Sunday Sweats 39: Marathon Training Week 13

September 21–27

Monday: restorative yoga (25 minutes)
I can't wait till I'm back to being funemployed and hopefully sleeping again. Missed another morning practice but squeezed in a few poses before bed. And by "bed," I mean lying awake for hours in the dark.

Tuesday: 5.13 mile run (9:30 pace) + studio yoga class (75 minutes)
Short day at the office meant almost napping this afternoon away on the couch (guess who didn't sleep again last night). But I rallied and got a cool 5 in before class, wearing—ready?—capris! and short sleeves! Sure, I was sweating like crazy and could have been fine in shorts, but oh, fall. Also, I wore this to class because it was the happiest mail day in all the land:
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Wednesday: 5.08 mile run (10:25 pace) + arm balance flow (10 minutes)
I should have known from the achy walk up to my starting point that this run was doomed.
First interruption was the NBC News van parked outside Yogi Berra's house (he lived on my run route and was a serious institution in my area. My alma mater was home to his memorabilia museum and a stadium named in his honor. Rest in peace, Yogi <3) and reporters asking if I knew him or had a Yogi story to share.
Second interruption was a traffic stop that seemed to last 10 times longer than necessary.
Third was a stomach flip flop that made me take a quick sit down, during which my body was like NOPE WE'RE DONE HERE YOU MUST BE IN PAIN NOW and that's how an 8-miler gets swapped for the week's fiver. Just as well, because these legs were dead.

Then I went ahead and ignored the fact that my body was tired and decided to work on some arm balances ...ya know, for funsies. (I mean, arm balancing is super fun.)

Thursday: rest
Nothing. Just...absolutely nothing. I think the ship has sailed on my a.m. yoga time since I can't manage to get enough sleep to not feel like I've been hit by a bus every morning when I wake up a half hour after my alarm goes off. At least, until this job assignment is over next Friday. And then the evening looked something like this: traffic, chiropractor, traffic, traffic, quick catch-up with a friend, clean apartment, reply to emails, send out resumes, edit articles, write an article, edit articles, lie awake in bed with my eyes closed for two hours. (I'll be fine.)

Friday: rest
Original plan was to run my 8 miles before meeting my favorite ladies (coworkers from my last job) for happy hour. But because of a combination of the pope in NYC and people driving like idiots, I didn't have time. And then we ended up being out later than I planned, but I don't care because I love them and needed to enjoy happy hour with them.

Saturday: 8.34 mile run (10:06 pace)
Overall my miles were pretty on point (~9:30-9:40) but I went rogue and ran about 2.5 miles through a brand new neighborhood (I seriously didn't even know it existed and I've driven past the turn-off roughly one million times) and up a VERY big hill (basically Everest), hence the final average pace. Legs felt good and light, chest open and breathing easy. My bad knee was really bad by the end of it, but I'll chalk that up to shoddy KT tape work after an intense training cycle. I did run 18 miles just six days ago...

Sunday: quick start morning yoga (20 minutes)
The plan had been to work in my 14-miler today. But an alternate plan arose: hop in the car with a sweet friend and drive to Ohio so she could surprise her boyfriend at his show and we could have ourselves a proper spontaneous adventure. Sucks to miss another mid-distance run, but it was worth it.

Weekly Totals:
Running: 18.55 miles
Yoga: 130 minutes

Marathon Training Week 13 Reflections: 
I'm probably too close to the race to be jumping into cars with friends and ordering another round at happy hour, but I'm currently, as you know, having a weird time at life. Right now, given the choice between emotional/mental wellness and peak physical fitness, apparently I'm choosing the former. Ask me on November 2nd if I regret that decision, but for now, the answer is an easy no.

I could be entirely wrong, because I've never run a marathon before and what the hell do I know, but at this stage of the game, with 20- and 22-mile runs being the only uncharted territory left on my schedule (I've run 14 miles or very, very close to it more than half a dozen times by now; I know my body can do it), I feel like what's more important is being physically and mentally strong enough to push through and reach those next levels. As I've mentioned enough times on this blog to sound like a broken record, I have not been sleeping lately. I have been cramming too much into every day and I'm physically and mentally exhausted. I'm nearing a point where I want race day to get here just so it's over already. (For clarity, I don't regret signing up and I'm still looking forward to completing my first marathon. I just have a pessimistic side.) It doesn't feel worth it to keep wearing out my body and mind on the runs I don't feel are as important. I know every step is a big one in the process of becoming a marathoner, but since this was supposed to be a drop back anyway, it would probably be best if I came out of it with some semblance of feeling rested, right? I sure hope so.


And don't forget to join us this week for the first fall edition of Training for Tuesday! Grab your button, get the deets here, and Tracy and I can't wait to see you then.


  1. I had the same feeling this morning when my alarm went off at 5:30 and my body was like ughhh no so I went back to sleep because I was like, not feeling ragged and awful this week is surely more beneficial than destroying my body with more miles, you know? It ended up that I got to rest a little bit and do the run later, but still. It wasn't worth dragging myself out of bed at 5:30 for. You're right, at this point staying mentally and physically engaged is just as important as training. There's no way either one of us is going to feel good or prepared if we run our bodies into the ground.
    I hope you get some regular sleep soon because that is seriously important. But I'm impressed at how much you have rocked your training so far even without sleep!

  2. Booo for not sleeping well/at all lately, but yay for all of the miles and minutes of yoga this week despite a lot of other stuff going on! I've never marathon trained, but I definitely think doing things to improve your emotional being, even if it means missing a long run, is totally worth it / will end up making you stronger all around in the end.

  3. I can't wait to be this experienced with yoga! You set my yoga goals ha! Totally get not sleeping, I've been needing to make myself tired during the day just so I'll fall to sleep on time but I end up napping after work so that never helps. You're not alone!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

  4. You are such a badass! That is all <3

  5. Sleep problems are the worst! Getting through that and still following your training plan is super kickass. I hope you start getting some sleep soon, though!

  6. Sorry about the terrible sleep girlie. I mean I am not training for a marathon or anything but we can chat all day about horrible sleep. I feel you and I hope it gets better! Your yoga (and legit everything) continues to impress me...

  7. I seriously thought I was the only person that felt like the race should just get here so I can get the race out of the way and resume real life again, plskthx. I'm attributing my shitty sleeps to the seasonal change. I can't seem to get comfortable at night and just toss and turn. I'd rather be AWAKE than toss and turn because then I can be mad at myself for whatever is causing the problem. Ok, maybe not really, but it sounded good in my head, lol.

  8. totally know what you mean - well, within reason - about wanting race day to hurry up and get here and not feeling certain runs are worth it. i'm sorry you haven't been sleeping well, it seriously ruins all other aspects of life when that shits the bed.


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