The Past Few Days

I've known for a few months now that June was going to be my busiest month of 2015 thus far. Just over halfway into it, it's become even busier and jam-packed than I thought—and I am not complaining! Despite what seems like an endless rain and thunderstorm, the past few weekends have been the most fun and I've had the great pleasure of crossing several items off several goal lists.

I don't generally like weekend recaps (sorry!), but I want to share some "life lately" updates and things that have had me grinning ear-to-ear lately.

You all know I kicked off the month with a weekend road trip to West Virginia (my first time in the state; a check-mark on my goal to visit all 50 states) where I met up with Tracy for two days of Wanderlust (a yoga retreat was on my 2015 goal list too). Read my recap here and Tracy's recap here, in case you missed them.
Snowshoe, West Virginia
It took a bit to get back on schedule upon my return (an immediate beach day certainly didn't help my reemergence into "real life" after the 16-hour round trip drive), and the following weekend was just as busy.
Point Pleasant, New Jersey
Oh, but in between, there was a bit of a scandal around these parts. Update: I emailed the blog author, who then apologized for copying my post (which, I assure you, was blatant) and took it down. Within a few hours, the entire blog and all connected social media accounts were deleted too, and I got another email suggesting that someone was catfished in the process. Not sure what really happened, but thanks to everyone for being supportive and offering your advice and two cents. That was a weird one....

Anyway, then on Friday, two friends and I went into the city to catch Fun Home on Broadway at the Circle in the Square Theatre. Confession: this is only the second show I've seen on Broadway (the first was Kiss Me Kate, a 50th anniversary gift to my grandparents 15 years ago), despite my closeness to the city and my love for musicals. In case you aren't familiar, Fun Home is an adaptation of Alison Bechdel's graphic novel memoir of the same name. And if you aren't familiar with Alison Bechdel, please change that.
Train station life / pre-show drink life / pre-show snapchat life
Something pretty crazy happened to us at the show too. We had purchased cheap seats, because the theater seemed to be pretty small and there didn't look to be a bad one in the house. We were in the last row of the stadium-style, 360-degree theater, about 20 rows up (if I had to guess) from the stage floor. Guess who got upgraded to literally front row center? Like, my friend and I had to pull our legs in because we almost tripped the actors at one point.
No really, that's the stage. Right there.
This was an emotional, beautiful show. Compounded by the fact that it literally just won the Tony award for Best Musical, and we were seeing it during Pride Month, and in such prime seats—we could see every emotion, every expression on the actors' faces during the 100-minute performance—it was really an incredible and special experience. I cried a lot. But I'm a crier, so take that into account.
Selfie game strong
The next day, we were upstate for my coworker's wedding. I've been to and been a part of my share of weddings, and this was probably the most fun time I've had at one. In the company of lovely friends, on an absolutely gorgeous day atop a mountain, with amazing food, unique and quirky details, lawn games, and a DJ who really knows what's up, how could it not be a blast? The wedding was held on a horse farm in Upstate New York, and a pretty good portion of the guests (including the bride and groom, and my friends and I) camped out on the farm/venue grounds afterwards.
Double tree in the middle of cocktail hour because #badyogisdoit
We don't have to talk about how I basically slept all the next day—after the two-hour drive home.

This all just makes me love the place I love even more. My proximity to all sorts of places to do amazing, fun, unique things in and around New Jersey is something I'll never get tired of, and hopefully never take for granted.

What have you been up to lately?


  1. I love the dress you wore to your friend's wedding! How lucky for you both to get upgraded to those seats and to see such a wonderful show on top of it!! Lots of happenings but that's always good! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. So glad everything got settled with the other blog, that truly was a weird one.

  3. No but seriously, when can I move in?
    I'm so glad you're getting to experience so many wonderful things! The show sounds amazing (lucky girls in the front row!) and the wedding looks beautiful and super fun. Love the double tree ;)

  4. I've never understood how you're capable of getting so much done. I get out of bed in the morning and i'm like "Well, that's enough activity for the day, bring me my Netflix !" (which is only mostly true).

    I love all your adventures and your pictures are always on point. You should teach "how to take a good picture 101". Because you're pretty :)

  5. Someone has been super busy!!! I was wondering how the copycat turned out. Quite interesting and weird. That wedding looks so pretty!!! And hurray for upgrade seats at the play, so cool! You make my month sound dull and boring :)

  6. Sounds like it's been a crazy, fun filled month so far!

  7. I'm glad the stolen post is resolved, although it doesn't sound like you'll ever know exactly what was up with it. (Was it a scam, was it not a scam?!?!) Your activities sound so fun! I need to get out more.

  8. I know I'm relatively new to reading here but I had no idea you were in NJ. I'm not up north often except to visit my BFF in Twp of Washington, and occasionally to visit Asbury Park/Avon/etc. for a quick beach trip.

    The wedding location looks pretty cool!

  9. I LOVED Kiss Me Kate (it was also my senior show in high school and I was the stage manager for the production so it has a special place in my heart) so if that's the only other show you saw, well, that's okay by me.

    Glad you've been busy enjoying yourself and the weird blogger situation worked itself out.

  10. June always is my busiest month of life, I don't know why or how but there's so many competing things. Glad you are keeping your life full of wonderful things that fill your heart! My world is busier than ever as well, had no idea this would all be so much effort!

  11. everyone is so super busy during the summer and it's hard to find the time to squeeze everything in. so happy that you've been enjoying yourself with friends. also glad the blogger thing worked out. that was a weird situation!

  12. Oh wow! It sounds like you have been crazy busy! All of your adventures sound so fun though :D I am glad that the other gal took your blog post down off of her website, so weird.

  13. what the heck with the copy-catfish thing?? how awful. i'm glad you found out who it was and got that taken care of. i just visited with family from WVA over the weekend. haven't been there in a few years.

  14. i love how close you are to things, i am so jealous you have so much available to you! but really i just love that you take advantage of it! you looked fabulous at the wedding (duh) glad to hear it was such a good time! and that musical sounds amazing, what an experience. and go you for getting upgraded, that's awesome!

  15. I love those pics with you and your friends and yay for upgrades in seats!!! PS. the dual yooga pose with your friend is awesome!


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