Sunday Sweats 30: Marathon Training Week 4

July 20–26

Monday: flexibility free-flow (10 minutes) + 3.03 mile run (9:11 pace)
I took video of myself flowing out before this run because I knew what postures I was about to flow through, and realized this would be a good homemade video to refer back to on run days. I've said it before but it bears repeating: if you primarily practice at home, take a video of yourself every now and then. You'll learn so much about your practice and your body! (And also, how do you think I get photos like this and this and this?)

I love that Mondays are always my lowest mileage of the week, and downright minuscule in comparison to the long run mileage I'll soon be hitting. It helps me start off a week of training feeling really positive and optimistic. (Let's check in on this again after the weekend, shall we?) I was looking for redemption from an awful long run on Sunday, and I think I found it—as best as you can find redemption in a 3-miler, and on a 90º night. (Yes, night. 8:30 p.m. and still "real feel" 92º. Anyone have a bridge I can go jump off?)

Tuesday: full body flexy flow (35 minutes)
It so happened that tomorrow worked out as the better day to take class, so I practiced at home today. Worked on some hamstring flexibility, opening up the obliques, and got into some deep back flexibility poses. I've only hit king pigeon once, but I'm determined to find it again!

Wednesday: 6.03 mile run (9:50 pace)
I did not love this run. I did not love running under the summer sun (even if it was a brisk 76º with only 50% humidity—practically arctic compared to the weekend). I did not love running in the wind that blew every which way. I did not love the way my chest hurt constantly. But that's the way the cookie crumbled today.

I never did make it to Donna's class this week, unfortunately. I got home from a meeting at about 6:20, and would never in a million years have been able to eat, change, and get to the studio for 6:30 start time. Le sigh.

Thursday: hip & low back flow (28 minutes)
I've been hunched over a computer screen a lot this week, what with all my works in progress in progress, and for me that means low back pain and serious outer hip flexor pain from sitting too long. I had about two hours of driving ahead of me today when I went to my mat so I wanted to treat some of the pain I've been feeling and open everything up.

Friday: 11.03 mile run (10:11 pace) + deep hip flow (35 minutes)
If I could have picked one run this week to be my best, I would have picked this one. Luckily, it was! Not speed-wise, and not even pain-wise (post-run inventory: right outer hip flexor, right knee [typical], left psoas [front hip flexor], right Achilles, intermittent discomfort in right forefoot. It's really not as bad as it sounds; I did run 11 miles). But in the way I BEASTED some hills that I thought I'd have to walk up (I didn't!) and kept my pace pretty consistent after a too-quick 5k start before the hills started rolling. I felt strong and accomplished, the way a marathoner-in-training should (I think...)!

I saved the day's full flow for post-run and was glad I did. Sweet, delicious hip openers, hamstring flexibility poses, and backbends, oh my!

Saturday: "rest"
Today was beach day! Out the door bright an early, and too pooped to do much of anything (besides wash the sand out of my hair) when I got home. We walked a fair bit though and swam for about 20 minutes I'd guess, so it counts for something.

Sunday: mini stretchy flow (15 minutes)
Had to make time for something before yet another long drive that lays ahead of me.

Weekly Totals
Running: 20.09 miles
Yoga: 123 minutes

Marathon Training Week 4 Reflections:
This week marked a milestone: My 11-miler. Believe it or not, even though I've run three half marathons, I've never run over 10 miles by myself—as in, not as a part of a race—ever. Each half marathon training plan came with some disaster—moving, shoes that tried to kill me (well, fracture me, but still), work/time conflicts, etc.—that capped my training cycle at 10 miles. So to break that barrier felt good this week!

Ironic honesty time: I skipped a run this week, a three-miler. I want to say only three miles because it is the shortest distance on my plan, but I can't say only three because obviously it's on there for a reason. But this week kind of flew out of my control before I could say boo, and with this weather (when it's 80º before 8 a.m. or a low of 85º overnight?) forcing me to only run certain times of the day (it's too early to cry), I couldn't fit it in with all the last-minute changes in plans. As you read this, I'm probably in the middle of a five-hour drive and I didn't know until Friday night that I'd be making it today. So scheduling and life things (and fun things, like Blogger Beach Day—those are important too) had to come before a three-miler. It's okay. I always have next week.

OH HEY YOU! Don't forget this Tuesday is the last of the month, which means time to link up with Tracy and me and show us your health, fitness, and wellness goals, wins, misses, and triumphs. Click here for more Training for Tuesday info!


  1. i'm sorry about missing your class and the weather :( wish i could make it less miserable for you! but yay for blogger beach days (jealous) and that 11 miler! you go girl. that is so awesome! but jeepers with the pain. your body needs to give you a break!

  2. Glad you were able to enjoy a rest day at the beach - it looked like there wasn't a cloud in the sky!! Even though you missed the class you still had a great run that day! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. You're doing great with your training. Love that the 11 miler was a good run. Glad you got a beach day in as well and thats a lot of yoga minutes. Ive been lazy and my lower back hurts as a result of my laziness. You never know the beauty of yoga until you slow it down.

  4. Sounds like a good week! I totally think it's ok to skip a run now and then. Allows the body to rest a little more, and for us to have a life. That's important too!

  5. Congrats on your 11! That is a milestone no matter how you look at it. I never thought of taping a flow session. That's a good idea. I need to figure that out because it would be really good to see if I truly am as properly aligned as I feel, or if I'm completely out of it.

  6. I love that you guys all got to meet up for beach day!!! That is so awesome!!! I had a run that I did not love last week too, makes me feel better I see people like you saying that. You will be happy to know that I FINALLY started the Erin Motz yoga challenge this morning. I know...I told me about it forever ago. Kristen texted me this weekend and was all are you going to start????And I was all FINE!!! I didn't hate the first day. :)

  7. I'm SO happy you had a great long run this week, especially after the last one didn't go as planned. I didn't realize that was your longest solo run but makes it even better. Such a great mental hurdle to finally be able to tackle - and it only gets better from here!


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