Friday: The Funemployment Edition

Today is three weeks since my last day of work. To say I've been enjoying myself would be an understatement. I haven't had free time like this in yeaaaars. So naturally I've been filling it with pet projects and freelance work, because I don't know how to relax.

But in between and around all that, here are some favorite things I've been heart-eye emoji-ing over the few days...

The Martian trailer
At the insistence of pretty much the entire blogosphere, I read The Martian last month and loved it much more than I thought I would. Here's the thing: I am not into outer space stuff. It actually scares the hell out of me. It's a weird manifestation of agoraphobia that, combined with my lifelong and pretty damn severe claustrophobia, makes me a real joy. I honestly can't talk or be around conversations about space, zero gravity, the movie Gravity...yeah, it's a problem. But The Martian wasn't about space; it was about human nature and instincts and relationships and that's why I liked it so much. The trailer for the film (featuring some of my absolute favorites, including Matt Damon, Kate Mara, and Kristin Wiig) definitely seems to take dramatic liberties with the story, but I'm still eager to see it.

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
I'm a fan of Trevor Noah and I think he'll do a good job on The Daily Show after Jon Stewart's incredible 16-year run. But John Oliver is still going to be my preferred reviewer of current events. He just nails it, every single time. 

It's honestly just the perfect article of clothing. I want to wear them all the time. I'm kind of currently torn because I want to go out and buy ALL THE ROMPERS but I know my clothing budget should really be spent on office-appropriate clothing, since I have basically none.

Stand-up comedians rock my heart and soul. I could listen to comedy albums all day long and I love watching the good ones take stage. Tig Notaro, genius comedian and cancer survivor, has gotten a bit of a popularity boost lately because of the eponymous Netflix documentary that was just released. It chronicles her experience with losing her mother, cancer, trying to become a mother, and dominating the stand-up stage and I just thought it was so well done. She's hilarious and inspiring and really strikes me as the kind of person it would be awesome to get a beer with. The doc is definitely worth the 90 minutes if you're interested.

Smartfood Movie Theater Butter Popcorn
That red bag, I just can't help myself. I'm not a sweet-tooth; I'm a salt-tooth and this stuff is dangerous.

Ask Me Another
I'm a big fan of podcasts as well, as I've mentioned here a few times. I'm also a big fan of trivia and given the chance will always show up to pub trivia and take it way too seriously. This podcast is fun and slightly brain-bending, which makes it perfect for taking my mind off the ache in my legs or chest or hips or brain while running.

So that's going to wrap up my cliched blogger post of the week. Hope you guys have some fun and exiting (or quiet and relaxing; whatever revs your engine) plans to get you through the weekend! 

Oh and hey, if you wouldn't mind sending some good vibes my way Monday afternoon, I'd be the most grateful. Thanks friends!


  1. John Oliver KILLS ME. I have 2 rompers for you if you want them. I'm glad you said something because they are sitting in my Goodwill pile.
    You get all my good vibes on Monday! I don't think I need to use them that day so I'm happy to share :)

  2. Good luck on Monday!!! I share your exact sentiments about The Martian...I'm not hugely into space stuff but I absolutely loved that book and I can't stop recommending it. Can't wait for the movie...huge Matt Damon fan and I think he is perfect as Mark Watney. I have a trivia podcast that I's Another Damn Trivia Show. I'll check out the one you mentioned though!

  3. i've started listening to podcasts (legit ones or ones i've stripped from youtube) during my runs and i must look like a fool with a huge smile on my face/laughing (i love listening to stand up comedy) as i'm running on the treadmill.

  4. oooh i will have to check out that podcast!
    everything you said about outer space = me. KC loves to watch sciencey stuff on netflix and whatnot, i have to leave the room. i don't want to think about how small i am, lol. so i was SO surprised i loved the martian so much and ICANNOTWAITFORTHEMOVIE.
    i love rompers. well, i love how they look. i feel like for the most part they look pretty stupid on me, long torso stupidness.
    all the good vibes for monday your way!

  5. I wore a romper when I went out Saturday and loved how comfy it was, no adjusting my shirt down or pants that are too tight or any of that nonsense, BUT using the bathroom was awkward, I basically had to get undressed! Also I'm adding The Martian to my reading list, everyone seems to love it so hopefully I will to!

  6. I LOVE rompers too - I own way too many of them - however my only issue is the whole bathroom thing and how you need to take the entire frickin thing off. Also - I just blogged about "Tig" also - absolutely amazing documentary - love love LOVE her.

  7. I wasnt a lover of the book - I liked it but it wasnt my favourite book ever like everyone made it seem to me, and I actually feel bad that I didnt love it as much as I expected to. I plan to re-read and then watch the movie.

    Rompers are my short statured jam

  8. Good vibes are coming your way for Monday! I can't do rompers but maybe I'll start on The Martian audiobook that Kristen sent me months ago. I now only have a glorious 40-minute round-trip commute to work instead of the 120 minutes I dreaded, so it may take a little longer. Thanks for finding time to post 3+ times per week!

  9. I'm so excited for The Martian movie to come out! I love that Matt Damon plays the lead. Love him.

    I can't get on the romper bandwagon. I don't like that you basically have to get naked to use the restroom. But maybe that's because I'm an old fogey stick in the mud?

  10. I'm in mourning over Jon Stewart.

    I can't do rompers. Like ^^, I need easy bathroom access and also I'm a yoldie (young old person).

    All the good thoughts to you for Monday!

  11. yes to everything! I saw the trailer for the martian in theaters when I went to see Jurassic world and it was INTENSE. I don't go to the movies often but I think im going to need to see the martian in theaters and not wait for it to go to dvd. and I fricken love ask me another. they play it on NPR on sundays, I love listening to it while I clean

    1. ughh I just realized I was in my no-reply google account when I did that one. WHY do I have so many gmail accounts? I need to get my life together.

  12. I freaking loved The Martian and cant wait til it comes out!!! I will have to check out that podcast, it sounds fun. I always love information of any kind. I have never heard of Tig Notaro but I will have to look in to him also. I will be sending good vibes your way, have a great weekend!

  13. John Oliver is the reason we pay for HBO every month. Not even kidding. Tig is amazing and hilarious and awesome and I just love her. And The Martian! YESSSS!!! My husband and I agree on very few movies and books but we both loved this one and will be seeing it in the the theater despite my utter hatred of movie theaters.

    All the good vibes I have left to share, you've got 'em! Have a great weekend!

  14. I have recently been into podcast after never getting into them previously! I am well behind and just listening to serial, considering you love podcasts do you have any good ones you'd recommend?

  15. I love that you included rompers on your list because I'm obsessed with them. But yeah, clothing budgets do make you think twice about buying all those beautiful rompers out there. I've never heard of the Martian but I saw a bunch of blogs talking about the book and movie today so I might have to check it out. Have a lovely day! Love, Nina

  16. I was shopping this weekend and picked up what I thought was a dress but turned out to be a romper and it was such a pleasant surprise! So sad I went this whole summer without having one!

  17. I was just writing my review for The Martian and what you said, makes so much more sense then how I was trying to explain it being about space-- but not really. I'm really excited to see the movie too! Rompers are the easiest thing to wear, I need a few more in my closet too! And sending you MANY good vibes for today!

  18. YES! I loved Tig, and hope to see more of her work in the near future.
    I didn't realize The Martian was also being made into a movie. I'll have to get on that sooner than I thought, though I'm not looking forward to it because I'm not into space books or math-related anything, and I've heard that there are both of those things in the book.

    Sending you lots of good vibes girl!!

  19. So, I have a onesie that I wear at home, pretty much all the time. Why don't I have a romper yet? It's like a onesie that you can wear in public, right?!?

    The Martian (as a book). I agree with you. I'm not into space, and I almost quit the book because of the math/science element. But, the characters got me. Those characters are so well-written.


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