Sunday Sweats 31: Marathon Training Week 5

July 27–August 2

Monday: 3.02 mile run (8:59 pace)
I'm on an impromptu mini-vaca, but I got these miles in after dinner on Cape Cod. I've been coming here literally my entire life, at least once a year since I was in utero, but I've never looked at the roads through a runner's lens before. I actually thought of these roads as "nice and flat" before I realized that, no, they're actually pretty rolling. Was nice to run without all the humidity, though the bay breeze did add a different challenge.
Tuesday: meh
I was still soaking up my time away from home and managed to squeeze in some maintenance stretching, but no formal flow to speak of. Vacation Alyssa DGAF.

Wednesday: not much
I drove five hours and change today, home from my impromptu mini-vaca. I intended to take Donna's class and then run six miles when I got home, but you know what they say about the best laid plans. Spoiler alert: I napped on the couch when I got home.

Thursday: flexibility free flow (30 minutes) + 3.1 mile run (9:43 pace)
I got back on the horse today and freeflowed to undo a few days worth of not much but sitting. It was nice and disgusting by the time I went out for my run (80º, 84% humidity) so I took it slow but felt good.

Friday: mellow flow (25 minutes) + 6.71 mile run (10:54 pace)
This run sucked so hard. It was supposed to be 12—I like my long runs on Friday nights—but I treated my body like a dumpster instead of like I was about to run almost a half marathon distance all week long, and it sucked. I need to treat these long runs from here till the marathon like what they are: serious distances that deserve respect. (I.e. don't eat Chipotle and a pound of guacamole and then expect to feel good running for 2+ hours.) I abandoned this walk/run and chalked it up to lesson learned, and hopefully will be able to get it together for a Sunday morning long. Fingers crossed.
At least I was able to steal a beautiful view. Not visible thanks to iPhone camera's limitations: NYC skyline under the blue moon.
Saturday: hip and IT band yoga (14 minutes)
Today was non-stop between birthday brunch for my friend and my cousin's engagement party in the afternoon, but I managed a few minutes of a restorative stretchy flow that I desperately needed. Felt good.

Sunday: 6.05 mile run (10:02 pace) + free flow warmup + backbend yoga (40 min)
Things about this run:
a) Also not 12 miles, obviously.
b) Intended for 5 a.m. (so not my thing, but I was going to give it a shot) but when I woke up and felt the humidity in the mid-90%s, I noped right out. Between that, the rising sun, and my foolishly too-late night (celebrating my cousin's engagement), I would have been setting myself up for utter failure if I'd gone out.
c) I may have finished the 12 if I could have gotten out before 8 (we had a Feather Mag conference call at 7) but by the time I hit the second loop starting spot—a block up from my apartment—it was pitch black, and I just didn't feel comfortable. I was wearing reflective gear, but I couldn't see anything and I wasn't feeling good enough to risk it.
d) I'm disappointed I blew this week's training plan, but I at least talked myself out the door today, which very nearly didn't happen at all.

Weekly Totals
Running: 18.86 miles
Yoga: 79 minutes

Marathon Training Week 5 Reflections
All said and done, this week was not great. I survived it, but barely. I'd love to say it's just the impromptu trip that threw me off but even when I got back, I was eating like crap and being pretty lazy. It just wasn't a good week of training. That's why there's always next week, right? ...


  1. I like your outlook - there is always next week and the flip side is you ran and you did your best! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I know you already know this but it wasn't my week either. Or my month. Or my training cycle. Whatever.
    I think you've done an impressive job lately...even if you're on funemployment you're still juggling a lot of not official work things that are time-consuming nonetheless. And I don't blame you for getting out of the dark early. That's not my scene either and definitely a better safe than sorry thing, I think.

  3. I never used to notice feeling better or worse based on what I was eating, but lately, and especially the more active I try to be, it really does make a difference. Which is both good and bad, I guess, because it's an additional motivator to not eat terribly, but then if you do mess up it makes it harder for you to do all the other healthy things you're supposed to.

    Vacations, birthdays, and bridal showers? I think you can give yourself a break. Next week!

  4. That picture up there from Cape Cod is so beautiful! Sorry last week wasn't the best training wise for you, hopefully this week goes smoother for you!

  5. The Cape looks beautiful! Good job getting in some training on vacation. That means more vacation funsies!

    I use a headlamp when I run in the mornings and it's still dark, but there's something about running in the dark at night....I just don't like it. I don't feel as safe I guess? Like the boogeyman likes to sleep in?

  6. yikes! i totally would have gone back in if it was dark too. i do not like running when it's dark, at all at all at all nope.
    lol @ driving 5 hours + yoga + a run. no way jose, i would have napped too!
    i'm sorry you had a sucky week. i hope you have a better week!

  7. I really wish I could get into running. Every time I make any progress something happens and sets me back. Kudos to you for still getting in all the miles!

  8. I didn't do well last week either. I mean, I even forgot to post on Sunday!
    Between the humidity and visitors, miles just didn't get done. I did get my long run in, so I give myself credit on that front, but my short runs just didn't happen.
    I'm getting more and more comfortable running in the dark. I feel like it's the adrenaline rush similar to doing something crazy like sky diving, lol. It's the russian roulette of "will I get hit by a car tonight?"

  9. Ahh sorry girl. Some weeks suck fitness wise - hopefully next week gets better and you get back on it. Can I say though that I love how you know your limits. Like the Friday run that sucked. You knew when to stop. That right there is great. Sorry you had a bad week but here's to a better one :)


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