Sunday Sweats 22

May 26–31
Monday: flexibility free flow (15 min)
No run, but I went for about an hour and a half-long walk today, and something interesting happened. My right hip was bothering me for about the first 15 minutes or so, but after that, the pain dulled drastically with each step. It hasn't bothered me enough on runs lately that I've had to stop, but it's good to know that maybe a bit more warming up is all I need to keep it under control as I barrel toward marathon training.

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 min)
So I actually take the only non-hot class at my studio, because I just don't have a preference for hot yoga. But from here through roughly October, there's no such thing as a not hot yoga class I guess. Donna prepared for the first really, really hot evening we've had and kept it low, but I felt amazing all through this class. My balance was on point and I felt strong through every pose and breath. Oh, this class means so much to me.

Wednesday: side body yoga (14 min)
This workout actually kind of flew by, but it's nice for kind of elongating the side body, lengthening the spine, and feeling tall to start the work day.

Thursday: fluid hip yoga (13 min)
This one's a little funky, but I can always use the hip work.

Today and yesterday we had scattered and "severe" thunderstorms...starting in the evening, after it being dry all day. Doesn't Mother Nature know I have to work during the day and run in the evenings? I'll run in the rain, but I do not mess with thunderstorms. I have a strangely heightened fear of being electrocuted by lightening bolt, which is bizarre.
Friday: morning stretchy flow (8 min) + 3.72 mile run (9:42 pace)
Another inexplicable late night=another slightly late morning, so not a whole lot of time to roll out the mat and do the real thing. I moved through some quick sun sals and seated flexibility poses to wake my body up.

This run was both challenging and rewarding. I've definitely lost some fitness over the last few weeks and I need to put the work in and get it back, but I also don't begrudge myself the time off. I've been go-go-go, push-push-push pretty much non-stop since I started running, and I needed to dial it back to pay more attention to some other things in my life for a bit. Luckily all it takes is a run like this to remind me why I bother in the first place. I love running, and I love the person running has made me.

Saturday: full body free flow (27 min)
I tossed on a new slow-flow playlist and played on the mat. I wanted to get into the hips and that really turned into a full-body flow as I sort of matched my movements to the tempo of the song. I like just going with it like that. The sun and the breeze came in through my windows and it was just warm enough inside to break a good sweat. Best way to start the weekend.

Sunday: full body flexibility flow (20 min)
I had plans to run another 5 miles today, but I just couldn't get outside before the thunderstorms and heavy rains. Every time I thought I would be clear to even attempt a 2-3 mile run, I'd hear an ear-splitting crack of thunder with my hand on the doorknob. It's frustrating, but that's New Jersey this time of year. Good thing I'm not technically in training yet, right? ....

So I free-flowed and stretched every muscle I could. Tomorrow's a new day—and a new month, and it will be a good one.

Weekly Totals
Running: 1 // 3.72 miles
Yoga: 7 // 172 minutes

Find the balance. Then grow your branches.


  1. Reading about Donna's class every week makes me want to find my own Donna so badly! Actually, I have a Donna and I could totally go back and take her classes now that I'm back home (would be a bit of a drive, but still). I should do that. I probably won't, but I should at least think about it ;)
    I'm so glad you had a good run this week! Even if it was only one, sometimes that's all you need. Can't wait to see how you rock this month!

  2. Oh man I am loving all the yoga! It makes me happy even just reading about it! And yay for you enjoying hot yoga. I still want to try a hot yoga class! Im glad you got a run in as well this week but even if you didn't I think all this yoga will definitely help you in the marathon training!

  3. My parents used to go to hot yoga and they really liked it. My lungs would probably freak out if it got too steamy, but I guess saunas are relaxing so it kind of makes sense that the same effect would be helpful for flexibility and such. Your run sounds pretty awesome! I need a few more good runs to convince me that running is worthwhile and not just an exercise in masochism.

  4. I have been having hip pain since I started training for my first half marathon back on 2013. One of my coaches suggested that it was my TFL (Tensor Fasciae Latae - say that 3 times fast!), as I mentioned that the pain was right underneath my hip bone. After some googling, I was like "ah ha! That is it! After all this time!" I found some good stretches, and it's finally starting to feel ok.

    Not to say that this is your hip issue, just that I can commiserate with hip pain!

  5. You're movitaving me to do something each day! Right now I'm working towards three work outs a day but also joined a blogger booty/squat challenge. We'll see how that goes.

  6. Every time I read you Sunday Sweats on Monday morning at the desk, I stand up and I stretch the hammies, hips, quads and mind. I'll do some pretty crazy things even in a dress but it's better for me than the sad constricted psoas from the desk job.

  7. What a wonderful yoga week for you!! I feel the same way as Jessie - you always motivate me on Monday's! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. Look at you and all your yoga!! Such a great motivation this Monday morning :) I thought about you this morning when I really blasted out my run this morning. It was the first that I felt really good about and I was like....Alyssa would high five me!

  9. I love the love you have for your Tuesday class :) Seriously. and I laughed at your struck by lightening bolt. Too true. I'm not a fan of running in the rain at all - unless it starts raining and I was already running, because I have slipped and fallen too many times to count. Klutz, party of one. Lol.

  10. Go you! I'm all for jogging in the rain. I feel much more at peace. As long as the lightening is just happening in the clouds, I'm fine. If I see bolts I'm not going to risk it. I need to get my yoga game together. I've been doing horrible.


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