

    See why I love ya?

    Anyway .... in August Ill be in the US and this time there is no way we aren't meeting :D

  10. I completely agree with you on the product and medical testing!! And as a mother, I have absolutely no problem with people not having kids. It's not something every one wants to be and that's fine. :)

  11. Lol! The baby/bridal shower comment makes me think of an episode of Sex and the City where a friend won't reimburse Carrie for her shoes that were stolen at the friend's party. So she sends the friend a card announcing her marriage to herself, with a registry that contains only one item: the shoes. I think we have too many parties that the only purpose is gifts. And trying to throw a party to celebrate a milestone without receiving gifts is surprisingly difficult! I wanted to have a housewarming, but I know some people bring gifts for those and I'd rather skip all that, so instead I called it a "Last Box Unpacked party" and people still brought us stuff.

    They banned the unpopular opinion puffin? I had no idea! That makes no sense at all (although I was getting tired of seeing it on the top page and it was never an unpopular opinion - usually the first comment would say exactly that).

  12. I'm glad for people who don't have to get blitzed to have fun! I get a lot of scorn for not really drinking in public (because I'm a cheapo). I'll happily go home and have 2+ beverages, but still.... dollas.
    I wish that celebrating non-wedding/baby life-events was more popular. Like a housewarming party. If I didn't move so often, I'd totally do that. I think my favorite suggestion was to have a housewarming party where people brought their liquor beverage of choice to leave at your house, that way they could have their drink when they came to visit you. (I don't even know how this got warped into a comment about drinking, lol)

  13. I AM IN FULL SUPPORT OF ANYTHING SHOWERS!!!! What an excellent and very popular opinion coming from my point of view! (also get ready for a few comments on everything I missed)

  14. I guess I'm just an unpopular girl then because I share a lot of these sentiments!


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