Sunday Sweats 27: Marathon Training Week 1

June 29–July 5

Monday: 3.04 mile run (9:12 pace)
It's day 1! And it feels a bit anticlimactic because 3 miles is definitely a short run for me and pretty much my bare minimum most of the time, but it's where my plan starts. This run felt good, and that's all I wanted. A strong start can work wonders on my mentality.

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
Here's an idea: Don't come to a yoga class completely bombed and disrupt the entire class of people who are trying to have their 75 minutes of peace and calm and fun because you can't stop falling over. Donna handled this way better than I would have been able to, so props to her. Luckily homegirl got booted out of class after the first ~15 minutes or so and the rest was all good.

Wednesday: hamstring yoga (13 min) + 4.01 mile run (9:21 pace)
First thing I felt was a bit of a twinge in my left hamstring when I woke up this morning. I think I tweaked it last night before I had warmed up, so I treated it right away with this nice flow.

It was too cool (um, 80º. But only 43% humidity.) for the breeze I ran right into on the back 2 miles to feel refreshing; instead it was just annoying and slowed me down. They can't all be runs to write home around, right?

Thursday: deep hip yoga (15 min)
Free flowed through some really juicy outer hip work, like figure four modifications (learned from the amazing Sage Rountree at Wanderlust!) and reclined bound angle.

Friday: heart opener flow (14 min) + 8.01 mile run (9:52 pace)
Got ready for a fun-filled weekend and first run over 6 miles in weeks with a quick heart-opener flow. My run was challenging—cool, but windy—and I didn't build for it properly, what with skipping a run last week. My legs were tired, as they should be on a 53% mileage increase. 🙈

Saturday: deep hip yoga (12 min)
I was down the shore for the holiday weekend, so it was challenging to get any fitness in. (My cousins had popped the first drinks of the day before noon; it was that kind of holiday.) Between boat trips and meals (we eat about every two hours...) I squeezed in some lagoon-side flow on the dock.

Sunday: rest
Sometimes it's funny how I tell myself I'll work out when I get home. But I was so tired that I actually had to pull off the road and cat-nap on my way home from the shore, so anything but sleep was off the table when I got home.

(I hope everyone celebrating had a great Fourth of July weekend! GO USWNT!)

Weekly Totals
Running: 15.06 miles
Yoga: 129 minutes

Marathon Training Week 1 Reflections:
There's nothing really of note to say just yet. This mileage isn't much different from anything I've done before in half marathon training and maintenance. If you're super, super, super paying attention, you may notice that I already deviated from the plan I shared on the last Training for Tuesday, but I have a simple explanation for that: I took that screenshot weeks back before last weekend's skipped run, and did indeed go into this week knowing I'd only run three times, adjusting my training plan. I was just too lazy to take another picture for the TFT post.


  1. On a side note this post made me realize I need to sign up for my barre class tomorrow - so thank you! This is really the tough time of year to get running because of the humidity!! Keep up the great work girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Who goes to a Yoga class on a Tuesday totally bombed? Yikes. I for sure have the problem of saying I'll work out when I get home. I find the best of of getting myself to actually do it is to change into my workout clothes as soon as I get in the door, but most of the time it's just better to go to the gym at work so I have no excuses. You continue to be an inspiration to the couch potato in all of us!

  3. Yay for a good start run! wow someone showed up to a YOGA class bombed? listen I just cant get people sometimes... stay the heck home! You did a great first week of training even though you say theres nothing to note yet. I cant wait to follow along the journey. PS - hope you had a great 4th!!

  4. You are such a stud. Can I just say that?! :) This post makes me want to start a fitness diary/journal of sorts. I used to use MFP when I was getting ready for the 1/2, but now that I'm doing different stuff and trying to push myself in new ways, I think it would be fun to jot down what I do each day/week like you're doing.

  5. Yay first week! High five!
    Omg I cannot believe that girl. Who does that?!
    Proud of you for thinking ahead and knocking out that 8-miler before you headed to the shore. That's my girl! I'm sure it felt so much better to have they out of the way than to worry about getting it done when you got home. Hope you enjoyed your 4th!

  6. dang 53% girl. i am still laughing (and disgusted) at the drunk girl. i wonder if she did the yoga for hangovers video the next day lol.

  7. Ugh, so glad that girl wasn't in your class for long to disrupt things-- soo annoying! I know I'm behind in commenting, but yay for a successful week one :)


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