Sunday Sweats 35: Marathon Training Week 9

August 24–30
Yoga shots not from this week, but I was camera lazy and didn't want two Sundays in a row to be picture-less.
Top right: signs of fall not far away. <3
Monday: 4.15 mile run (9:42 pace)
It's still hot, and I'm still looking forward to fall. But the sun is setting earlier so the cool-down, minor as it may be (was still in the low 80s when I went out tonight) comes earlier. Glad to be back on my regular Monday running schedule, and this run felt juuuust fine.

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
So I arrived to learn that Donna had called in a sub for today and was, at first, kind of depressed. The teacher subbing had rubbed me the wrong way (figuratively, just to be perfectly clear) once before when he took our class, and I was biased against him. He ended up leading a challenging, inspiring, and really beautiful class. I love Donna and I love her class, but there is a really common theme every single time, and I was thirsting for variety more than I really knew. I'm so happy I became open and let my opinion of him be altered during our time together.

Wednesday: 7.01 mile run (9:57 pace) + deep hip yin yoga free flow (20 minutes)
I was sore after being challenged in really new ways in class last night, and my calves and left psoas (hip) were pretty achy—in that sweet, good way. But sore nonetheless. The weather was SO nice for August though, and I felt so strong and happy on this run, though my pace doesn't really reflect it. Heart so full. Worked in some good deep stretches before bed too. Overall a really great training day.

Thursday: deep hip yin yoga free flow (20 minutes)
It felt like today was the first day in 100 years that I came home from work and stayed there. I didn’t leave for a run, or class, or plans. I did work right up til about 11 p.m. though, but that’s besides the point. All I could manage was about 20 minutes of deep hip work, and I’ve been missing my morning yoga (been oversleeping all week, ack!). But bedtime yoga still ain’t half bad.

Friday: 4.06 mile run (9:31 pace)
Felt good! Felt fast (for lately)! Felt happy!

Saturday: full body yoga (20 minutes)
The plan had been to race through all the things I had to do today, but after the sitting in traffic down to my mom's, getting work done (or trying to) while there, sitting in traffic for the hour and a half back from my mom's, all on 5 hours of sleep and general feelings of bedraggled-ness brought on by a lack of ability to actually feel caught up on anything this week, I opted instead to listen to what my mind had been trying to tell me: slow the hell down and stay put for five minutes. This type of self care that I haven't seen much of lately was just more important than running today. I did get in some yoga flow which I also desperately needed, so it wasn't a wasted day.

Sunday: 5.63 mile run (10:13 pace) + full body flow/inversion practice (25 minutes)
I still maintain that cleaning my apartment—especially cleaning the bathroom—should count as some type of workout. I don't know how to count that though, so lets just skip to the quantifiable workouts. Which, heh.

 I really hate coming here and talking about whatever is the latest way in which I didn't do the best I could do, but that's what I'm doing again today. With lingering feelings of overwhelm from yesterday (just one evening of "resting" apparently isn't enough to regain balance—who knew?) I was out there running in 85-degree heat and 50-percent humidity after sunset and thinking, I don't want to be doing this now. My mind was completely elsewhere (it's a big week—please come back Tuesday to read more about why!), there were other things I wanted/needed to be doing, and running was not my priority. I was supposed to run a distance I have run many times, and I knew I could do it if I wanted to. So I quit. I'm not proud of it, but I also don't care—call it the end of August Angst, blame it on the Dog Days of Summer. It's just what it is.

On the brighter side of things, I had a nice full-body yoga flow and a good, long inversion practice. And that's all she wrote.

Weekly Totals
Running: 20.85
Yoga: 160 minutes

Marathon Training Week 9 Reflections:
Is it fall yet?


  1. I'm so glad your Donna sub ending up working out! Sometimes it's nice to have someone switch it up when you've gotten used to it being one way.
    Your Wednesday run makes my heart happy. I suspect I will not have a run that feels like that until I'm devoting myself 100% to running again, so until then, I will live vicariously through you and these runs.
    As for today...we've all been there. I am the worst at thinking my one day/night of rest is enough to get me through, even when it's not usually rest it's more like OMG yay no training DO ALL THE THINGS time. Sometimes the run just isn't there. Fall will be here soon! I seriously can't tell you how amazing you're going to feel, at least weather-wise, on November 1. You'll be rewarded for this summer, you'll see!
    In other news, I can't wait to find out the big thing!!!

  2. Yay for Friday's run being so great for you!! Keep up the great work girl!! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  3. I love a good training program! Keep up the good work! So inspiring!

    Linds @ Not A Mom

  4. Sorry Sunday didn't go well, but it looks to me like Wednesday went great!! I'm impressed to see such a "long" run in the middle of the week! Can't wait to hear what you talk about on Tuesday!

  5. Fall is going to be so good to you after all the love you've been giving it this summer. I'm thrilled that your sub yoga experience was enlightening and challenging, but you should have Donna on speed dial so that you know when that may happen in the future. Also, I was happy he didn't rub you the wrong way literally. <3

  6. I feel like most of my posts have been filled with excuses for why I haven't been at the top of my game, and I finally just accepted that these posts are where I will eventually be able to look back and see my struggles ANDDDD my progress. For each struggle there is definite progress and just being able to say, well it sucked donkey balls, but I did that shit right there, is sometimes enough to get me started on the next run.

    All, moar fall plskthxnow...... It was in the mid-80s last Friday and it was soooo nice. I couldn't stop commenting about it being particularly unCharleston-like for the end of August. I'm hoping that the heat will break early this year (last year summer lasted through October) and I'll own the shit out of my DC 1/2 and training for the Nov 1/2.

    Keep up the great work and don't beat yourself up, you're doing great!

  7. lol @ August Angst. I'm glad Donna's sub worked out, nothing worse than a crappy yoga teacher. I got turned off that one studio I was going to because I really didn't like the teacher and it was the only class I could attend.
    Yay for good big news! So exciting!
    Good for you for quitting that run. I mean, I know it's not good, but when something is not a priority or you have other things on your mind.. pushing yourself will only make you dislike the act.. which is no fun.

  8. I had a similar experience in yoga a few months back (actually now it's been almost a year, I think...) where I walked into class and saw an instructor who I nearly walked out on the last time I took one of her classes. But I found a spot in the back and told myself to give it a shot and if it got bad, I could just chill in child's pose the whole time.

    While it wasn't OMG BEST CLASS EVER it was waaaaay better than I expected and I left feeling so grateful I'd stayed.

  9. Can I say that I'm glad I read your Sunday Sweats posts because they make me feel just guilty enough for eating like a piggy over the weekend that it kind of kicks my butt to the gym on Mondays? Hahaha. I'm totally sure that is your first and only intent in these posts ;)

    Also, I'm really glad you weren't truly rubbed the wrong way in yoga class...that could've gotten awkward really fast, haha! xo

  10. When I was in Michigan last week it was soooo cool out compared to how it is here and it was a nice, but weird change. Definitely better running weather though! Here's a question, how do you tell the difference between just feeling sore and knowing if you've injured something? Also, those yoga poses are so amazing!


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