Sunday Sweats 21

May 18–24

Monday: rest
I ran a half marathon yesterday, so.

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 min)
Last week as I left class I shared with Donna that I was running a half this weekend and wanted to request some hip/hamstring work, if she could squeeze it in this class. DONNA DELIVERED, Y'ALL. Such delicious stretches all up the IT band, into the hip flexors, and down the hammies. *praise hands emoji*

Wednesday: full body flow (10 min)
Love this little "jump start" video. Perfect for a morning on a time-crunch! Thought I might return to running today, but my calves were still pretty achy. I'm in no rush, so I took another day.

Thursday: warrior flow (12 min) + restorative free flow (20 min)
Haven't done this warrior sequence in a while, and it was delicious to work out the last bits of tightness I've been carrying in my hamstrings and calves since Sunday. I needed a jolt to get out of bed this morning too. (Yay, insomnia!)

I didn't really intend to take another day off running, but this is really the last week where I can get away with not feeling bad about not training. My IT band is still complaining, the weather is gross, and I had other things I needed and wanted to do more. So that's the way the cookie crumbled this week, and I don't have enough energy to really care.

I did make up for the lack of run with a pre-sleep restorative flow because my sleep has been awful this week. Ultimately it didn't help me sleep but it felt good so.

Friday: rest
Like I said, I didn't sleep last night. Which means I didn't wake up in time for morning yoga. Which means I'm doing GREAT this week. *eye roll emoji*

Saturday: hamstring yoga (20 min) + handstand practice (15 min)
Found this short routine today and it'll be a repeat for sure! Deliciously deep leg stretches are the way to my heart.

Sunday: 4.1 mile trail run (9:52 pace)
So I've lost a bit of fitness. Imagine that, after barely running for the last two weeks?! It's okay; it's my "down time" for a little while. I haven't run this trail in probably 10 months, if not more, and trail running is definitely different from road running. It wasn't the run I really wanted it to be, but it felt good to run.
Weekly Totals
Yoga: 5 // 152 minutes
Running: 1 // 4.1 miles

There's not much in the way of blogworthy workouts this week, but I like writing these posts. In school I was a meticulous notetaker, and as an adult I'm meticulous about record-keeping in my own way. My planner details most of any given day's events; my journal documents the rest. I blog about my life here in part to log these years in writing, and every mile I've ever run is recorded. So even when there's not much worth talking about, I enjoy writing these posts so that whenever I need a dash of inspiration, or a reminder of how far I've come, I know where to find it all.

So with that said, I'll issue this reminder too: I know not many people give a damn about other people's workouts, and that's totally fine! Please never feel obligated to read or comment on these posts. But if you ever want to chat yoga or running, you know I'm always down.

And speaking of chatting about workouts, don't forget to link up your Training for Tuesday posts with Tracy and me this week! This one kind of snuck up, huh? Whatever it is you want to share—your latest race? Your new workout regimen? A newly-mastered yoga pose? An upcoming race, competition, or other?—we'd love for you to share it with us. Grab your button below and come on back on Tuesday to check in with this awesome and growing community of badass bloggers.



  1. that picture from your trail run is so pretty! i've never really gone on a trail run before so i can't imagine how different it is. your yoga game was on point this week ;) i agree about looking back on old workouts or posts or whatever to see how far you've come. it's fun!

  2. I love and miss these posts too. I hope I can catch myself again soon and start back these posts - its so cool to look back and see hoe far Ive come! Can I just say that the trail pic is stunning?! I would love to run on that trail. Heck I'd love to walk on that trail!


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