Sunday Sweats 33: Marathon Training Week 7

August 10–16
Monday: bedtime yin yoga (20 minutes)
After two slightly intense weekend workouts and a busy last day of funemployment that was anything but relaxed, I shuffled the week's plan around from the start and kept it simple stupid. Some yin postures for about five minutes each in bed.

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 minutes) + 4.08 mile run (9:58 pace)
I'm currently on freelance assignment so today was my first day back in an office in nearly a month. (Yikes.) I raced from work to Donna's class, which was another hot one but a sweet, delicious full-body flow, and then contemplated skipping my run. This body was tired, and it was humid as all get-out after storms all night and day.

But I toughed it out and even though my pace was slow—intentionally, so as not to burn out—I felt good and happy to be running. Good thing, because I have my biggest challenge yet waiting for me this weekend.

Wednesday: balance check yoga (11 minutes) + 7.05 mile run (10:09 pace)
This recent video from Erin at Bad Yogi is all about checking in on your balance—cold. It's crazy how less sturdy I am balancing on my left leg than I am my right!

I had a really slow start on the run (over 10 minutes and one walk break/pity party in mile 3—I just couldn't find it) and almost rationalized cutting it off at 5 miles. But I switched up my route and demanded more, ending up with negative splits and a rewarding run in the end.

Thursday: hip & hamstring yoga (13 minutes)
These stretches always feel so good, but especially the very next day after 70 minutes of running.

Friday: loosening yoga flow (10 minutes)
Chiropractor last night meant waking up feeling better than I have in weeks, reinforcing my decision to go back to every three weeks (rather than once a month) during marathon training. I went with that good feeling and flowed out with this video from Erin's second challenge.

Saturday: 4.14 mile run (10:25 pace) + post-run flow (10 minutes + 40 minutes)
This weekend and my long run got all out of whack. This Sunday is a really hard day for me, so I've made sure to make time for friends and comfort surrounding it. Doing so foiled my Friday night long run hopes as well as my Saturday ones. I set out today not sure if I'd do the 4- or 14-miler remaining on this week in my training plan, but giving myself permission to do whatever felt best. I made some not-so-smart choices yesterday that impacted my body, and I could have either suffered through a painful and emotionally draining 14 miles tonight, or given myself a break. I decided on the latter about 3 miles in, and I don't feel bad about it.

I came down with Erin's new yoga for runners video. (I think it's safe to say that I have a bit of room to speak on the subjects of running and yoga and the combination of the two as a lifestyle, and I give this video and the poses she recommends two thumbs up. To see other post-run stretches I like, peep this!) I wanted a little more, so I flowed out and did some inversion and arm balance practice afterward,

Sunday: 12.26 mile run (11:27 pace) + hip & hamstring free flow (10 minutes)
Today is the two-year anniversary of my grandmother's death, so I was up and out early for church—the first time I've been to church in a year; the second in two years. Anyway, I write that so my mindset and headspace on the day of my longest run ever can be apparent.

So, long run. Obviously, this wasn't 14 miles. A few things happened that led me to knock 1.75 miles off:
- I was physically unprepared. Meaning, I didn't sleep enough last night, I didn't stretch enough beforehand, and I indulged in a few glasses of wine last night—not my typical pre-long run/half marathon behavior. I paid for it all.
- It just never cooled off. I got in from this run around 9 p.m....
(Awesome battery life though after 2.5 hours of audiobook.)
- I recently caved in to energy gels, and picked up a few different types and flavors to test them out. I took the first about 50 minutes in (as recommended): A lemon/lime GU that went just fine (and gave me a great burst!). A bit later, I tried the Huma gel I'd brought, my first time trying it. It's made with chia...and it's grainy AF. You guys, I'm like a toddler when it comes to some foods. I can't swallow something with a gross texture, and this almost made me vom. (It's the same reason I can't drink smoothies with strawberries or raspberries—the seeds!) So I couldn't take the whole thing, and my stomach was GROWLING, I was so depleted and hungry. Last thing I wanted was to faint in the dark a mile and a half from home.
- I rerouted myself after mile 9 so I could get to a park bathroom and water fountain to refill about a mile sooner. To get back on track, I would have had to climb a really steep hill, and I just didn't have it in me to go further away from my house. I just couldn't make it make sense in light of the increasingly dark sky, my hunger pangs, and the fact that I was just completely emotionally drained.

So in all, it's a technical failure. And I'd be lying if I said I did my best—if I'd done my best, I would have finished the 14 miles. But I did what made sense for my body, so there's gotta be some points in the run somewhere for that.

Weekly Totals
Running: 27.53 miles
Yoga: 189 minutes

Marathon Training Week 7 Reflections:
Well, here we go. From now through November, I'll be setting distance PRs almost every week (exceptions being drop-back weeks). In conjunction, I'll go back to seeing my chiropractor more frequently (<3) and getting comfortable feeling uncomfortable. This was probably the hardest week weather-wise in a few weeks, but I've also noticed some leaves starting to tumble from their branches. Fall is coming.

Sunday Sweats is coming too! In just over a week, we'll be linking up for the last Sunday Sweats of the summer. Join Tracy and me for the training, goal-setting, life-bettering goodness. Get the scoop here and we can't wait to see you next Tuesday, August 25!


  1. Setting goals and kicking ass ! I don't understand what "comfortable" means anymore. Because constant muscle soreness is totally the norm, right ?

  2. i'm sorry your long run wasn't what you wanted it to be, but you definitely get points for listening to your body and doing what was best for you. i hope fall comes super soon for you. i totally need to check out Erin's new runners video.

  3. My sister and I were chatting about gel packs this weekend during the half. We came to the conclusion that running long distance is quite a bit different for those with a higher body fat content than the standard runner. My boyfriend is thin and he'll say he feels like he's dying or that he's out of fuel before 13 miles. I just get thirsty. I think my body might not like to use its fat reserves, but it will when forced to.

    That's funny that you compared yourself to a toddler, because my coworker's son just moved to solid food after several months of being unable to cope with "partway solid" food. He didn't understand that it was liquid with chunks, so he'd try to swallow without chewing. Cute, but a little scary (how do babies not die all the time?!)

  4. Sorry about the long run love. I Hope it gets better soon. PS that first picture. One day Ill get there. One. Day.


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