Sunday Sweats 28: Marathon Training Week 2

July 6–12

Monday: posture fix yoga (12 min) + 3.01 mile run (9:01 pace) 
Despite the holiday hangover, I scraped myself out of bed for a quick practice. I should do this video more often than I do; it always feels like a treat when I remember how good it is.

Then I went and gobbled up some hills for an after-dinner snack. Got quick in mile 1 (8:35—a feat, considering my weekend of debauchery), slowed way down adjusting to the headwind in mile 2 (9:32) and eeked out a sub-9 mile 3 (8:58). I now declare Mondays speed days for this training cycle.

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 min)
What do you get when you cross literally as many yogis as you can possibly fit into a small, non-temperature controlled room with an outside temperature of over 90º? A whole bunch of yogis literally dripping sweat. BUT, though the heat was so real, I hit a milestone! For the first time ever, my left hip and back were open enough for me to transition from mermaid into king pigeon pose, which I've been sorta working on for a few weeks!
Side note, I went into this class a grumbly grouch, and came out with a total mood makeover. The power of yoga is strong, you guys.

Wednesday: yin-ish hip yoga (11 min) + 5.03 mile run (9:47 pace)
I didn't sleep well, so I didn't have energy for much more than reclined poses this morning, but hip work is never a bad start to the day if you ask me. This run was a serious effort, given the humidity (87%) and dew point (73º) when I set out after afternoon and evening thunderstorms. On a positive note, it made my heart really smile super big when I ran past a neighborhood church waving the rainbow flag from its front sign. I like where I live.

Thursday: yin-ish hip yoga (11 min)
Not sure if it was last night's run or doing this pose sequence yesterday, but I woke up aching a bit in the hips. So I did it again, of course. It's definitely hip work, but it feels so good.

Friday: yoga for runners (17 min) + 9.03 mile run (10:24 pace)
I feel like I haven't done this video in ages! I shuffled my week around so today is my long run and I like to prepare as early as possible—even if that means 12 hours before I start running.

But this run ended up hurting more than I thought it would, and that's my fault. I didn't wear my knee strap or stretch even remotely enough beforehand, and my aching knee and angry hip weren't happy after allllll those hills—which took me from low 9s to mid 10s in the middle three miles, and I never quite got my momentum back.

This wasn't the kind of tough run that makes me hate running though. It was the kind that makes me demand more, dig deeper, and know I'll be proud of myself when I complete each mile, without stopping, and without turning on myself. It kinda felt like the kind of run that'll make me a marathoner, ya know?

Saturday: rest
I left early for Philly for the weekend, again. I'm actually really glad that my plans for the next two weekends have changed somewhat and I have fewer places to be and things to do. I need a bit of a break from going places. I did some yoga-inspired stretches but no formal practice to speak of.

Sunday: 3.01 mile run (9:59 pace)
I can say two good things about this run: a) it got done, despite the long contemplation to skip it after another debaucherous weekend in Philly and much-needed Sunday afternoon nap; and b) it wasn't quick, but it all felt really good. I had trouble catching my breath a bit in the middle—effects of last night and bad sleep since last Thursday is my guess—but my body felt good and pain-free. Definitely a win.

Weekly Totals
Running: 20.08 miles
Yoga: 126 minutes

Marathon Training Week 2 Reflections:
I felt the difference in marathon training this week. Not in the mileage; not in the length of my long run. But on Wednesday. We had on/off thunderstorms all afternoon and evening, which meant two things: oppressive humidity and swampy roads (and, of course, the chance of getting caught in a downpour). My back hurt, I was tired, I was cranky, and I had a million other things to do. But not one single part of me let the thought of skipping this run even register in my mind. THAT's the difference for me in marathon training: This plan is my bible.


  1. Good job getting out there this week! Especially after your tough 9 miler. We all have bad runs like that. Just blah for whatever reason. I love your frame of mind!

  2. Yes! So proud of you for getting all those runs in even when they aren't convenient or you know they won't feel good. That's what it's all about. Keep your eye on the prize.

  3. After realizing I only have 70 days till the Navy-AF 1/2, that kinda lit the fire under my ass. To see someone else training is also good motivation for me! Also, I completely understand noting the temp AND humidity. I'm hoping that training in this amount of humidity will mean that when I get to DC it will be like having air again and I won't be miserable and I'll be able to really pound it out.

  4. ugh, sorry your long run sucked but i love your attitude about it. that's fabulous. i also love how you are so dedicated to your plan - i seriously can't wait to see how awesome you do come marathon time! i really need to do that posture yoga video. and yes, the power of yoga is so strong! i did not want to do my measly little video this morning (bed was so much better than weights + yoga) but i am so glad i did!


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