Time For a Check Up

My birthday is at an interesting time of year. Or at least, I've made some significance of it, considering, ya know, it's been my birthday for well over 20 years now. My birthday is March 29. It's a week after the first day of spring, just when the seasons are starting to really transition and the world almost feels like a new place. It's near enough to the start of the calendar year that I can usually measure memories of ages by calendar years, too.

As I've discussed here on the blog before, I don't really make New Years Resolutions—at least, not on January 1. I will always see September and the start of fall as the time for renewal, and that's where I (if ever) make sweeping declarations of promises to change.

I do, however, make yearly goals. (And seasonal goals, and monthly goals, and weekly goals. What can I say, I like writing lists and I like crossing items off them.) And I like to plan ahead for big things in the coming [insert time period here]. And after noticing that 2014 had a very distinct theme for my life—change—I decided to be intentional about that concept in 2015.

As we're halfway through 2015, and a quarter way through my 27th year on earth, I thought it might be a good time to check in on those promises I made for myself as I embarked upon these new-year benchmarks.
For 2015...

I decided that this would be my year of adventure. I had gotten into such a habit of saying I wanted to do this or would love to do that, and never made any actual plans or saw about doing any of it. Of course, I am limited: traveling costs money, and it's not always easy to take time off work when you're a single-person department, and travel companions can be hard to come by.

But I decided I wanted to experience something new, adventurous, exciting, or different every month—that would be my best attempt to push myself into new things and encourage me to commit to some travel plans that have long been pipe dreams.

So how am I doing?

In six months, I've traveled the 15 miles into NYC more times than I can count (I literally live in the perfect place), to Washington, D.C. for the third time in my life and Georgetown for the first, and to West Virginia, to add another state to the list of ones I've visited. I've seen several plays, all for the first time. I've tried new restaurants, met blogger buddies, gone on a yoga retreat, and participated in a once-in-a-lifetime event: Summer Solstice Yoga in Times Square on the first ever International Day of Yoga. I've run races in new places, hosted a houseguest (a feat in my little studio), I've "done" AC, I've skipped a day of work in favor of the beach.

All final plans aren't even in place, but the next six months are filling up quickly. We've got two weekends in Philly, one in Delaware, two in Virginia, two in North Carolina, and hopefully one in Cape Cod all coming down the pike.

So far, every month I've been able to say I've done or seen something new. Not too shabby.

(Also, I hope you know me well enough that I don't have to say this, but I want to anyway: I know many of my friends and peers here in blogland are taking or planning much grander vacations than mine—exploring Europe, Australia, the Caribbean, and ever more exotic and amazing places. And I know there are still many who will be lucky to take a long weekend off work even for a staycation this year. I don't mean to make anyone feel bad (or superior) with talks of my modest travels, and I hope you all know I never mean to say, "Look at me! Be impressed by how I'm spending my summer!" I just love sharing my life with you guys. Besides, no one has travel tips and recommendations like bloggers do, so I'm really just hoping to walk away with some free advice ;))

For my 27th year...

I went a step further and actually did as much as indicate specific things I wanted to do following this past birthday. You can call them goals, you can call them bucket list items, you can call them plans. I'm not sure how to categorize these things I wrote about, but let's take a look at how I'm doing:
  • Run a marathon. This is as solidly in progress as it can possibly be at this point. I am registered for a November marathon, am working through the last week of "preparing to prepare," and am starting my official training plan on Monday. This. is. happening. (P.S., don't forget to link up next Tuesday, where we can talk more about our fitness & health goals for this month!)
  • Train to be a yoga teacher. Also registered, also ready and raring to go! I have to wait until the fall to begin training, as that's the first time in 2015 a weekend-only session will be offered (and homegirl just can't take two full days a week off of work). I cannot wait for this!
  • Go to Wanderlust. CHECK! If you missed it, I recapped this incredible experience here. It was everything I wanted it to be and so much more—I'm already looking forward to next year's event!
  • Visit the Pacific Northwest. I may be stalling out on this one. The plan was always to go in September, but depending on the next item (I'll be there momentarily), this may have to table again until 2016. I really don't want to put this trip off for another year—I've been looking forward to planning it since last year or earlier!—but the thing that might prevent me from being able to take it is just more important than it, and I may have to make a decision I don't really want to make. Such is adulthood.
  • Make a big change. I am working—my hardest—on it. Unfortunately, my efforts only count for 50% of this actually happening. I apologize for being vague, but a) I think most of you can figure out what I'm talking about pretty easily and b) I have to for now. 
Three months in and one done, two in progress, two TBD? Not bad, if I do say so.

The thing about goals is that they don't do anything unless you check in on them every now and then. You can't set a goal in January, forget about it til December and then wonder why you didn't accomplish it. I'm as diligent about tracking my goals and to-dos as I am about setting them to begin with. It's served me pretty well, I have to say.

What about you? If you set goals for 2015, how are you doing at the halfway point?


  1. It sounds like you're well on your way to getting all of these knocked out! I think I know what the big change is and I have the same one in mind for myself...can only hope that it will happen in 2016!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I like doing small goals throughout the year, too! I did a post on my halfway goals and am doing alright. I still have a decent ways to go but a lot of months to get there.

    Good luck with yoga training!

  3. I can't be too mad about your non-commitment to 2015 PNW. You were planning it before we "met" afterall. When you get a moment to breathe you'll have to show me your realistic meet-Jessi-in-real-life possibilities now that we will be less than 1,200 miles away! Best wishes on the vague thing you're working on, you're amazing!

  4. I always share my vacation plans and what I buy or whatever and never do I do it with the intention of saying look at me - nor do you. I think you can tell that about a person, if they're like that. You're not and if anyone thought you were you probably shouldn't waste your time with them anyway.

    Great job getting out and seeing/doing/experiencing. The Times Square Yogi thing must have been a crazy cool thing to do.

    What will you be doing in Philly when you come here?

  5. No disclaimer needed - your travel plans sound awesome! Normally my first reaction when I hear about other people's adventures is to say, "I need to do something like that..." but right now I'm so tired that the staycation you mentioned sounds far more appealing to me. :P

    Way to kick ass on your goals! And especially deciding to do things instead of just talk about them. That's huge, and a lot of people don't realize there's usually a way to make their goals happen even if it's not quite how they envisioned it.

  6. Um your disclaimer is ridiculous! lol. Surely people know that about you, but there are some people that take everything the wrong way anyways so I get it. Girl, you have had some amazing adventures this year and I am proud of you! You let me know when you are ready to come visit the deep south ;) It will be like another country for you haha. I wish you the best of luck for the rest of 2015! I know you are going to kill it!

  7. So much awesome already this year! It blows my mind to think about everything you still have coming up. I seriously can't wait to share in and celebrate all of them with you! You're my hero.

  8. disclaimer not needed...and if there are people who actually do need/think that, then fuck them #yeahisaidit. you do what you want and as bloggers we love sharing about our lives (just as much as we love reading about others).

  9. You are killing it with your goals, girlfriend! Whether you're traveling domestic or international, it's still travel and that is reason enough to celebrate if you ask me. The Summer Solstice Yoga Day in NYC looked amaaazzinnngg!

    I can't wait to hear more about how the rest of your year shakes out! <3

  10. I really like that you make goals in the fall. It's different, in a good way. You're killing your goals this year! I'm super excited for you and the upcoming trips.

  11. It sounds to me like you're keeping a really great pace on your goals! I'm so jealous of all your travels! I had three weeks saved up for a big trip this fall, but since I'm starting a new job where the fall is going to be the busiest time, I'm having to take two staycation weeks at a different time than Tyler this summer just so I don't lose them. Hopefully I'll be able to make at least one long weekend trip during those, but I'm actually looking forward to getting out and exploring the city a bit more! Can't wait to hear about your big change!!

  12. ugh, such is adulthood - so true. lame. i hope you're still able to go!
    i love what you said about the travelling and whatnot - i used to be all like boo this person went to europe last year and this year and i'm almost 30 and haven't been at all, okay now i'm going but i am only going to 3 cities and i really want to go here here and here, okay now i've been and i want to go back... but it's like never ending, you know? there will always be someone better off or worse off, and here i am sitting and complaining about ONLY going to 3 European cities when I went to Australia last year and a lot of people can't even take a weekend away. It's all relative I guess, but I try and remind myself to be thankful for what I have and am able to do, and try not to complain so as not to offend anyone.. not that i care about offending people, but you know what i mean hopefully.
    jeez, ramble much. i have such a knack for commenting on your blog and making it about me ;)
    seriously though, you've already done so much this year, can't wait to see what you do for the rest of the year!

  13. I think your'e rocking your goals. I dont do the whole new years resolutions thingy either but checking in to see where life is at is always good. Adulthood sucks sometimes. I hope you still get to go and have fun and that the big change happens soon. You rock lady. I feel liks a sucky friend for reading these so late but Im always so glad I caught up :D

  14. You are doing wonderful on your goals so far -- getting them completed or making headway to accomplish them. I really need to work on running more, but with this crazy heat I have tabled any sort of workout for the most part ha ha. You would be such an amazing yoga instructor! I love that you are a Bad Yogi ambassador!! Also, I wouldn't mind if you were able to make it to the PNW this year ;)


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