Roots to Plant

I've spotted a fair amount of these "currently," "life lately," "now [verb]ing" posts in the last couple days, and it's my turn to toss mine into the ring. I'm still "in a phase." I'm freelancing and job-hunting, I'm waiting for fall to fully arrive, and I'm waiting for a lot of moving pieces to find some strings. As such, I haven't felt inspired to clean up and publish any of my posts in drafts, or extrapolate on any of the ideas I've jotted down. At least, not for longer than it takes to jot the note. Somehow I'm shorter on time than I've been in a while, and I'm feeling a pretty constant sense of needing to be somewhere else or doing something else all the damn time. I don't want this post to be a copout, but I don't want to abandon my blog—because I love it here, and I love it as a record-keeping system, and I love interacting with you guys as much as possible.

To be honest, I feel like the best way to talk about anything right now is in this fashion: a collection of truths in a listed format, because that's what life feels like right now. The past few weeks have been a collection of truths and events and facts and tid bits that I've shuffled into different categories according to what area of my life (professional, personal, maid of honor duties, familial, etc.) they're applicable to. Such as:

reading // my last pick for the Literary Ladies Summer Book Challenge. Audiobooks, because now I'm hooked. My first draft (well, the 75% of it that's down on paper). Last Exit to Brooklyn. What can I say? I'm eclectic in my bibliophilia.

writing // cover letters, still. My book, in tiny increments and mostly in my head. Lists: maid of honor to-dos, fall task lists, fall cooking lists. Things for Hellbent.

listening to // audiobooks. Podcasts. Gilmore Girls in the background, because everything about this show is the perfect complement to that fall(-is-coming) feeling.

buying // goodies from Target, because I never go for retail therapy unless I really feel the need. I've gotten rid of so many things in the last few months and have barely replaced any of it, so I finally checked off some things on the wish list. A little wardrobe refresh never hurt anybody. I grabbed this, these, these, and these (with Cartwheel & RedCard 5% so I can't feel too guilty for it) and ya know what? They made me happy. (PS, no affiliate links.)

planning // my cousin's bridal shower. I'm beyond pleased she asked me to be her maid of honor, and I love her so much and can't wait to throw her the perfect day. Nailing down the venue is tricky, since our bridal party has girls in three different states, and all different areas of those states, but it's nothing a little bit of strategizing and superior planning/listing skills can't handle.

anticipating // heading into the city for the tail end of the San Gennaro Feast in Little Italy this weekend. If you're ever in or near NYC this time of year, this is a must-do! The food, the wine, the pastries, the music, the people, the mood. It's amazing and I can't wait to get another year in the books.

drinking // pinot noir. Merlot. My first (and honestly, likely last) PSL of the season.

welcoming // a friend home, finally, from Asia—thank you, USMC.

burning // Leaves. (Need to restock Sweater Weather as soon as we have a sale on our hands here.) Autumn Wreath. The surprisingly fantastic smelling and scent-throwing candles from the Dollar Store up the street (gardenia, apple pie).

wanting // you to submit a piece to Hellbent! We're open for entries for the December 1/Winter 2015 issue. Please don't be shy if you have something you'd like us to consider. (I'm also happy to talk about your piece if you'd like some feedback before you submit!) No experience level is too little—one of our featured authors in Issue 1 was a brand new voice.

watching // the Giants completely fall apart. Sigh.

pinning // hair cuts, because it's time. But also, I can't run with my hair in anything but a braid. Life is hard.

waiting // for some roots to plant.


  1. Love this list! Do you have any recent audiobooks that you'd recommend? I've only listened to a few classics (Jane Austen books, Jane Eyre) and The Martian, and loved them all...but would love recommendations!!

  2. I was wondering how your book was coming along! I'm glad to hear that you are still working on it. I feel ya on the only being able to wear the hair in a braid to run, sometimes my braid smacks me kinda of hard on the shoulder and scares me because I think its someone grabbing me.

  3. PSL - bleh! not sure what the hype is about that but i did not like it at all!

  4. Retail therapy at Target is the best - I might need to make a trip this weekend! LOL xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. Sounds like a great list :) Yay, Hellbent!! And I can't wait to be near a Target again. I'll feel complete. Also, I don't know your exact reasons for quitting on the PSL, but I've found that Dunkin Donuts' pumpkin coffee tastes better than the PSL. More natural - lol, I know, but there are always spice granules at the bottom, whereas PSLs are from a syrup. I switched to tea a couple years ago, but I'll do coffee when it's a special kind or something.

  6. I think I love the Gilmore Girls especially because it seems like 75% of the show is set during the fall. Love it!

    Also, it's totally red wine season. Loving them all right now.

  7. I was in B&BW last weekend and they have this BEYOND delicious smelling lotion called Pumpkin Latte. Tragically, they don't make it in a candle because I would have bought several. I did buy Pumpkin Pecan Waffles and I'm trying my hardest not to lick the candle.

  8. Note to self: order all the fall candles. I also love your Target haul, especially those boots! Do you know if their real or faux leather? Probably better for me/my bank account if they're real haha.
    That waiting just occurred to me that I've been there for the last several months too. I didn't even realize it until I could see glimpses of it fading. Lots going on for both of us, I know, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I hope you can too!

  9. I don't know if you've watched the show, but I cannot see the words pinot noir and not think of Titus' song from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I was singing it all day on Saturday as we were wine tasting lol. And yes! I'm headed to the San Gennaro Feast on Friday night! Good luck planting some roots, and planning the shower!

  10. I love this and totally understand when life just seems to place itself into a categories of things going on and things I need to do. Thanks for being so relatable! And yes, Gilmore is the perfect fallish show.

    Linds @ Not A Mom

  11. Autumn Wreath is one of my favorites.

    I have used maybe three affiliate links for sponsored posts in my life, and those because they were provided to me by the giveaway person - I am too lazy to affiliate myself with anything on my own. Plus I sort of think it makes it more clear that you genuinely love it - you're not sharing it to make cash money.

    When I'm feeling all over the place, or, rather, pulled in a lot of different ways, it's best for me to express myself in this way. And since I'm feeling that right now in my life, it's the best thing for me to read and process too. LOL

  12. Caramel before pumpkin- always! I do love a good pumpkin-y dessert though ;) I have been getting rid of so many things and now I'm focusing on making a list of things I'd truly like to purchase. Having it all written in one place is helping me think about how to spend my money, look for the best deal, etc!

  13. Speaking of watching the Giants fall apart, I watched a replay of the Astros & Rangers game last night...even though I knew my Astros lost 6-5 and gave up their 1st place position. But, I don't get to see them on Australian tv too often, so I still watched them fall apart.

  14. Gilmore Girls fanatics unite! I'm literally waiting until we move, so that I can have that autumnal/winter feel and I can play GG on repeat...again. Haha. Life in categorized sections is normally how I handle things and honestly I like it better than when it's just a big ole jumbled mess. I still cannot wait for your book to be out!!! I'm being as patient as I know how to ;)

  15. I completely feel you with the need to sort life into list format at this point because there's just so much of it! PS. I was rewatching GG and then got hooked on Scandal but you just brought up an excellent point about Fall and pairings and now it needs to happen. :D

  16. Cover letters are the worst. I usually skip them, even thought I know that could be the difference between getting a job and not getting a job. lol
    Did you pick a theme for the shower yet? We're tossing some around for mine so I have to be nosey. ;)

  17. i have never understood how people run with their hair in a braid. doesn't it fly everywhere? please explain.
    verb-ing. lol.
    i need those slim joggers in my life but i do think that you have enabled my shopping addiction enough for one day hahahaha jk. i actually have to return stuff to tarjay tonight so i might have a looksee.

  18. Sounds like Target has some good stuff right now. I need to steer clear!!

  19. I read a forbes article this week about the uselessness of cover letters and how employers rarely read them and skip to the resume. I always hated cover letters and that made me hate them more. Yay for bridal showers!!!


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