Calling it In

I hope everyone will forgive me, but I don't really have a Training for Tuesday post this week.

As you know, a lot has been kind of flipped upside down lately, and I'm a bit "in transition." As I write this, I'm on an impromptu mini-vacation and am finding there are a lot of things more pressing than coming up with and writing a post about my training. (I do do that in small batches every week, after all.)

I hope you'll forgive me for phoning it in this month and link up your posts and visit my cohost Tracy, who surely has something much more worthwhile to share today. As always, I'll pop around and see each and every one of you, and I swear I'll bring the heat times 10 next month.

Happy training, and thanks for linking up!



  1. Hi! I'm a new blogger, and in my attempts to link up I accidentally did it 3 times! I dont know how to delete them so I'm sorry for spamming all over the place. Anyways, hope you are enjoying your vacation.

  2. You always tell me not to apologize for having a life :P Enjoy all your wonderful free time now that the weather is gorgeous !

  3. No worries! Hope you are enjoying yourself. Can't wait to hear what you have to say next month!

  4. haha its summer, I think the lure of sunshine and day drinking is too strong to resist! hope youre having fun

  5. Enjoy your vacation-- can't wait to read about your progress soon :)


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