Blogging is Stupid

I'm struggling to post on what's on my mind, so I'm just giving it the old college try here. Bear with me.

It has recently been brought to my attention that blogging is stupid.

Did you know that, friends? Blogging is stupid. I guess we should all just pack it up and call it a day, right?

Blogging is stupid because it's just people talking about their lives.

Aside from the very obvious fact that that's not true—blogging is so, so much more than just people talking about their lives—I have to wonder if there's something wrong with that.

Some blogs are about politics. Some share weight-loss and fitness advice and tips and wisdom. Some share wedding details and wedding-planning help. Some feature the latest fashion trends and help readers feel confident and comfortable in their clothes and skin. Some blogs revolve around food, and share recipes that run the gamut from homestyle comfort dishes to unique and out-there flavors to excite the senses. Some blogs explore important topics like religion, feminism, legislative developments, social justice, charitable endeavors, activism, and so, so, so much more.

But some people blog about their lives. Some blogs talk about the writer's personal interests and beliefs and ideas and hobbies. Like this one, and like all the others I enjoy reading most.

So what's wrong with bloggers talking about their lives? What's wrong with a person taking to a public, shareable Internet space to talk to other people who choose to read what they have to say?

What makes blogging any different than a group of friends having a conversation?

Aside, of course, from the fact that most conversations I have aren't nearly as well-researched as some blog posts. They also don't include gifs, and let's be real, we all love gifs.
Conversations don't carefully organize important or valuable information that people like to hear about and share it in a place that can be easily referenced again in the future. But I guess there's no merit in that at all, because a person talking about his or her life is stupid.

Blogging is stupid because it's exclusively people talking about themselves and not letting their merits stand on their own. This is what I learned this weekend.

Wait, what?

I'm having so much trouble responding to that "argument" because I really don't know where to start. Do we bloggers show up to our Compose screens every day talking about the latest way we were awesome and admirable and urge other people to call us great?, we don't. And anyone with any familiarity with what we bloggers do in our spaces would know that, right?

But sharing our "merits"—again, what? Sometimes we share our accomplishments with people who care about us and who have been cheering us on. Sometimes we talk about our beliefs in a way that is meant to encourage others to embrace their own, or explore a new concept they hadn't considered yet. We share things we've bravely done and hope that maybe our facing our fears encourages someone else out there to face their own. Sometimes we share something we've achieved because we're proud of it, and what the hell is actually wrong with doing something in this life that you're proud of, worked for, and want to celebrate?

Blogging is stupid because it's just people talking about their lives. But stand-up comics aren't stupid. Novelists and filmmakers who draw influences from personal experience aren't stupid. Motivational speakers aren't stupid. Athletes in post-game press conferences aren't stupid. Documentarians aren't stupid. Essayists aren't stupid. Musicians aren't stupid.

Blogging is amazing because sometimes, it's just people talking about their lives. It's a medium accessible to almost anyone, everywhere. It's a medium accessible for audiences large and small. Blogging doesn't require someone else's approval. Blogging is a tool for exploring new and old interests, meeting people who share those interests, and learning about a world different from your own. It's a tool for forming and building strong, important relationships that would otherwise not be possible due to limits of geography.

Blogging is amazing because people are amazing, interesting, insightful, compassionate, kind, funny, smart, intuitive, creative, clever, and passionate. Blogging is amazing because people who blog don't give a damn if someone who doesn't get it thinks it's stupid. We're not asking for your permission anyway.


  1. HI. Love this post.
    That person or whatever is stupid. Who says that? Why do people shit on things they don't understand? RAGE.
    Love what you said though. So true. I love reading about peoples lives. Clearly this person has no idea what a blogger does or talks about or how much we love this community we're in. So no, we don't need your permission and you CAN'T SIT WITH US.

  2. This is so amazing!! I actually went to a blogging event last night and we had a conversation about how different blogging's sometimes really amazing and other times I do have that feeling of "what on earth am I do...why are people reading LOL" but I can't even imagine life without blogging - these friendships are worth everything! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. For people who think blogging is stupid...they can find other shit to look at on the internet! Some people just don't get it but for the rest of us, we are in on the awesome secret ;)

  4. People who can be so ridiculous! The idea that other people can't get value out of something just because that one person doesn't appreciate it shows a remarkable lack of self awareness, and being so quick to negatively judge someone else's hobby is just rude. I've never understood why people stick around to be jerks when they could just leave and find something else to read.

  5. UGH, people who don't blog don't get it do they? I mean, there are times I worry I put too much out there and now that it's out there I can't take it back. I've edited older posts and sometimes I think about shutting it down. But then I think about all the friendships I'll lose and what a great hobby blogging is for me.

    Great post, lady!

  6. Whoa. I am with you. I have actually been having some internal struggles about the purposes of my blogging and this addresses any concerns I might have had. Thanks for standing up for us stupid bloggers. :)

  7. Yes, yes, YES! I completely agree with everything you've stated. This is also why I don't tell everyone I know about my blog. I don't need that type of negativity in my life! I blog for me, whether others read it or not is up to them. I do what I want!

  8. If blogging is soooooo stupid why are the millions of bloggers out there? And why are we creating relationships with people that we meet through blogging that more often than not are way more amazing than a relationship that was made at some random bar or in line at the grocery store. You know, because that happens so often. I love reading about peoples day to day things because it is what I relate to!!!

  9. Blogging is amazing because it's given me the actual confidence that I will meet you someday! Because I've actually met ladies like Melissa and MacKensie, someday planning to meet many more! Definitely will meet Kisten and Biana and will have bottomless mimosa brunch with Pinky (A lady I share snail mail with often!) and Tracy (I really hope Tracy!!!). My goodness if I could meet all of you ladies who blog bout your 'stupid and boring' lives, life would be so good!

  10. A-freaking-MEN! I've never had anyone say to me that blogging is stupid. Honestly, and it truly takes SOOO much to offend me, but that comment does - blogging is stupid. What in all the hell, man. I can't even wrap my mind around that because, everything you just said, is what blogging is all about. It's a forum to share ups, down, thoughts, ideas, hopes, goals, dreams, fears, secrets, accomplishments...... Calling blogging stupid is literally calling someone's life stupid.

  11. Blogging is awesome. I'm actually the only one among my friends who runs a blog / reads other blogs / cares about that anyway, so while they think it's cute or funny or whatever and don't discrespect, I still can't talk to them about amazing bloggers I've discovered or a certain topic someone's covered. Last summer I met a fellow blogger for the first time and had a blast. We had a connection, because we're interested in (more or less) the same thing. And isn't that the case with all the other hobbies as well? :)

    The thing is, there will probably always be someone grumpy enough to rain on anybody's parade. Just don't listen, or forget it as soon as the person is done. I love my blog and I know how much effort I put into that little online space (that is, when I'm not lazy haha), that's all I care about. And I guess there's a person or two who reads that too, so... :D
    That's what we all should care about anyway.

    Wandering Polka Dot

  12. But really, who can even say that they don't care about strangers' or random peoples lives? Everyone watches the news or reads books or goes to the movies or has a favorite TV show or something, right? Why is it acceptable to care about what's going on with fictional people who really, actually don't exist (as opposed to people on the Internet who do exist, just maybe not in the same physical space) but blogging is weird....? Also I agree with Jenn. I've recently taken the stance where I just feel bad for anyone who can't understand how or why other people work the way they do. That's not to say that I agree with everything everyone does, not by a long shot, but I at least try to understand where they're coming from instead of just blurting out "that's stupid" just because I haven't considered their motivation.
    And the friendships, um hello do we even need to talk about that?! I honestly didn't expect to make friends through blogging but I have. I've made real, good, true friends Honestly it's easier for me to make and keep up with relationships I've made through blogging than it is for a lot of relationships in real life. I don't know if it's just my personality or what, but the fact that I can get to know someone before getting to know someone (if that makes sense?), and vice versa, just works for me. I don't care if that's "stupid."

  13. Preach!!! ... it is amazing because the people that do it are amazing.
    I saw on Real Housewives NYC where Kristen blogs & she even calls it her "job she doesn't get paid for" but she said it felt good to just do for herself... yep... If its good enough for a Real Housewife on Bravo - its good enough for me :)

  14. When people try to say that to me, I explain to them I don't necessarily write for THEM. I write to record my life. My opinions, my stuff and things, my adventures. They don't have to read it, much less like it. That's the thing about the internet, there's ALL THE THINGS! on it and anyone can do whatever they way (even if it's creepy shit, which shouldn't be encouraged). /endrant

  15. Found you through a link on Says Jana. First, whoever said that can go screw. Second, we may use our lives as a jumping off point to discussions about actual life things - where can you go wrong with that? You can't.


    god you're a genius. <3

    also, i of course love gifs.

  17. Im all for alternative opinions but when you disregard someones feelings on something they do - like telling a blogger that blogging is stupid - then i reserve the right to say you are stupid for saying that. And as a professional arguer I would love to have argued with that person.


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