Sunday Sweats 26

June 22–28

This week marks the last one where I'm not "officially" in marathon training—meaning, I'm in marathon mode, but my mileage is still a bit moveable as I'm not yet following my training plan. I'm real big on official and unofficial delineations, if you couldn't yet tell. ;)

Monday: 4.01 mile run (9:58 pace) + free flow (22 minutes)
Whooo, this was a hot one. Even at 8 p.m. with the sun well hidden behind the trees and up-mountain houses. I broke a 10 minute pace by the skin of my teeth, but at least I didn't stop every time my (excessively sweating) body asked me to. #demandmore, right Trace?

I did the smart thing and got my heart really pumping before bed with some challenging poses, because smart. I tackled arm balances, headstand/balance transitions, and holding handstand. It gets longer and stronger every time! (Note: significant difference in my handstand practice when I'm thoroughly warmed up and have inverted previously in the practice—just FYI for anyone working on this too.) :)

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
I've mentioned that I prefer traditional vinyasa flow yoga over hot, because I just really have no need to turn the heat up, and I honestly find some hot yogis theorizing (ahem, pontificating) kind of silly (not that I'm judging, I just don't align in that thinking). So I take Donna's non-hot class and still work up plenty of a sweat, because vinyasa ain't easy. Tonight, our small class brought the temp of our huge studio to well over 100 degrees. It was in the 90s outside and SO humid—we were waiting for insane thunderstorms all damn day—and I was literally dripping sweat the whole class. (One at a time, fellas.) I love when people say they don't see any exercise benefit of yoga...

Wednesday: Hatha hip yoga (14 min) + 3 mile run (9:26 pace)
YouTube recommended this yogi for me, so I gave it a try. It wasn't really anything special, but a good pre- or post-run stretch that I'll probably come back to over the next few months as I train.

My pace doesn't show it really, but this felt pretty challenging. I ran a brand new, never-before-touched route, because I'm going to need to expand my routes a bit as I build to the high teens and 20s for those long runs. Maybe not knowing what to expect made it feel more laborious? That, and the fact that I think I ate too close to setting out, because I got a left side stitch like a minute in that lessened a little bit but refused to quit the whole run. Can't win 'em all, but I'm on a good streak *knock on wood* so I'm not complaining.

Thursday: low back & hip yoga (14 min)
This weekend I'm going to spend a LOT of time standing—on hard grass, on asphalt—which means hell for my back if I don't pay attention. I haven't done this particular low back video in a long time, but it's a good one! And I'm trying to beat the potential back pain before it reaches me.

Friday: nada
Real talk, I was going to run 6 miles today before I left for another out-of-town weekend, but I spent too much time celebrating the SCOTUS decision and excitedly shrieking with friends and I ran out of time to run before I had to leave (and my timetable was immovable), and I don't even care. Love won.

Saturday: nope
I walked a good bit yesterday and today, and stood for several hours for both nights of my annual tradition of seeing Dave Matthews Band's two shows this weekend. Buutttt that's about it.

Sunday: nothing
We got drenched during last night's tailgate and concert (we stood in the rain from 3:30 to about 11:30 p.m.) and my body just ached today from the last two nights. Then I had to drive home from Philly. And as I type this it's 7:52 and I just woke up from a nap I accidentally took while watching House of Cards. Tomorrow, the madness begins.

Weekly Totals
Running: 7.01 miles
Yoga: 125 minutes

Don't forget, this Tuesday is the next Training for Tuesday linkup with my amazing cohost Tracy and myself! Get the scoop on it and grab your button here. We can't wait to see your posts!


  1. YAY ALMOST MARATHON TRAINING!!!! Omg. The next time you aren't in marathon training, you'll be a marathoner. WHAT.
    Proud of you for not stopping on that tough run! #demandmore *fist bump emoji*
    Ugh yes about yoga. I thought that so many times at Wanderlust. Like, real talk, I've run for over 4 hours and those classes still rank as some of the hardest things I've ever done.
    I'm so glad you had a wonderful weekend of celebrating and jamming before the madness begins! I'M SO EXCITED IN CASE YOU COULDN'T TELL.

  2. It sounds like you did a great job during the week to warrant a little time off during the weekend!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. sounds like a crazy weekend ;) well deserved before marathon training starts! how exciting!
    haha that's hilarious (but not for you) about your class being hot regardless of it being hot yoga. that sucks!
    yay for good streaks! hope it keeps up.

  4. Yes, you are so ready for your marathon training! I'm thrilled for you and know you're going to rock this even with the unforeseen challenges along the way!

  5. Yay for SCOTUS! Yoga is deceptive. It doesn't look that hard until you try to bend yourself into a position or hold your body up for more than a few seconds. Then you realize how challenging it really is!


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