Sunday Sweats 32: Marathon Training Week 6

August 3–9

Monday: restorative yoga (15 minutes)
Legs up the wall is the name of my day-after-hard-run game. Add in a little gentle hip work and I have the perfect day of active rest—in between errands and so. much. writing.

Tuesday: bedtime relaxation flow (10 minutes)
Today was an exercise in going with the flow, which I need to practice more than I care to admit. I planned to take Donna's class and then run 3 miles, but I did neither. I woke up to a text from my soon-to-be cousin-in-law, who works as a grip/lighting designer/electrician and was shooting a few episodes of The Kitchen less than a mile from my apartment, inviting me down to sit in the audience for the taping. Fun times! While I was there, I got a text from my brother that an old family friend (we've known them literally as long as baby bro has been alive, 22 years) had invited us over for dinner. How could I not go? I thought maybe I'd get the miles in after dinner, but we ended up chatting for hours and it was just too late to get ready for a run when I got home—I'd have been wired all night.

So I settled for a few minutes of bedtime yoga, and made a plan for the rest of the week.

Wednesday: studio yoga class (75 minutes) + 3.01 mile run (9:22 pace)
Today was my marvelous return, after two weeks away, to class with Donna. I definitely missed the class and was so, so happy to be back. I've been working on backbends a lot lately and got Donna's stamp of approval in some new-to-me postures, and the energy in the room was beautiful. Successful class by every measure.

I ran about 30 minutes after class—the closest I'll get to a brick workout in a looong time, I think. Nothing notable about the run really. Not great, but not bad either, so nothing to write home (or here) about either way.

Thursday: restorative yoga flow (20 minutes) + 6.01 mile run (10:55 pace)
I've been fighting what I hope is just a summer cold all week and was SUPER congested today. The breath just wasn't there, so I walk/ran. Because why wouldn't I get sick during marathon training? I was sore after my return to class last night (and all the deep backbending I've been doing, you know, for fun...) which didn't help my pace, I'm guessing. Not mad about it though; can't help being congested. Flowed out the kinks afterward with this gentle practice.

Friday: rest
The only marathon-related work that got done today was a marathon of the Harry Potter movies. I'm still full of snot (sorry) and aches so I just let myself be kind of sick today.

Saturday: warm up flow (20 minutes) + 10.01 mile run (10:25 pace)
Free-flowed some sun salutations and seated stretches and heart openers before embarking on another stuffy-nosed run. I had to let myself walk/run after 2.5 mile in, until about mile 5-6. Then I took a GU gel—first time while running, I was nervous!—and wow, did I feel so much better. It was stilly hilly, my legs were still a bit achy, and my nose was still stuffy, but I managed a negative second half and got my last two miles back sub-10 (other sub-10 miles were 1, 2, and 4).

Sunday: 5.25 mile hike
I had 3 miles on my plan for today, but given the fact that all my runs this week have been walk/run and I'm still not feeling 100%, I subbed in a hike with a friend for the run. Felt good to be under the tree cover hiking alongside a babbling river. Climbed some pretty solid hills too, so this was a solid workout for sure.
Weekly Totals
Running: 19.03 miles (+ 5.25 mile hike)
Yoga: 140 minutes

Marathon Training Week 6 Reflections:
Summer training is a humbling experience. I really need to stop measuring my success in these training runs—longer and more intense weeks than I've ever experienced before—in comparison to any other training program I've run. The weather is different, I'm running longer, and it's entirely new territory for me from here on out mentally and physically. It can't matter to me what I was able to do in March, because marathon training in August is nothing like half marathon training/racing in March.

Also, This drop-back week couldn't have come at a better time, as it coincided with my being sick for the first time in a long while. I'm glad I bit the bullet and started fueling properly because it definitely made a difference on Saturday, and I'm very sure GU will help my long runs from here on out too.


  1. I feel like we had eerily similar weeks. Except I wasn't sick :/ hope you're feeling better! It's never fun to get sick during training but maybe step back week is the silver lining?
    I really needed to read that second to last paragraph. I was perfectly willing to accept that my first marathon was unlike anything I'd ever done and needed to adjust my training and expectations accordingly, but I just can't make myself do that this time around. I don't even know why. But I've been beating myself up that I can't run during August half ironman training the way I did last fall during half marathon training which is like...fucking duh!

  2. I really appreciate that you share how long each activity took. I sometimes work myself over in my own head that 10, 15, or 20 minutes of an exercise or practice doesn't count but it SO does. I've been noticing more aches in my joints and my achilles feels short when I first step out of bed in the morning. Hoping to start a routine of yoga/stretching since my bones are getting old. Thanks again for sharing! And keep up the good work!

  3. Hope you feel better soon and can get in a good run. You did what you could and you did it well. Can I say how much I love that yoga pic - because I do haha!

  4. I hate using the GU gels (the consistency makes me want to vomit), but they make such a huge difference. I tried some "all natural" strawberries and juice thing during my 10 miler in April and it was crap.

  5. wow, go you!! I'm not marathon training but I certainly could benefit from all this wellness.

  6. Hiking and Harry Potter will cure any illness. I'm happy you listened to your body and that you got to visit Donna!

  7. hope you are feeling better now! i guess, better to be sick now than on marathon week, right?
    i have never had a GU gel or anything like that while running. i'll have to try it one day!

  8. Your Sunday Sweats make mine look like nothing! Question though, what's a great pose/flow for back pains? My upper back...well just one certain area of it...has been killing me for the past few days. So bad that I've been driving with an EOS lip balm between my back and my seat where the pain is.


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