Gearing up for a lot of weekend trips out of town and getting ready to run like crazy means lots of playlists are needed. A sampling from my long run, speed run, flow yoga, road trip, and summertime playlists:

Frank Ocean – Super Rich Kids (Why didn't anyone insist I start listening to Frank Ocean, like, a million years ago? You're all fired.)
Coldplay – Oceans
Claude Debussy – Clair de Lune (Debussy is my guy. I'm editing a client novel right now and I can't do it in silence. Apparently piano music is even better editing music for me than Explosions in the Sky.)
Mumford & Sons – The Wolf (I love every song on their latest album, truly, but this one is a standout for me.)
Skrillex & Diplo with Justin Bieber – Where Are U Now (Just stop it with your judging right now. Stop it. IT'S A GOOD SONG, GUYS.)
One Direction – Steal My Girl (And I can't hear this one without picturing Anna Kendrick, and since she's my favorite person alive, that's okay by me.)
Jaymes Young – Dark Star
Chadwick Stokes – I Want You Like a Seatbelt (Another one I owe to Miss Melissa)
DJ Assad & Greg Parys – We Are One (Put this on your running playlist.)
Sage the Gemini & Nick Jonas – Good Thing (Okay, fine. But at least I didn't put "Trap Queen" on this list too. Right?)

Good thing I stopped caring what people have to say about the music I listen to, right?

What's on your playlist these days? 
(I'm taking suggestions for any of the above-mentioned soundtracks!)


  1. I haven't created a playlist in so long....but thanks to you I'm just going to borrow yours lol!!! Love the range! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. i never heard that justin bieber song before- it is really good!!

  3. I only know the Mumford and Sons song (excellent choice, btw) because the rest is not my style. Not even Coldplay who technically fall under the rock genre. But they're not, really.

    I love playlists. I need to make a new one for when the child and I are driving. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. This convinces me that we're friends based on intellectual things because our music tastes could NOT be more different. Actually we're friends because baseball. Yankees: bringing friends together since 2009.

  5. oh wow. I started with frank ocean and I've been so busy listening to the whole album I haven't had the chance to listen to any of the others. you are my musical taste match made in heaven!

  6. I love your playlists :) Blogging is where I find a lot of new-to-me bands/musicians. I like the Dark Star one best! I'm currently playing Matt Nathanson- Gold in teh Summertime, Florence and the Machine's new stuff (Ship to Wreck is probably my fave), and Robin Schulz ft. Iley- Headlights.

  7. I don't care what anyone says I love Where Are U Now - it's become my running jam because it just makes me want to move!

  8. ermmmm the only song i know is Debussy and I didn't know that was a guy, so go me. and I only know it because of twilight hashtag loser. i love anna kendrick though!

  9. I swear I have a gazillion different playlists on Spotify haha. I constantly need to rotate because well...marathon training is on the horizon. LOVE the new Mumford tracks and the Florence + The Machine album is my life right now. I can never get enough of good ol' 90s tracks too. Ace of Base, Nsync, yesss. Haha.

  10. I am going to have to go back and listen to these songs at home sometime because I don't know most of them. And I can get down with the beebs sometimes so I dont doubt that song is awesome.

  11. Is it bad I don't think I've listened to any of these songs?! But I am totally going to check them out because I love the music from your other playlists! I hope you have fun this weekend!!

  12. yo but how good is Chadwick Stokes!? you're so welcome. now that i'm unemployed i'm going to send you songs all effing day haha

  13. So many good songs on this list and also so many Ive never ever heard of!! But I love music and broadening my horizons so Im going to take a listen while I read 50000000 blogs :D


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