Sunday Sweats 24

June 8–14

Monday: rest
Today was another day out of my normal routine and my body was way too sore from the weekend of Wanderlusting to try anything fancy. Unless you count like 10 minutes of handstanding on the beach.
Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 min)
Flexibility and strength tonight, because Donna knows the way to my heart.

Wednesday: shoulder yoga (15 min) + 4.67 mile run (9:40 pace)
It occurred to me while scrolling through my "morning yoga" playlist that I haven't done this in ages, and my shoulders could use some love. Dat dolphin pose, doe.

Two things about this run: (1) I ate an entire Chipotle burrito bowl less than an hour before, because I meant to only eat half and then had no self-control, so around mile 2 I started hurtin' pretty bad. (2) I saw two blue jays either fighting or screwing and I'm not sure which BUT I am sure that I almost broke my face because I was watching the blue jays instead of the sidewalk trying to figure out which it was. I planned to go out for 4, but I extended this one a bit to make up for feeling so crappy until I settled in after the 5k mark.

Thursday: hip & hamstring yoga (13 min) + full body flow (41 min)
I'll never not love this yoga video for run days. It's too good!

And then I skipped tonight's 3 mile run to hang out with a friend and didn't regret it until I got on Instagram and saw Tracy's boss lady brick workout post. I only have another two weeks or so that I can get away with this casual attitude before marathon training though, so I'm embracing it.

I did, though, roll my mat back out and jam again. I didn't mean to go for so long, but I was feeling so, so good. I started high with a warrior sequence, wild thing flow, and lizard pose. I flowed into crow and then brought it down for reclined hip openers like happy baby, half happy baby each side, twists, figure four variations, and some good seated hamstring stretches. I have trouble in shavasana at home unless I'm in like a full-on guided meditation, but I stayed in reclined bound angle for several minutes trying to make it work. (If this sounds like gibberish to you, I'll happily explain!)
Tried this pose for the first time thanks to an instagram challenge. It was an interesting one to get into...
Friday: sun sal flow (13 min)
I knew I wouldn't be home until well into the night after I left for work this morning, so I needed something good to get me started for the day. This easy flowy class did it.

Saturday: 3.03 mile run (9:28 pace)
I'm not great at morning runs, but I had a wedding to attend upstate this afternoon so morning run it was. It was a bit laborious through the heat, humidity, and wind (thunderstorms coming?); my chest wasn't really having fun. Hopefully this'll be one of the last "adjustment phase" runs for me and I'll soon be ready for summer training!

Sunday: rest
Guess who overdid it at the wedding and slept very badly on the ground (we were camping; it was intentional!) and couldn't keep her eyes open long enough to run those 6 miles today? This girl. (I don't go hard very often, but when I do, I do it like it's my job.

Weekly Totals
Running: 7.7 miles
Yoga: 157 minutes


  1. I don't know if I've ever been more impressed with you than I am right now. Nearly 5 miles an hour after a burrito bowl? I wouldn't even dare try such a thing!
    I'm glad you're taking this time to do what you feel like you want and need. You'll have plenty of weeks strapped to a training plan so enjoy it while you can!

  2. Your handstand picture is killing me all over again. So jealous of your closeness to the beach ! Unfortunately that was the sacrifice I needed to make. le sigh. Anyway, I agree with Tracy and am super impressed with your burrito/running skills. And revel in your downtime. If you think you're relaxed enough, relax more ! Because once training happens, you will need to remember those moments VIVIDLY as to recreate them on your rests days :)

  3. get it girl!!! I feel like your sunday rest was incredibly deserved!! Glad you had a great time at the wedding! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Seriously? This is just awesome. I'm so proud of you and all the hard work you've done with your Yoga!!! That pose is something else, I don't think I could do iT!

  5. 10 minutes if handstanding - girl you blow my mind. I so wish I could get to that stage. One day I tell ya!! Literally the best pic ever though! Love all the yoga this week (and the use of the slipper as a knee cushion is ingenious).
    Ive never done a morning run but I suspect I wouldn't like them either.

  6. Look at your handstand!!! And that bright blue sky! Sounds like you got in lots of yoga this week :) And ummm did you ever verify exactly what it was those blue jays were doing? Silly birds.

  7. Handstanding like a boss! And really, who on earth can just limit themselves to eating half of a burrito bowl? No one. I started marathon training last week and the humidity nearly killed me. I felt like army crawling up my driveway...or just rolling..

  8. i'm way too afraid to do handstands and after muay thai, we always try it (because the entire floor is padded) and fall over. my trainer can do one but on his forearms and everyone just falls over LOL

  9. You're the cutest roadkill I've ever seen!!! :)

  10. did you change the look of things, or am I cray cray? anyway, you're a badass. that's all!


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