Sunday Sweats 34: Marathon Training Week 8

August 17–23

Monday: tight hip yoga (11 minutes)
This one just doesn't ever stop feeling amazing, and any time spent in hip openers after a long run is time well spent.

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 minutes) + 3.33 mile run (10:20 pace)
Amazing class tonight, and I needed it desperately. It was a frustrating day—waiting on bated breath for some life-changing news, plus endless irritations, plus being surrounded by people who don't know how do to their jobs—and I was so antsy and crabby before I walked in there. I left it all on the mat tonight and felt free for the first time all day.

My run, though, was a different story. From 20 steps in, I had a stitch in my right side, my legs felt like lead, my chest felt tight, and somehow I was running head-on into the wind in both directions. Water didn't help, slowing down didn't help, breathing through it didn't help. I reverted back to my crabbiness and—ready?—almost cried because I was so angry at the wind. (And no, there are no hormonal imbalances involved. Just the downside of high sensitivity.)

Wednesday: hamstring yoga (13 minutes) + 4.1 mile run (10:28 pace)
The day after Donna and a day to feature running must start with some lower body work. I love this one. This run, I did not love. Again. I ran between thunderstorms—so, with humidity and wind. I wanted to run 7, but I decided to swap that to Sunday once I realized after less than a quarter mile that my chest still felt like the giant troll from Harry Potter was sitting on my chest.

Come onnnn, fall.

Thursday: balancing flow (15 minutes)
I slept through any chance of a morning practice (could not wind down last night to save my life) and then got some bad news in the afternoon. I carved out time for a quick evening practice and focused on two things I desperately need right now: balance and openness. Flowed through some lovely standing heart-opening postures (dancer/standing bow, chair) and tried to wring it all out onto my mat.

Friday: hip opener flow (13 minutes) + 15.02 mile run (10:34 pace)
Back on track. Started the day open and ready. Haven't followed this video in a long time so I'd forgotten all of it. It's a fun flow!

So here it was. My first distance PR since my first half marathon—last October! And the first of many over the next few weeks. It was challenging and I ended up sore and as I write this I'm a bit cross-eyed, but it was so worth it. It felt so good. I ran less than one minute slower than my worst half marathon time, which is a weird metric but one that makes sense for me so just go with it. I took three little .10-.15 mile walk breaks—you would too if you saw the hills in my town—and left the watch running during two water fountain refill stops. I hit a sweet runners high around mile 8, just after hitting the halfway point, and it really carried me through to mile 14. Then another runner who passed me and stayed on the course I was running all the way home carried me the rest of the way, unbeknownst to him of course. And now I have to stop writing this and get in the shower because my skin is sticky and gritty with sweat and road dust.

Saturday: active rest
After my long run, I jumped in the car and drove down to Delaware for a little beach weekend with some friends. I had no formal practice today but probably spent about 30 minutes in various stretches and postures, plus we went swimming for a bit and walked a decent amount.

Sunday: rest
I hate traffic. My three-hour drive home turned into an almost-five-hour drive, so my grand plans to finish out the weekend with my remaining 7 miles were dashed. This weekend was the first time in ages I ditched my planner and to do list, and I had a mountain of trivial but necessary tasks waiting for me when I got home. I really did want to squeeze it in but the structure of my week just didn't let me stick to the schedule. Here's to a fresh start tomorrow on a brand new (drop back, thankfully!) week.

Weekly Totals
Running: 22.45 miles
Yoga: 127 minutes

Don't forget, this Tuesday is the final Training for Tuesday of summer! Link up your stories of success, tales of woe, training plans, clean eating endeavors, and whatever else you're doing to get fit, stay fit, and/or reach your training and wellness goals. Tracy and I can't wait to see what you're training for!


  1. Yay for the first long run. I know you're sore but as you said, so worth it to get that one in. I know you can do it. Rooting for ya!

    Ill definitely link up my tales of woe Tuesday - because success I have not been having in the exercise/fitness dept. lol

  2. yayy you go girl on that long run! i'm sorry the other runs weren't amazing though. i hope fall hurries up for you because i know you're not enjoying this summer!

  3. I am so psyched about your long run! Reading about it gave me all the feels. I'm so happy that you were able to stick it out and cross over that hump. That's a big step and I'm so proud of you!

  4. FUCK YES PRS!!! It doesn't matter where they happen!
    I forgot my gel for my 10 miler on Monday and I wanted to dieeeeeeeeeeeeee by mile 8. The worst part is that I don't get runner's high, I get runner's stupid, so when I got home, I could barely function as a human.


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