Sunday Sweats 25

June 15–21

Monday: too lazy too busy rest
Morning: Out of my apartment at the time I'm usually waking up (early meeting), after a night of no more than 75 consecutive minutes of sleep at a time (thunderstorms + insomnia), so no yoga. Ugh.
Evening: Had to conduct an interview for a piece I'm writing and go grocery shopping and oh by the by it's pouring down rain and supposed to continue all week. Didn't even get around to eating dinner til after 8 p.m., so no run. Sigh. Does 20 minutes of legs up the wall while reading before bed count?

Tuesday: 4 mile run (9:20 pace)
I didn't do yoga in the morning because I planned to take Donna's class tonight, but decided later that I HAD TO RUN today (more on that later) and wanted to take Donna's first class at the new studio (well, a new location of the same studio—we have options, yay!) tomorrow, so no a.m. yoga workout.

It's the time of year where I'll asterisk every run with the current temp/humidity/dew point to put the effort into context. Sure, 78º isn't too bad. But when it's 90% humidity and 71º dew point, even a perfect 55º day would be like slogging through a sand dune. Miles earned are miles earned, and I wouldn't have skipped tonight's for anything.
Wednesday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
The new location is absolutely beeeautiful. And. AND! Kelly, the YTT (yoga teacher training) instructor who taught and certified my darling Donna, and who will be teaching me come November, took tonight's class! And practiced right next to me! And complimented my practice! It was our first meeting and it was so, so wonderful to finally meet her after emailing back and forth for months. I'm even more amped for YTT now than I was before.

Thursday: high full body free flow (14 minutes)
This morning I awoke to a text from my cousin asking if she's too old (30!) and inflexible to start yoga. You guys know what I said to her. So after excitedly texting about Skype yoga classes and thinking about some sequences that would suit her needs, I free flowed them right away to take video. Perfect rainy morning jolt!

Friday: body flexibility free flow (14 minutes) + 3 mile run (8:58 pace)
I felt like the Tin Man today—possibly thanks to my first visit in a month to my chiropractor last night, which definitely blew my body up. I moved slow but managed to hit some spinal twists, hamstring stretches, and hip and IT band work. I ran right after work—read: under the sun—and still somehow managed a sub-9 pace. The miracle of "only" 81º and 53% humidity, I suppose ;)

Saturday: 6 mile run (9:29 pace)
First three miles of this run were in the rain, about 65º, and it wasn't bad. No rain could ever top RnR, and the coolness felt nice. I decided to run up a grossly steep hill I've never touched before, because I'm a glutton for punishment, plus a few smaller and familiar hills so mile one was 10:06. The rest came in nicely around 9:30, and I somehow pulled off 8:26 for the last mile. It was challenging, but overall my body felt better—and my chest felt WAY better—than on yesterday's run.
Huge thanks to sponsor Athleta for the swag, including this gorgeous (and SO comfy!) mat!
Sunday: Bikram yoga (90 minutes)
If you're not familiar, Bikram yoga is a series of 26 postures. (More on Bikram here.) Until today, I was familiar but had never practiced Bikram, but that all changed at Solstice Times Square, on International Yoga Day, with thousands of other adventurous yogis, INCLUDING fellow blogger/Jersey girl/yogi Michael, on the summer solstice. I loved Bikram yoga more than I thought I would (though I'm not trading my Vinyasa in for a Bikram practice just yet ;)), we had absolutely PERFECT first-day-of-summer weather, and all these yogis in unison was a sight to see—and one I won't soon forget.

Weekly Totals:
Running: 13 miles
Yoga: 193 minutes


The Marathon
You guys, I don't pretend to have explanations for why my mind works the way it does. Just indulge me...
I've been thinking about it for months. I first blogged about it in January. It had been decided. But on Tuesday, it became a real thing. I registered for the City of Oaks marathon—my first 26.2—on November 1. Yes, this has been "a thing" for a while. But now I've put my money on it. It's official. I'm doing this! In a very ceremonious and typically "us" fashion, Tracy and I registered for our biggest races this year of our lives so far (to say the least) while texting each other things like "OH MY GOD" and "WHAT JUST HAPPENED" and other really mature reactions.

International Yoga Day
This was another really profound experience—right on the heels of Wanderlust, how lucky am I. The U.N. has declared today, the longest day of the year, the International Day of Yoga, honoring what's affectionately called "India's gift to the world." I've done what I can to try to explain here what my asana practice means to me, but I don't think words can really capture it. Being in Times Square for this event (more than a decade old) in the presence of the day's founders, with 18,000 yogis from all walks of life, celebrating solstice and celebrating life by uniting in our yoga was surreal. And beautiful. And amazing. My heart is so full.

Oh and hey, reminder: just over a week until the next chance to link up with Tracy and me (and the rest of this amazing group we've got going on here!) for Training for Tuesday! I know my cohost and I will be writing some pretty, let's say, significant posts this time around. What will you be sharing? We want to hear all about however you're testing yourself, challenging your limits, and crushing those goals. Grab a button and peep the guidelines here and we'll see you on June 30th!


  1. Oh my gosh so much to say I don't even know where to start!
    Okay so you killed your runs this week (at least one of us did, amirite?) so all the happies about that. I totally laughed at "only" 81 because I had the same thought for the first time either this week or last week and I actually laughed out loud to myself because WHO AM I AND WTF AM I SAYING?!
    I love all of your yoga pics - what an amazing experience! You are definitely one of the luckiest for getting that and Wanderlust so close together. I'm glad you had another chance to enrich your practice even further. And yay YTT! Can't wait for you to start that. After the first big thing, of course. One step at a time.
    And obviously you already know my thoughts on registering for City of Oaks but YAY and also OMG and also we're going to be totally fine and awesome. I think. I saw a woman running this morning with a Raleigh Running Outfitters (who put on CoO) and thought of you <3

  2. I can't even imagine how fun it was to do yoga in times square - what a sight to see so many people!!! Great job girl!!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who notates the weather. It's been miserable here and I'm surprised at how well my runs are going in the 75% humidity at "feels like" 84 when it's actually 77. I can haz fall yet?

  4. That Times Square thing looks so great! And you got to meet a blogger friend! How do you live so close to everyone? I live close to no one. Anyway, I know you have the Tuesday link up (once a month, right?), but have you ever thought of turning your Sunday Sweats into a link up? I would totally join it for the motivation to keep myself going as I head into my third trimester (and then as I try and get back into shape afterwards!). As it is I only did yoga once last week; twice if you count the botched attempt.

  5. The weather lately has been tough! Ryan wants to run together, which is great except for the humidity and my general love for the treadmill and indoor running. I get tired out much faster outdoors and I'm struggling with my longer runs. You kicked ass on yours, though! And marathon training - how exciting!!!

  6. I love that first picture of you! :) Look at all those people in Time Square doing the yoga! What a cool thing to experience!

  7. Yoga in Times Square? Super cool! Looks like a lot of fun.

    Also, congrats on registering for your first marathon! Even that is a huge step. Let the craziness begin!

  8. Way to go on your runs - those paces are highly impressive to me! Thanks so much for joining me yesterday! So glad to finally meet you! It was an incredible experience.

  9. I legitimately stalked your Instagram so hard so I could get the motivation to get my butt back on the yoga mat. You will be proud to know I have my flow all lined up and ready to go! Haha. I also stalked through your old posts so I could find the lower back yoga you mentioned in a post a while ago and I'm putting it on my list for the week :) Ah, so glad I'm back to virtual stalking you! xo

  10. whaaat? all those yogis at time square doing their thing? amazing. and yay for meetingup with Michael. bloggy pal meet-ups are always fun!

  11. love the times square yoga happenings, that is so awesome!! and yay for your cousin getting into yoga, erryone needs to get in on that! too old, pssh ;) how exciting that Kelly practiced right next to you and complimented you :) I am so excited for you to start your training! I bet you are too, duh. Good job on your runs love, I know you're not a fan of the humidity so this just solidifies my belief that you're a badass.

  12. Oh yay you for meeting up with Michael!! I would LOOOVE to go to a large scale yoga event like that. Also you are more motivated than I (by like a million) if you ran 3 miles in the rain! Thats just awesome!!


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