Sunday Sweats 19

Monday: yoga for shoulders (12 min)
My posture has been pretty awful this last exhausting week so a quick fix was in order to start this week on a positive note. No run today because I'm starting to taper-ish for Superhero Half (on 5/17) by cutting to three runs this week.

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 min)
For the first time, I contemplated not going to class. Bad day at work, another sleepless night, a general feeling of blah-ness. But I went, and I'm glad I did, though it wasn't as powerful a class as usual for me. Meh. Just not my day.

Wednesday: IT band yoga (16 min) + 4.33 mile run (9:45 pace)
It's a run day, and these legs need love. Like always. Plus I just really like this video.

My first two miles were definitely not my best, but I compensated by extending this run a tad. For a good half hour I was making excuses: first, why I didn't need to run today; then, how I didn't need to run 4 miles.... I was just preoccupied and being lazy. My calves are tender—overuse, I think—and need some rolling and compression but I'm pleased I got every step of these miles in today, even if I had to force it a bit.

Thursday: hip opening yoga (13 min) + 3.11 mile run (8:33 pace)
My right hip felt a little bit torqued up by the end of yesterday's run, so I wanted to address that before today's. This video goes into cow face pose, which I somehow always forget feels amazing and I should be doing it every day.

I decided a few weeks ago I would devote my short runs to speed in final preparations for the next race (10 days away!). Today I set out and kinda thought, hm, wouldn't it be cool if I got all my miles under 9:00 today? And then I ran mile 1 in 8:26. And that was fun. And then I slowed a bit in mile 2 (as I always do), but still finished it under 9:00. In mile 3, I realized I might pull it off. And then I realized I might come close to my 5k PR, set last June (26:37). It took everything—everything—I had, but I shaved 5 seconds off that time for a new unofficial 5k PR.

I'm especially proud of this because I'm a different animal on race day. With the crowd to keep me competitive and race day adrenaline, I'm always stronger when there's a finish line ahead of me. So to pull this off after such a challenging winter and without the race day benefits, I have to be honest, it feels really damn good.

Friday: lower body yoga (12 min)
My legs need to be on their best behavior tomorrow for my last long run, and my calves are a bit tight still so I pampered them this morning.

Saturday: 3.38 mile run (9:26 pace) + full body yoga (33 minutes)
So, funny thing about this run. It was supposed to be 10-12 miles. But it wasn't because it was instead a learning experience.
(1) While not everyone does, I do need to take a cutback week every ~4 weeks. I've been going up and up and up and my legs got tired. I didn't listen well enough and my body told me where it was today.
(2) I can blow a planned run and still feel confident for an upcoming race, especially when the planned run probably maybe shouldn't have been planned. It was too much after this week.
(3) A speed run to hit a pace I have barely run in ages actually does take a lot out of me and require some rest or recovery.
(4) I need, need to wear calf compression during next weekend's half marathon.
(5) When someone kicks a stone right into your bare shin as you start your run, it kinda hurts.

I needed some good stretching after that run. The latest from Erin Motz is this 30-minute class on Do You Yoga's channel, and it was just a nice full-body treat. I made a few slight modifications though: I popped into tripod headstand during the first wide-legged forward fold (~10 minutes in) and paused the video to add a running man arm balance to each side after the pigeon sequence. I finished in reclined bound angle, which just feels better than corpse pose for final meditation for me sometimes. If you want a longer but not too intense flow, try this video for sure!

Sunday: rest
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms—moms of all kinds—out there!

Weekly Totals
Running: 3 // 10.82 miles
Yoga: 6 // 161 minutes


+ Saturday hurt a little bit, but I'm glad I didn't get so caught up in my head that I let it ruin all the work I've already put in.

+ I wanted a bit more out of my yoga class Tuesday, but everything can't always be awesome I guess.


+ I worked my ass off and brought in a brand, shiny new unofficial 5k PR and it was totally not expected. Or prepared for. Yeah, I'm flying pretty high on that one.

+ Not related to an actual workout, but to my yoga practice in a sense: As I mentioned Friday I was selected as a Bad Yogi Ambassador and I couldn't be more thrilled to rep this awesome brand and its amazing founder!

+ It's time to taper, which means it's almost race day, which means yay! And it also means that it's almost time to take it easy for a bit, because this will be my last race before marathon training starts. Oh em gee.


  1. Congratulations on the PR! And also on taking things in stride. I'm inspired by how you manage to fit yoga in every day. I'm going to have to check out some of your links.

  2. congrats on that PR girlfran!! you are awesome and that is amazing. I can't believe your half is so soon! are you excited? nervous? you're gonna rock it!
    so sorry about Tuesday and Saturday's lameness. I completely understand why Saturday didn't work though, my body is the same sometimes, if I push it far too much, it takes longer to recover. makes sense.
    That 30 min yoga video - yes please!! I have been looking for something like that lately, I've tried a few but they haven't been exactly what I was looking for, so I know Erin's will be. Yes!
    Hope this week is fabulous love!

  3. IT BAND YOGA. Sorry, I got excited there. Are there any standing desk office yoga while working solutions? Since you're "in the fold" now could you find out / request this / show me the way? I do myofascial foot release while standing at my desk which is amazing for legs and hips, but could totally go for a watch-at-work Erin Motz special.

    Don't neglect your calf compression!!!

  4. Sounds like a great week. I'm going to have to look into IT band yoga and the hip openers you do. My left is SO much tighter than my right. Or maybe it's the other way around....

  5. Yay on the PR!!!!! You are just killing with your your PR and the bad yogi thing! Get it girl!!!

  6. Yoga for shoulders sounds really perfect for me. I am working on being more aware of my posture. Keep kicking butt! :]

    // ▲ ▲

  7. Which means the half is his weekend ... off to instagram to see if you posted anything!


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