Sunday Sweats 18

Monday: 3.04 mile run (10:00 pace) + arm balance & handstand practice (37 min)
I barely slept this weekend, and my body wanted to play catch-up this morning. No a.m. yoga for me, and it's crazy how much of a difference it makes in how I feel throughout the morning, especially on a Monday.

This pace was brought to you by tired legs (after yesterday's 8-miler, but if I didn't run today I would have missed a run this week and I didn't want to break this good streak) and, shocker, wind. I thought March was supposed to come in like a lion, go out like a lamb? Still quite lion-esque here every damn day. Anyway other than the resistance this run was good, and my legs and hip felt good.

I topped off the run with a video I found for arm balances. It was okay, but I probably won't repeat it—I like Erin's Crow + Flow better if the main event is going to be crow pose. After that, I spent another 15 or so working on handstand and found this really, really helpful video from Kino, in case you're working on your handstand too. I caught the balance a few times, yay!

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 min)
Another fun class with plenty of advanced modifications like bird of paradise and more than enough inversions. I love this class and my teacher Donna, in case that wasn't already clear.

Wednesday: morning twists (7 min) 4 mile run (10:02 pace)
This morning was atypical, but I managed to get in a few minutes of split stretches, sweet spinal twists and cat/cows. Even 7 minutes counts if it's all you can manage!

I had another sleepless night and this pace was definitely reflective of whole body fatigue. My calves could have used some love before I set out too, and I took a new hill because apparently today I'm playing the role of masochist. Luckily it wasn't bad enough to stop me, just slow me down a bit.

Thursday: 3.01 mile run (8:52 pace)
Well, I finally slept!...right through my first couple alarms. Not hating it because I needed the 9 hours I got, even if it did mean missing a morning on the mat. It's an exception of a week.

On this run, I found my new uphill/windy mantra: "This is making you better. This very moment is making you stronger." My god parts of this run sucked but I was beaming by the end, even after spending the whole second half going straight into wind. Splits were 8:45 / 9:02 / 8:52.

Friday: slow flow yoga (16 min)
Finally got myself together for a good morning practice. Ahhhh. :)

Saturday: rest
Someone convinced me I was 22 last night and I acted like it was the case was a rest day.

Sunday: deep stretch yoga (20 min) + 10.01 mile run (10:12 pace)
I do believe there is no better pre-run stretch than downward facing dog. I warmed up with an on-the-fly deep stretching sequence—think lots of sun salutations, lunging and warrior sequences, and twists.

Okay does anyone even believe me when I run sub-9 miles anymore? To be honest, I'm not upset about this pace, not at this distance, not on a day like this. One, it was really warm, but that's not the problem. My first 4 miles were ~9:30 pace, and then at my first turnaround, I realized the wind I didn't really notice in miles 1-4 was in full force for my next 4 miles. I tossed in some extra hills for added torture and my pace bumped up to ~10:15. Then after my next turnaround, my weekend of debauchery caught up with me and I took a ~.1 mile walk. I picked it back up, took it slow, and forced a 9:48 (uphill) mile out for the last one. Whew. It was a fun run though, despite how challenging it was in parts.

Weekly Totals:
Running: 4 // 20.06 miles
Yoga: 5 // 155 minutes

+ Not really enough yoga this week, but it happens. Like I said, this week was an exception in quite a few ways for me.

+ I don't remember any time in my past year and a half of running when it has been so windy so much of the time. It's obviously a sign of Armageddon.

+ Speed! I have it sometimes!

+ Finding a new running/hill mantra was clutch to making it through a few miles this week. I'll be using that one a lot, I think.

+ I'm exactly two weeks from the next half and really pumped for it. I'm sort of starting to taper this week; my mileage isn't dropping but I'll cut down to 3 runs this week and I have a 12-miler scheduled for the last long run next weekend before race day.

+ Speaking of next race, I bought my race day shirt! From the boys section at Target. $8. Score.


  1. Crazy congrats to you for catching your balance in the handstand practice! And hooray for Taper! You've earned it to wear that Target boy's tee :) :)

  2. You must have a different definition of fun than I do, because wind and hills sounds pure awful to me. Lol! Oh, and down dog is my nemesis. I'm hoping one day my back and arms are strong enough that it's not such a struggle but every time the instructor says something chipper like, "Everyone's favorite - down dog!" I snort at the sheer ridiculousness of it. "Favorite." I think not!

  3. yay boys section of target!! how exciting. 2 weeks!! 2 weeks!! you're gonna smash it, i'm sure of it. i'm sorry you didn't sleep well and didn't run very fast this week (cough, faster than me, cough, just kidding) but i'm glad your 10 miler was fun despite it all! and yay for yoga, boo for less yoga. one day i shall visit you on a tuesday so I can come meet Donna and her awesome class.

  4. Awesome week, girl! I can't wait to see your new Target boys section shirt!

  5. The boys section at Target. Lol! Love it!!! Your next race is creeping up quick! How exciting :)

  6. Hahaha your definition of "not enough yoga" is like "wow, that's a lot of yoga" for me ;) Even though your long run sounds like all kinds of terrible and awful, I'm glad you were able to push through and get it done! That's my girl! I'm feeling the same way about my speed lately sometimes I have it, but I used to have a lot more of it. The speed gods giveth and they taketh. Probably for the best anyway as I know the summer is about to suck all life and any shred of speed I ever had out of my anyway...might as well get used to it. So happy that you're feeling good and psyched for Superhero!

  7. Two weeks till your next half?? I was only gone for a little while how did that come already?! And I agree with Tracy about your definition of not enough yoga - girl you worked it this week.


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