Sunday Sweats 37: Marathon Training Week 11

September 7–13
What a difference a week makes, amirite? Also, this week brought to you by Snapchat, apparently.
Also also, shamelessly stealing the collage theme from Tracy.
Monday: rest
On today's agenda: floating in the pool, eating good food, floating in the lagoon, eating pastries, a power nap, surprisingly not sitting in hours of traffic, cleaning my apartment, and cleaning out my closet, because apparently that's what has to be done on Labor Day. Hope everyone got to enjoy some relaxation this long weekend!

Tuesday: hip/hamstring yoga (13 minutes)
I barely managed a morning practice with my eyes half-closed—did we really just have a holiday weekend? Because it sure as hell doesn't feel like it. I'll be honest, I straight-up abandoned my workouts today. It was 98º during the day, and running was off the table. I'll put up with what I have to for a long run, but it just wasn't worth it today. High heat + high humidity + me feeling ragged... it's not happening. And I just was not interested in racing home from work and racing to yoga class and then getting home late and feeling like I have to cram in a whole bunch of tasks before bed. So I said screw it all and went to pub trivia.

Wednesday: 5.31 mile run (9:39 pace) + deep hip yin yoga (25 minutes)
Thank frog for KT tape. I came home to a fresh roll (super cheap on Amazon #protip) and fixed up my knees real good. It made a huge difference. Just not enough to undo the gross humidity and high temps and pre-thunderstorm winds I got to enjoy while running. I had a very hot/cold (mentally; physically it was only hot. And sweaty.) run: I oscillated between, "Yeah! Got this! Feeling good!" and, "You. Suck. Why are you running a marathon? Why did you book that plane ticket?" and then finally to "If you can run this last half mile without stopping, you can run the marathon." Well, I finished the last half mile and a bit more for good measure, so I guess I'll be set for 26.2 in 7.5 weeks.

Thursday: strengthening yoga (12 minutes)
The usual.

Friday: more hamstring yoga (13 minutes) + 16 mile run (10:13 pace)
Let me start with this: You know I live pretty close to NYC, and I think I've mentioned that I can see the skyline (so clear, so amazing, even after seeing it and being within it on the reg for 26 years) from many of my run routes. On this day, seeing One World Trade for the whole first eight miles out of my side eye was humbling, to say the very least. I don't know if you know this but they shine light beams now from where the towers used to stand every September 11th, and they positively lit the sky and shone so bright and clear every time I looked up as the evening turned into night. It made this important run the kind of run where you get lost in your footsteps and let your mind make your pace. It was peaceful and powerful.

As for actual running notes, here's the 16 I couldn't pull out last week. (I adjusted my schedule to accommodate.) I put on my KT tape too close to heading out and it was sweating off before I even clocked a 5k. By mile 11, the tape on my right knee (the one that buckled and said "screw you" to me last week) had completely fallen off and I almost just stopped and cried because I didn't know what to do. It hurt for about 15 steps and then I slowed up, found a rhythm, switched to the other side of the street and dealt with it. This time/pace includes two water stops and a bathroom stop with the watch running, so I'm pretty happy with those details. Also of note, at the 13.1 point, I beat all half marathon times (races and training) to date except for my RnRDC PR (2:08:11).

Saturday: active rest
It didn't really occur to me until the end of the day that I hadn't worked out. I was moving all day, running up and down stairs for about 10,000 loads of laundry, cleaning my place, running errands, etc. Better than nothing.

Sunday: yoga for runners (20 minutes) + 8.13 mile run (9:41 pace)
First, I just need to comment that IT'S NOT HUMID TODAY AND I ACTUALLY WORE PANTS AND A HOODIE OUTSIDE! (Sitting in the shade when it was windy, but still.)
I went back to an oldie but goodie from Erin's first YouTube yoga challenge, first adding in some sun salutations to warm up before running.
Oh, this run. A chill in the air, goosebumps on my skin, leaves on the ground, 9:XXs on my watch.... After the REALLY hilly first half I switched from listening to NPH's autobiography to a speed playlist for the moderately hilly second half, and running fast (negative splits; last four: 9:35, 9:28, 9:09, 8:40 (!!!)) and feeling chilled felt so, so good. I've missed running like this so much, and I could have gone another 8 tonight. Sup, fall.

Weekly Totals
Running: 29.45 miles
Yoga: 83 minutes (ouch)

Marathon Training Week 11 Reflections:

I missed a run this week, and I knew on Tuesday that that was just going to be the way it had to be. I omitted my shortest scheduled run (4 miles) and just had to shrug, because much as I'd like to, I can't add more hours to the day or more days to the week(end).

I don't really want to speculate yet on how I feel about the race, because I have no idea. I'm not there yet, and I can't do it yet, and I'm just trying to move through one week at a time, trusting my training, and staying the course. So I'm thinking about 26.2 less now than I have in months. Right now, I'm thinking as far ahead as my next long run (18, this weekend).

Also, fun note: #youknowyou'readistancerunnerwhen your house keys are sticky from sharing a pouch or pocket with your empty gel packets. (I never thought that sentence would be applicable to me, let alone that I'd be the one saying it. Heh. Life's funny.)


  1. Ha I tell myself the same thing about making it through the last fraction of a obviously that's the same thing as getting through the whole distance #logic.
    What a way to commemorate 9/11! Stuff like that always makes me appreciate running more, like running for those who can't and whatnot. I'm so glad you got those 16 done and that they went so well! I've always read that if you can make it to 16 you can make it to 26 so congrats on making it over that hump! :)
    And Sunday <3 I'm still waiting for my "Hello, fall!" run. Send some of that my way, please!

  2. Echoing what Tracy said, I've always heard the same thing about if you can make it 16 you can make it to 26. I'm amazed at your splits on Sunday, awesome job. We had some nice fall mornings here this weekend, but Its supposed to get hot again this week :( I'm ready for fall all the time!

  3. I should really start doing something like this. I always start the week with great intentions, but before I know it the week is over and I've done basically nothing physically.

  4. Way to rock that 16! Glad your knee held up. I tapped my hip this weekend, right over the top of my IT band, because it's been giving me some trouble. The recommended way to tape it ends up looking like a flower,with 4 1/2 bands in a + sign and an X all over the same spot. So...slightly ridiculous, and the top pieces end up kind of peeling off. But I think it helped!

  5. You are seven weeks away from your marathon and you've already done your 18 miles, that's great! I didn't give myself enough time. I'm going to speculate that you got this!

    Marette @ Floradise

  6. Hell yeah training PRs!!!
    Thank you for motivating me to order KT Tape NOAAAWWWW.
    I wish I had more pretty stuff to look at during my runs. I'm so pumped for the scenery for my 1/2 in DC.
    YAY for training plan adjustments and good runs after shitty runs!


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