Five On Friday

Five thoughts for your pre-marathon enjoyment. And by that I really mean MY pre-marathon enjoyment distraction (hopefully). I'm as shocked as you are that I managed to keep it to five, but bloggers + Fridays + the number 5 just go together like...things that come in threes.

ONE || In Alyssa-land, gearing up for a big race, of which the distance is a first for me, is a nerve-wracking endeavor. So, also, is flying on airplanes. Weirdly, it's not so much the actual flight that bugs me, but the whole concept of air travel and the rules and liquids and three ounces and do I have to take out my computer going through security and seriously what would happen if someone didn't put their phone on Airplane Mode? In this turn at the rodeo, I'm combining both. Because I don't half-ass stressful situations. I full-ass them.

TWO || I've made roasted chickpeas once or twice before, but this past month has been like a party in the chickpea aisle for me. I can't get enough of roasting these little babies and okay I barely want to admit this on the Internet but I'm going to anyway. The last two times I roasted a whole can of chickpeas, I ate an entire can of roasted chickpeas in one sitting. In my defense...marathon training.

THREE || I'm trying very hard to say in the moment and live one day—or at least one week—at a time. But I can't stop myself from planning for months ahead of time either. I enjoy each day for what it is and, most of the time, try to make the most of it. But to be honestly honest, I have a 2017 race spreadsheet already in progress. And it has five items on it. Mostly, because I know a lot of people fall victim to post-race registration blindness (a grave condition where, in the immediate aftermath of running a marathon or other big race, the afflicted registers for future races of other great distances without fully thinking things through). I'm trying to nip this in the bud by planning out 2016 races—at least, the biggies—before the fever hits.

FOUR || I have an update about my work situation coming. I know you guys are dying to know where I'm working/what I'm doing, and you'll probably just keep on losing sleep night after night after night until I fill you in. Don't worry, it's coming.
Okay, on the real real: The past four or five months have been full of change and transition and uncertainty and stress and chaos, but I've finally crash landed somewhere with solid ground. You guys have been hugely supportive ever since I shared months ago that I was leaving my job... without a backup plan. A lot has happened since then and I want to share what I've learned and what I've discovered about myself in the process.

FIVE || I know I've been a bit one-track minded lately (MARATHON), but thanks for bearing with me and being encouraging and supportive as the biggest physical event of my life so far looms closer and closer. I can't believe it's here, but I also can. It's been a long road (no pun intended). I'll see you on the other side.

And if you'd like to see how I'm doing during the race, you can head to and view City of Oaks Marathon runners. I'm bib #239.


  1. Ahhh good luck girl! I'm so excited for you and you just reminded me that I need to roast some chickpeas LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Thinking of you and sending you good luck wishes!! Can't wait to hear about the marathon. I've never flown but just thinking of how I would have to pack for air travel gives me a little shot of anxiety ha so I get it!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

  3. good luck Alyssa!!! Can't wait to hear about your work and also your post-race thoughts!!!

  4. You are going to have an AMAZING time! And I mean that in every way. Feel free to share this chickpea recipe/how-to because YUM!! I like to think we're IRL friends at this point so I am, of course, anxious to hear about the job progress!

  5. airport security is the worst and completely random. at Ft. Lauderdale, the security dude tested both my and Kayla's hands. mine ok fine but a 7yr old? she thought he was going to give her a high five LOL

  6. GOOD LUCK this weekend!!! You got this!

    Also I'm excited to hear about your new job situation!!

  7. You've got this lady! I know you are going to do amazing, remember to breath and that you are a rockstar! Sending rock it out vibes from DC!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. lol i have totally turned my phone on before and it wasn't on airplane mode before i got on... and nothing happened!! i didn't want to be too daredevil-y though, so i quickly put it on airplane mode. i do NOT want to be the reason shit goes wrong.

    hahahaha yessss when we do roasted chickpeas we have to do 2 cans because 1 can each.

    lol girl i feel you on the planning! not exactly races, but i have a spreadsheet for my 2016 races, 2016 AND 2017 travel. lol. i want time to hurry up! but also, not, because hello aging.

    yayyyy i have been super curious about your job situation actually, but didn't want to stress you out further by constantly asking questions. can't wait to hear!

    i will be running on sunday as well! as long as i don't get too drunk on saturday, lol. will you have your phone on you / can i bombard you with texts or will that be distracting?

    YOU'RE GONNA BE AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would wish you luck but you don't need it! (okay, but good luck).

  9. I love roasted chickpeas but for the life of me I have yet to master making them myself. They end up chewy! :(

  10. I want to know about your work things!!! Airport rules are a pain, but while airlines frequently piss me off with their terrible customer service and swindling policies (what, you missed the first flight of a round trip, well now you don't have a return flight either), I enjoy the airport. I have the TSA line down to a science and I pride myself on the speed with which I divest myself of shoes, liquids, and laptops.

    Good luck with the marathon! You're gonna crush it!!!

  11. It's here! The moment you've been training, dreaming, wishing and sweating for! I'm sending all of my good vibes your way this weekend and know you'll be amazing! Happy day!

  12. Okay, I have no issues with actually flying but the entirety of the airport experience as you've described here is what stresses me out.

    Can't wait to hear about the work life and the marathon and and and all in good time...just enjoy today and tomorrow and the recovery and go out there and run.

    I'll be sending you much support across the miles!

  13. Good luck to you this weekend! Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  14. This post brightened my day!! You rock, girl. I love reading your random thoughts. AND I SERIOUSLY DON'T KNOW WHY ON EARTH I NEED TO TAKE OUT MY LAPTOP FROM THE BAG IN THE SECURITY CHECK. They don't even inspect it, ever. They just need to see it sitting outside of the bag. Why? Why?
    Really looking forward to your job-related posts and having my sleeping routine back on track ;)
    And, of course... well, I don't know how to wish you luck to avoid sounding either cheesy or too cold. "Good luck"? What do you even say to someone who's about to run their first marathon ever?? You're a great inspiration, I already said that. I hope you get that it's from the bottom of my heart. (Cheesy!) Go get 'em miles, you American me!

  15. I am not a fan of the whole airport experience either. And why does it take so long to board a plane??? Like just put your luggage up and sit down! Zero patience over here. Glad to hear you are on solid ground with work!!! Mmmmm chickpeas.

    I wish you much love and luck for your marathon! Cant wait to hear all about it. I know you are going to ROCK!!!

  16. AHHH GOOD LUCK!!! You got this, girl. You don't actually need luck, but I'm sending it anyway just in case (like those delicious/grossatthesametime GU gummies). Can't wait to hear about it!! xo


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