Sunday Sweats 36: Marathon Training Week 10

August 31–September 6
Monday: hip/hamstring yoga (13 minutes) + 4.02 mile run (10:00 pace)
I don't have anything new or interesting to say about this video, I list it here so often. It's Bad Yogi, and it's good. That is all.

Mother Nature is apparently taking it upon herself this week to remind us that summer is far from officially over. It's supposed to be hot and humid through the weekend and today definitely was. Ick. I pushed my pace in the first two miles because I miss running fast but then I paid for it because hi it was almost 90º after dark. Got 'em done though, that's what counts.

Tuesday: posture fix yoga (12 minutes)
I can't rig up my workstation currently to a standing set-up, like I prefer, so I have some serious computer screen posture going on lately.

Wednesday: Lole White Yoga Event (60 minutes) + 8 mile walk
Run options for today were a) sometime after 10:30 p.m. (no, I have enough trouble falling asleep as it is) or running under the sun in 90º+ heat (no, I don't hate myself that much). Instead I decided to walk the trips to and from my train into the city, and then walked another 4+ miles with Michael to and from The Great Lawn in Central Park, for a total of move than 8 miles walking (obviously not including all the other walking I do throughout the course of a day). Now, 8 miles walked is certainly not the same as 8 miles run, but I figured I could sub it in for a 4-miler considering the day's and week's circumstances.

As for why Michael and I walked to The Great Lawn: She scored tickets to this Lole White Tour event and invited me along. (Thank you again!) It was an amazing, unifying yoga experience, humbling and happy, fun and energetic and beautiful. And then Ingrid Michealson sang, and she was amazing it and it was so fun.
(Top left & bottom images from Lole Women on Instagram)
I have to be honest, I don't know enough about all styles of yoga to say this was or wasn't something else, but I mostly recognized Vinyasa and Hatha in this 60-minute flow. Which makes sense because Hatha is Rodney Yee's cup of tea, and he led the middle segment of the class. Rodney Yee was my introduction to yoga 10 years ago, when I was just a wee lass following a DVD in my living room. To come full circle like this was surreal and incredible.
Thursday: rest
There was a time when I considered running after I got home from the chiropractor (<3) tonight. And then there was a time when it was over 90º after sunset, and a look ahead told me it would be more than 10 degrees cooler the same time tomorrow.

Friday: free flow (25 minutes) + 14 mile run (10:52 pace)
I turned on DJ Drez and flowed. I seldom finish these free flow home practices with any significant shavasana, but they seldom feel as transformative as this one did. Yes, even in just 25 minutes. I chalk it up to DJ Drez and perhaps that he triggered memories of Wanderlust, one of the most profound experiences of my life. This won't mean much for many of you, but in shavasana I saw green and blue and literally felt my throat chakra gaping. Not bad on a Friday afternoon.

As for the run, I was scheduled for 16, and this was a win and a fail in equal measure. It's still hot, and it's still above 50% humidity, and the dew point is still over 65º. At 8 miles (the remaining distance I have to run this week) I almost quit and said I'd redo the 16 tomorrow. And then I talked myself out of that really dumb idea, and kept going. And then at around 12 miles, my knees started assaulting my body from the inside. In general, I am a person who has bad knees. But their attacks while I'm running are intermittent and unpredictable, and I wish I had a way to understand why they hurt worse at mile 12 today than they ever have at a half marathon finish line, or at the end of my last 15-miler. It was painful enough that I have zero feelings of misplaced effort in ending this one two miles early—just frustration, because why?

Saturday: flexy flow (10 minutes) + 5.41 mile run (10:14 pace)
The weather was finally more comfortable (upper 70s, low humidity, my sweat actually able to cool my skin) but my left knee was not, and that's the only reason my pace is up there. My lungs could have gone for hours. But my knee actually buckled on my last step, and that's the end of this training week.

Sunday: rest
I'm scheduling this post before I head down the shore, where there is no Wi-Fi (seriously), and though I plan to get some lagoon-side yoga in on the dock in the morning, you never know what happens down the shore. Regardless, we'll be getting rowdy enough to undo any progress made, so Sunday will likely end up being a wash. Happy long weekend! and so long, sweet summer.

Weekly Totals:
Running: 27.43 miles
Yoga: 120 minutes

Marathon Training Week 10 Reflections:
There's this really strange thing that happens during marathon training, at least if you're me. Actually, two strange things. A) You look ahead to long runs and sort of laugh, because it's actually ridiculous that you're choosing to start off your Labor Day Weekend not heading down the shore to get the last bit of summer fun in, but planning to run 16 miles. And B) You start to regard distances that once terrified you as "just" and "only." Like when you tell yourself, "Just a half marathon distance left!" or "Only 10 miles to go, now!"

Also, knees. I don't want to have the debate that every runner has had with every non-runner ever, about whether or not running is actually going to murder your knees and rob you of all legular mobility by age 43. IT'S NOT TRUE (1 2 3 4 5 6). And in my case, I already had bad knees. I was always destined to have bad knees. I was built crookedly.
At least now, that I'm a runner, I a) am not ALSO a pack-a-day smoker and b) actually take way better care of my body and treat knee (and other) pains quickly and appropriately, rather than shrugging my shoulders the way I used to. So no, I'm not going to stop running because my knees were destined to be awful. I just need to restock on KT tape and not attempt anything over 13 miles without that added layer of support. (Honestly, before marathon training, I would never run a half marathon without kin tape. Marathon training has made me a crazy person.)
(Also, this mini-rant was brought to you kind people who have never said running is bad for my knees by my misdirected hatred at the many people who've suggested that quitting smoking and becoming a runner is the worst thing I've ever done for my bodily health and no I'm actually barely exaggerating and in the case of one friend I am not exaggerating at all. Apologies for the windiness.)

Also, I just realized I'm more than halfway through my training plan and it's officially less than two months away so excuse me, it's time to freak out. I'll catch you on the flippity flip.


  1. Yes to the KT Tape! It helped so much when I was dealing with my shin/tibialis/soleus injury. Also, how many miles do you have on your shoes? Maybe time for new ones? I hate to jump straight to shoes, but that is usually an issue for me when my body starts having pop-up pains.

  2. seriously with the people who say running is bad for you knees. i get if one has bad knees they might not want to run, but running itself is not going to make normal knees worse.. at least, that's my very not-an-expert opinion. i'm sorry yours are acting up. mine act up sometimes as well, though i know they aren't as bad as yours, it sucks because there is no rhyme or reason, they just start hurting and you just have to listen. boo.
    i hope the weather is miraculously fall-like for you this week :)

  3. I seriously should invest in some KT tap and figure that mess out. I bet that my knees would very much appreciate it when they start getting achy, which like you, isn't on the regular.
    It was when I was doing 8+ mile runs on a Friday or Saturday night that I realized I was serious about my training. I wish that it wasn't so hot and humid at night so I could still be doing that.... 1.5 weeks till my 1/2!!

  4. That event looks like such a cool experience- the photo from above is so cool- soooo many people! So sorry to hear your knees are acting up though! Hopefully they're feeling a bit better and taping them can relieve some of the pain.

  5. Moving to NJ/NY ASAP solely for yoga opportunities. So cool.
    Re: your last paragraph, I've cried about my training and race every day this weekend. So, you know, things to look forward to!

  6. You're my go-to invitee. My pleasure!


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