Sunday Sweats 29: Marathon Training Week 3

July 13–19

Monday: 3.2 mile run (9:13 pace)
GOODNESS did I sleep in this morning. No yoga and I felt the pain. But! in better news, my new shoes arrived and I put the first three miles on them tonight! I'll be rotating these with the shoes I've been wearing since April, which now have about half their lifetime mileage on them. This run felt good, easy, and comfortable. Can't ask for much better on a Monday.
Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
We had a nice, small(-ish) class tonight, and luckily it wasn't as hot as last week. Still hot, but not hot enough to get me into king pigeon pose again. I did feel incredibly open though, and Donna went out of her usual sequencing for some fun tonight. I always appreciate a crow – headstand – crow – variation option flow!

Wednesday: hip & hamstring yoga (13 minutes) + 3.09 mile run (8:44 pace)
If the flow works, the flow works, know what I'm sayin'? I saw my chiropractor this evening (and shuffled my mileage because I got home pretty late and storms were coming!) and got a lot of the tension worked out of my hips before hitting the road. I have no idea where this speed came from, but this sure was a fun run.

Thursday: rest
I've been sleeping awfully this week. No time for morning yoga for me...again. My coworkers took me out for drinks after work and it was a late one; I'd planned in advance to rearrange this week's miles. I'll tell myself I did tons of core work with all that laughing at happy hour and call this day a win, regardless of miles run or yoga practiced.
Friday: side body yoga (13 minutes) + 5 mile run (9:16 pace)
I had a stomach/belly cramp from my very first step of this run, and that made it a bit challenging. I stopped and took deep breaths and side stretches every now and then to get through it. I don't know what that was about but it was a fluke, so I won't waste my weekend worrying about it.

Saturday: rest
I spent hours cleaning my apartment today and sweated enough doing that to make up for a lack of formal practice, but I didn't do any actual yoga beyond some hip-loosening stretches. Oh, by the way, GO SEE INSIDE OUT.

Sunday: full body flow (16 minutes) + 5.48 mile run (9:41 pace)
I think today is the hottest day we've had all summer, honestly. Usually by now the temps are hitting triple digits, but it's stayed around the mid-80s lately. Today it was in the upper 90s by 11 a.m. and even last night I don't think it dropped below 75º. It was hot. And shocker, I didn't get up with my alarms at 6 a.m. and it wasn't even supposed to get below 85 after dusk.

I free flowed to open up my whole body before I started to hopefully make this scorcher as "easy" as possible. My legs felt fine, but oh my god, this sucked. I was supposed to run 8 miles, but I didn't even feel bad about cutting a few off. I had another awful side stitch that none of my breathing tricks would get rid of (I think I have to swear off the pre-run PB sandwiches) and then the pain dipped low into my ovaries because endo is a mofo. I wasn't in the mood for crying today.

Weekly Totals
Running: 16.77 miles
Yoga: 117 minutes

Marathon Training Week 3 Reflections:
Went on quite the rollercoaster this week, didn't I? Just...good thing it was a drop-back week. I felt solid in my shorter runs and confident in the course of my training, even despite the last two suck-fest runs. But lighter mileage this week means next week is a big surge ahead, and it's finally really heating up outside here. Oh, and today I learned that apparently I can't forget to put bug spray on the backs of my ears before heading out. That was a fun discovery.

Here's to next week.


  1. Pretty new shoes! Same ones, different color, I presume? I hope Saucony managed to not royally fuck that up this time.
    I'm glad you got some speedy runs in this week. Sorry about the long run :/ It was so crazy hot today! I got home after 8 and the heat index was still at 100*, WTF Mother Nature?! It was brutal. I can't imagine being out running in that (seriously, one of the only things that kept me going on my bike ride today was thinking yeah this sucks, but it would suck SO much more to be one of these runners out here).
    Hope you're feeling better!

  2. Omg, the heat! Just thinking about that almost makes me glad I'm not running right now. (Almost) Ick, bug bites. No fun! But I'm glad the week wasn't all bad.

  3. I love that picture of you in the yoga pose - mostly because your arrow tattoo is so perfect in it! Love your new kicks too! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  4. oh no, ear bug bites? that sucks. i totally think laughing counts as an ab workout. hope this week is better run wise :) super cute new shoes!

  5. It makes me sad when your training weeks are super fantastic mega awesome but you're still getting out there and making it happen and before you know it, it'll be November and you'll be running your first marathon AND getting to hang out with some cool people and you'll cross the finish line like, "Psh, no big deal."

  6. Bug bites suck! I run through a little portion of trail on most of my long runs, and the bugs swarm me! I always forget to put some sort of spray on too, so it's like I'm saying "hey bugs! Here's my back and arms for your eating pleasure!" Ick.

    I just read an article about getting rid of side stitches/cramps while running. They suggested pushing on your diaphragm to get it to move in the opposite direction. Like when you breathe in, and your diaphragm expands - try pushing it in. I haven't tried it yet though. I usually blow raspberries when I get stitches, that seems to work well enough.

  7. ahh inside out was so good/heartrending! all I can say is two weeks later. I still can't think about bingbong. its too fresh.

    ps you look so graceful in your yoga pic!

  8. Stupid bugs!!! I got bit by several fire ants this weekend doing yard work. Which by the way, yard work and cleaning house totally count as work outs!! I love your new shoes, so pretty!

  9. I checked out my running shoes Sunday morning after my run and I'm going to HAVE to buy new shoes very soon. it's the pits. I just got these in March!

    Tell me about this knee band you wear? Why? What is it? What does it help? I ask because I've been having some intermittent knee issues and I'm not sure what is going on.

    I've started leaving my bug spray outside. While I'm stretching I usually remember it AND since it's already outside, I can just spray it on right then. My worst bite recently was on my finger! WTF mosquitoes, I don't want to be your delicious friend!

  10. I love the new shoes! The heat makes it so hard to want to get out and do anything -- I know that I have been struggling. The most working out I did last week was finally going to Zumba again. Every once in a while I will grab my jump rope and go at it for a few.

  11. Your yoga pics give me the happies. I wish I had one hour more in each day to just do a full hour of zen-ness. I cannot tell you how much I need it. PS - those shoes - I need.


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