Alien-ating Bloggers, One Subreddit at a Time

A few years ago I caught wind of this magical, mystical Internet land called Reddit. I would hear people talk about it every now and then, or reference something they'd read on it, or see a link to a post there. On a few occasions I clicked over and found...what looked like 1994 America Online v. And so I ran.

But, being a citizen of the Internet and a member of the digital age as I am, and a nosy, information-hungry one at that, I couldn't fully escape the allure. Last year I finally made an account (I never comment or post, ever, so don't bother looking for my history. I have 0 karma.) and am now undoubtedly that person you often hear saying things like "I saw this thing on Reddit..." and "Oh I read that on Reddit the other day...." (In fact, it's something Dani has called me out on every time we've hung out.) But it really is a great place to find exactly the kind of information you're looking for.

There really is a subreddit for everything. And I do mean everything. Yes, that's a link to a subreddit about weird subreddits. I wasn't lying.

Anyway, there are the handful of default subreddits anyone sees when they open, but the best way to really get anything positive out of reddit is to create an account and customize your feed. It's kind of like creating a blog feed, except there are literally millions of people contributing to the discussion (and as long as you stay in the right place, those discussions stay civil and healthily moderated). I ended up creating an account so I could add subreddits like /r/running, /r/twoXchromosomes, /r/minimalism, /r/newjersey and more to my feed. And I really believe in reddit as an awesome forum to learn from people just like you, and from people who couldn't be any more different, literally the world over.

But listen, I totally get that it looks like a big linky mess when you first open the page. It's part of its charm. (No lie, I spent my first month on reddit looking at guides on how to use reddit. Like this one, this one, and this one.) Once you get past the retro aesthetic, that's when the real fun begins. I thought I'd do my duty as a citizen of the Internet and help you get started.

You know everyone, including you, has the best ideas in the shower. Someone went ahead and thought the best (or absolute worst) ones should be put on the Internet. AND THEY WERE TOTALLY RIGHT.

It's kind of a meta-joke on reddit that the things in /r/mildlyinteresting are actually really interesting, while the things posted on /r/interestingasfuck are really not all that interesting. But seriously, you guys, a Sun Chip with a Sun Chip in its pocket.

I know at least some of you are like me. Actually, I don't know if there's a person in the whole world wouldn't join me in FREAKING OUT over the amazingness to be found on this subreddit. It's perfect for when you just need a little something to bring you back to zero and go "ahhh."

It's really where you see humanity shine. I've learned so much from this subreddit, and just FYI, it's really not a free-for-all. Like I said, it's moderated, and people are sticklers for their source links and corroborating stories. People out there actually are capable of some really smart, fascinating discussions. (Well, they're also capable of discussions like this, but it all comes out in the wash.) If you ask me, this is the best and most interesting subreddit on the whole site.

Because reddit is "the front page of the Internet," and everyone knows the Internet is 90% cats. They (and the dogs that act like them) live on this subreddit.

I can almost guarantee all of you have seen an image that originated from this subreddit. Like, you know the Dos X guy with those "I don't always _____" quotes? Reddit made him. And Ten Guy, one of my personal favorites?? Reddit. Insanity Wolf/Puppy? Reddit. Bad Luck Brian? Scumbag Steve? Awkward Seal? Actual Advice Mallard? Gang's all here. I can get sucked into this subreddit for hours. Not recommended for that five-minute break you're taking at work.

Seriously though, these people are doing the Lord's work.

Because the world can be pretty terrible sometimes and we have to occasionally see things or imagine things that are basically the worst ever. Just watch some puppies smoosh their faces into glass doors at each other or look at a dachshund in an elephant costume and it'll be like it never happened.

There are way too many subreddits to keep on top of all of them. When a particularly insightful or interesting or profound discussion happens, or when something just out-of-this-world insane happens on reddit, you can usually find it here. I've cried more often than not reading this subreddit.

The number one reason I love reddit so much is that it really does help me learn passively, all the damn time. Sure, I read inane commentary about the politics of waving while driving a unique car or laugh out loud alone to myself at any number of ridiculous animal gifs (I have friends and do things, guys, I swear), but there's no limit to the ways this place bends my brain. Also, it's key to that pub trivia game so you guys wanna get on that ASAP.

Redditors of blogland! What are your favorite subs? I'm always pleasantly surprised by new subreddits that are right up my alley (like that time my friend told me about /r/vacuums. VACUUMS, guys! Oh right, that doesn't mean anything to you unless you know how much I love vacuuming.) so tell me yours!


  1. And now, thanks to you, I am going to indulge in another time-suck because, hey, why not?! Can't wait to read more about this and dig into your 101 this weekend! xo

  2. Yayyy! I am halfway convinced to make an account so I can curate my feed. There are some amazingly clever people on Reddit. I think my favorite thing is when the comments go off in some hilarious direction. And puns. I'm a fan of the pun threads. But yeah, I'm with you in appreciating that people on Reddit call you out if you don't provide sources, so there's less bullshit floating around than there is on Facebook. And the political commentary is awesome, because you get both sides, and quite frequently, an intelligent and thought provoking version of each side.

  3. I'm not a Reddit user and have no time to be one soon, but a few of the ones you've mentioned have me extremely interested.

  4. Is it bad that even reading this I still don't quite understand it LOL!! I'm going to re-read and hope something sticks! xo, BIana -BlovedBoston

  5. Once upon a time I reddited only for wonderful unseen by the blog-world gifs. Now you've opened my eyes to a whole new lovely world of oddly satisfying and mildly interesting. <3

  6. LMAO @ "eye bleach"... the name alone kills me!

  7. Hahaha, I'm sorry! But now, thank to you and these links, I am in the process of learning all about the reddits and subreddits! I think my favorite was shower thoughts and oddly satisfying. (P.S. While perusing the latter, I found one called vaccuum porn and thought of you.)

  8. My husband is obsessed with Reddit! I swear it's like his pinterest. I've dabbled in it a little bit, but can't really remember which subreddits I enjoyed the most. I'll have to check these out!

  9. I was doing research for a book I thought I might write and ending up on reddit. It is overwhelming, crazy, hard to follow but OMG, so full of everything. I don't have an account because I know I'd spend my days in the rabbit hole. I stay away unless absolutely necessary.

    Thanks for this list, though, because now I know how I'll be spending my purposefully planned Friday afternoon off.

  10. Reddit is the best. It's mostly the commenters who are the funniest and leave the most hilarious comments!!

  11. Mildly Infuriating is one of my faves. I have a speed limit sign I need to post on the thread, I just never have. The 3 is slightly crooked.

  12. Ok so true story. My husband is constantly referring to reddit in conversations and such so I decided to venture on one day a few weeks ago. I took one look and ran crying. Or more like "x" out and never returned. Thank you for guiding us! Perhaps it deserves a second chance from me.

  13. i love reddit, but never really venture into the subreddits--thanks for doing the hard work for us!! have a great weekend, alyssa!

  14. Omg I can't wait to read all of these and pin the shiz out of that pin-able image. YAS. :D

  15. yeah not gonna lie, i have tried to understand reddit before and gave up. but, i didn't try that hard, so thanks for explaining it!

  16. One of these days I will stay with it and see whats really going on, but yeah still kind of lost lol.


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