Sunday Sweats 20

May 11–17
Monday: low back yoga (15 min)
Nice, gentle, easy start to the work week.
I sort of planned to run today, but I needed to take a nap after work instead. Listen, I'm really not a napper, so if my body's trying to have one, it means business.

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 min)
Class was pretty packed tonight but it was a really good one. Donna brought us into the spine really deeply and gave us crow and mermaid, which I'm always happy to have time for in this class.

Wednesday: hip & hamstring yoga (13 min)
Yeah, I do this one a lot. But there's no better quick fix to stretch out the backs of my legs and outer hips when they're feeling keyed up.
An out-of-town coworker insisted on buying us margaritas and empanadas tonight, so there was no shot of running tonight either. I'm calling it an extended taper and pretending everything about this week's running lack-of-schedule was on purpose.

Thursday: hip opening yoga (13 min)
I dragged myself onto my mat this morning and this isn't too intense a video, but it does give a good stretch. I had my chiropractor after work and knew I'd be asking him to get into my hips a little, so my a.m. practice was prep.

I was supposed to run, but I'm breaking all the rules and broke them tonight too. By the time I got home (late) from my chiropractor, I felt like I had been dragged through traffic and was a painful way. It was not a good day and I didn't want to make it worse. Ate dinner and passed out. Good thing I don't have a goal to PR this race.

Friday: quick hip yoga (11 min)
Two days from race day. This practice has some of my favorites: figure four, happy baby, and spinal twists. Since my running has fallen apart along with my life this past week, I figure keeping my running body stretched and open is the least I can do to prepare at this point (no interest in any miles 48 hours before a half marathon at this juncture), aside from assuring myself this "extended taper" is just an alternative race-prep technique.
I did, however, get about 20 minutes of handstand practice today and got some decent hang time! So I've got that going for me, which is nice.

Saturday: pre-race free flow (20 min)
Half marathon in the morning, so some sun salutations, hip openers, and plenty of legs up the wall.
MY GOODNESS I am pale.
Sunday: 13.29 mile race (11:55 pace) – Superhero Half Marathon
There'll be a full recap coming this week, but I'll start with this: This race sucked, and was my worst race by a lot, but I'm glad I did it and I'm ready to move on. Oh and I'll say this: no amount of running this week would have changed the outcome. Thank frog, or else I'd be kicking myself black and blue. Finish time: 2:38:28.

I'm putting this disclaimer out there though: According to CompuScore, my average pace was 12:05. I'm going by my watch because it was measuring long by ~.1-.2 for the whole race, even before the very first mile when we were on main town roads. Also, I weirdly love the cacophonous chiming of all the runners' Garmins within about 3 seconds of one another at every mile.

Weekly Totals:
Yoga: 6 // 147 minutes
Running: 13.29 miles

+ My worst race by a lot, and it hurt.

+ I ran over the finish line of a race I almost quit.

+ I got my worst race of the year out of the way.

+ My sweet, amazing friends endured some oppressive heat and humidity to sit around and wait two and a half hours for me to run a race. Their cheers at mile 5 and as I came down the last .1 mile of the race course were the highlights of my day, and I'm so grateful to have had them there.

+ Despite the unrelenting challenge, I'm glad I ran this race and parts of it were actually fun. More on the blog this week.

+ Yoga class was awesome, and I got in decent practice every day.

+ My handstand is coming along pretty nicely. I may be a crappy runner, but I'm One Bad Yogi.


  1. Proud of you anyway even though the race sucked because you pushed through and got it done. Every race wont be great right but it will be worth it. Another one under your belt. Proud of you my friend :D

  2. Get it!!!! What made this race so dreadful?

  3. Amen about naps. I'm the same way. If I'm taking one, something was SERIOUSLY wrong.
    I haven't done that quick hips video of Erin's but figure four, happy baby, and spinal twists are my love languages. I should give it a try tonight. And tomorrow. And every day for the rest of my life. My hips are perpetually yucky.
    I know we've already talked about your race today but I am SO proud of you for sticking to your guns and finishing the damn thing! And for realizing that it just wasn't your day and there was nothing to could have done to change that. I really think this was an important step for you on your marathon journey and I hope you see it that way too. Just a stepping stone onto bigger and better things. Can't wait to see where you go from here.

  4. Congratulations on finishing a race even though it sucked! I think that's way harder than the easy ones with a better time. My sister just showed me happy baby yesterday! I feel like I'm crossing over into the yoga world where I at least know enough of the lingo to understand what people are talking about (even though a lot of it is still hard for me - happy baby is a nice relaxing one, though). :P

  5. Good job with that race even though it sucked! That sign is too cute too :) Look at all the yoga you did all week. Allstar status!

  6. I'm the same with naps - I rarely take them anymore because my body hates them and I wake up all groggy like. but if i need one, i need one.
    i'm sorry about your race.. though you sound like you've got a great attitude about it and have talked about it a bunch so i'm sure there's not much else i can say but to say you're awesome!
    ps I'm paler than you. fo shiz.

  7. Look at you and all your yoga!!! Not to mention that it is very inspiring to see someone push through something that they want to quit. Humidity sucks!!!!

  8. My half marathon last weekend was also really tough for me. Maybe it was just the weekend and not us :-P STILL....YOU FINISHED ANOTHER HALF MARATHON!!!! So exciting!!! Congrats on that :-D


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