Sunday Sweats 23

June 1–7

Monday: lower back yoga (15 min) + 2 mile run (8:33 pace)
I haven't done one of these low back videos in a while, so it felt really good—especially on a Monday morning before heading back into the rat race. My run was a treat too. I was going to do 3 today and save an easy 2 for later in the week, but after almost skipping the run altogether (rain, 55º, couldn't get outside til 8:15) I went with 2 to get back quickly—busy, busy night. And it felt awesome! I wasn't sure mile two would be sub-9, but I ran these in 8:46 and 8:20. Because marathoners don't wait for the rain to stop, right? (New rainy day manta alert.)

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 min)
I think if I could arrange it, I would have it rain once a week for an hour and a half. And it would be Tuesday evenings during my studio yoga class. It's been raining for three days, and it's a full moon. Donna mirrored the cleansing rain by focusing this class on detoxing twists and it felt so, so good to get bendy and wring out the spine. I noticed some much deeper movement in some poses tonight, and my balance was something to write home about. And oh, that full moon savasana...

Wednesday: hangover yoga (14 min) + 3 mile run (9:13 pace)
I'm not hungover on a Wednesday, chill. I just love the half moon twisting series in this video, and I woke up with a nag in my hip this morning so I decided to get right into it. And it's never a bad time to detox with twists.

On the run front, today is National Running Day! I decided to "celebrate" by adding a very, very steep hill—so steep it's just as hard to run down as it is to go up!—to my usual 3-mile out and back. I felt so happy on this run, even during the most challenging moments. I realized for the first time that, aside from the hip that will always hate me, nothing hurt. Nothing has been hurting. That time off I felt pretty bad for taking was really exactly what I needed. I felt so happy on this run.

Thursday: rest
Just wasn't waking up on time this morning. So it goes.

Friday: rest 
Nothing today, unless you count a total of 9.5 hours in the car as a workout. 

Saturday: lots of yoga (~250 minutes) + 2.68 mile run (11:22 pace)
Today was my and Tracy's first day of Wanderlust, and let's just say we were both ready for bed by 6:30 p.m. I'll be recapping the festival more this week, but today we did about 250 minutes of yoga over three sessions (one workshop, two classes) and a trail run that was, let's suffice it to say, more than we bargained for! But not a single complaint about the whole weekend. (Much more about it later this week!)
Sunday: lots of yoga (~165 minutes)
Today was supposed to include a third class, but getting in the water is out of the question when you're literally inside a raincloud. One tough class to start the day plus one nice, more restorative class to cap off the weekend was the perfect treat to end our Wanderlust weekend.

Weekly Totals:
Yoga: 519 minutes
Running: 7.7 miles

And now, it's time to sleep. Until Tuesday, I think.


  1. Even if you were hungover on Wednesday it would be ok lol! I've heard amazing things about wunderlust - can't wait for the recap!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. ahhhh cannot wait to hear more about wanderlust!!! glad you had an awesome time.
    i lol'd at your hungover comment. that's one of my favourite videos and i don't think i've ever actually done it hungover, it's just such a good video!

  3. all I see is all that time in Yoga... I am impressed. I can't tolerate yoga for more then 10 minutes without giving up

  4. I cannot wait to hear all about wanderlust!!!!

  5. So much yoga! Love it and I cannot wait to read about Wanderlust!! I haven't done one of these posts in a bit but Ive still been at it. Also I found a yoga class that I can take!!!! I am so excited.


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