Sunday Sweats 40: Marathon Training Week 14

September 28–October 4
Newtons' first ride | Old reliables getting me through the rain | Saturday's a rugby day | All taped up and everywhere to go

Monday: happy hippy flow (20 minutes)
After spending about 15 hours in the car since yesterday morning, two things were true: running wasn't going to happen, and my hips needed some SERIOUS attention.

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 minutes) + 2.07 mile run (8:53 pace)
No, this was not my scheduled 5 mile run. But too much to do and too little time meant it was either short or not at all tonight, so I took my new Newtons out for their first ride. It was cool (73º) but post-thunderstorm humid (ugh, 90%) but my legs were movin'. Felt good, and I think I'm really going to like running in Newtons.

Wednesday: 8.22 mile run (9:49 pace)
Nice and cool tonight but still a little humid and windy as all get-out—Hurricane Joaquin is coming, or maybe not, but it feels like it. We're expecting rain for the rest of the week though, so there was no avoiding an icky evening. Regardless of the gusts hitting me right in the chest, this run felt good and my legs felt happy. Definitely felt the difference running in my Sauconys after an outing in Newtons. Don't hold me to it yet, but I think I found my new shoe brand.

Thursday: rest
Planned to get some yoga in after work, but ended up running a ton of errands and the rain made it take way longer than necessary. Then I celebrated the fact that I learned at 4:45 that I didn't have to come back to the office Friday with a glass of wine and that was the end of Thursday.

Friday: 5.01 mile run (8:48 pace)
Today was going to be the 20-miler. But I made a logical decision and after furiously checking the weather every minute, I decided I could run 5 miles in the today's rainstorm. But not 20. So I swapped today's miles for Sunday's and had flashbacks to RnR but luckily there was no two-hour wait for a train/cab/Uber before I could get a hot shower post-run.

This run was hard in the best way. Weather aside, it was me pushing me, and daring myself to get it done the way I wanted to do it. No surprise, marathon daydreams were in my head the entire time. I started out really fast (8:24—much faster than I'd usually go for a 5-miler!) and while my splits were a bit uneven (mostly due to hills and changes in rain and wind speed/direction) at 8:24 / 8:45 / 9:11 / 9:07 / 8:34, they were some of the fastest miles I've managed to run in a loooong time. And they were fast enough for me to PR the crap out of my unofficial 5-miler. How's that for an awesome feeling right when I could have used one?

Saturday: rest
Yeah, I've been lazy. After my friend's rugby game this morning (where I stood in the rain/cold/wind for a few hours) (I'm such a good friend) I was all about curling up on the couch under a blanket binge-watching a TV show I'm embarrassed to admit to and listening to the wind howl outside. I thought I might get some yoga in, but aside from some isolated stretches, there was no flow.

Sunday: pre-run yoga (30 minutes) + 10 mile run (10:12 pace)
Warmed up with legs up the wall and some good deep hip and hamstring movements before the run I've been eager and terrified for for months now.

And then I got out there, felt a little adventurous and daring on a new route...and then my body completely fell apart, and my mind followed. It wasn't the weather. It was my body. I couldn't make myself run a single step more. My hip was killing me, even with layers of KT tape. My stomach was growling, and the gels that usually power me weren't doing anything to help me feel full. And honestly, I probably ruined this run for myself before I even laced up, so panicked have I been over it for weeks. I'll try again next week.

Weekly Totals
Running: 25.92 miles
Yoga: 125 minutes

Marathon Training Week 14 Reflections:
Marathon training has been one of the most grueling experiences of my entire life, but I've loved it. Even when I haven't loved every run or every step, I've loved the fact that I decided to throw myself into this challenge, full steam ahead. Chiefly because it has helped me to learn a LOT about myself. One of those things I've learned is that I don't do well with loopholes. Most people train to 20 miles for their marathon, and then taper. I decided to train for 20 and 22 before tapering, because I thought 22 would help me feel more prepared and that getting into the 20s more than once before race day would calm my nerves. But this experience, in conjunction with previous race experiences (specifically my first and second half marathons) has helped me to learn that under pressure is where I show up best. If I had attempted this run knowing a taper was up next, or that I wouldn't have a shot at redemption next weekend, I'm almost positive it would have gone differently.

I don't love that about myself, and it feels weirdly gloaty to say I do best when the pressure is on—even if I'm the only one cranking it. But I think ignoring that has led me to be unrealistic about myself during this training program and it hasn't done me any favors. That doesn't mean I should just stop now and wing it on race day, or that I don't need to prepare traditionally. But I think it would serve me well moving forward to really reflect on what will make me feel prepared, rather than relying solely on what other people say makes them do better on race day. I'm not running their race; I'm running mine.


  1. Yeah, yeah, we already talked, but I hope you know that I am SO proud of you! I hope you don't let today get you down and instead use this week to regroup and absolutely nail your last big long run. I wish today had worked out differently but, given your past, this might have actually been the best thing that could have happened. Rest up and do the damn thing next weekend! As always, I'll be rooting for you every step of the way <3

  2. oh KT honestly feels like i'm being held together by it. i went to see my acupuncturist for a treatment and when i asked her about other things i can do to make the pain go away she said: to be honest, don't train for at least 2-3 weeks. um, yeah....sorry lady, that ain't happening. what else you got?

  3. Listening to your body is the best thing you could have done yesterday. I'm proud of you and how far you've come. Trust yourself because I trust in you!

  4. It sucks that your long run didn't go well, but I can totally see what you mean about doing better under pressure. It's the same psychology that goes into procrastinating. There's nothing forcing you to do it, until there is. You'll get 'em next week! Pressure's on... ;-)

  5. Sorry to hear that your long run didn't go as planned, but ten miles is still great! I hope you are able to regroup this week and go into your long run this weekend feeling strong. Hearing you and Tracy talk about Newton's has almost got me convinced to get some. I'll be interested to know if the Newton's help with your hip pain at all.

  6. I dont think you resting is you being lazy at all. You are a beast and I love reading your progress :) . I love that you listen to your body and go for it when you need to. You got this!!!

  7. ah yes, seriously. i have done a few races, but i am not good with training. i have only just recently discovered, or realised rather, that everyone trains / prepares differently and at some point you really do need to focus on yourself and ensure you do what you want how you want to, rather than what other people say to do. reading about what other people need to do to feel prepared sometimes makes me feel insecure because i don't agree, but i try and convince myself i do, you know?

    i'm so sorry about sunday's run girl. wish i could offer help or words of wisdom or words of anything. xoxox

  8. My next 1/2 is a month away and I've ran less than 20 miles since my Navy-AF 1/2.. and that is NOT good. I know I need to get some miles in, but the pressure to do WELL is overwhelming me actually DOING my runs. It's so silly, but it is. When I do force myself to run, I'm miserable the entire time. I ache and that only tears me down mentally. I appreciate seeing how you're able to just roll with the bad runs. I get wrapped up in them and it's a downward spiral from there. #perfectionistproblems

  9. That is seriously so awesome that you got such great times on your Friday run! That weather would have had me a little weary too. I am sorry to hear about Sunday's run though. As soon as my body starts getting wore out my mind gives up -- I have been trying to figure out how to push through that.

  10. I found your blog via Kenzie ^^ and I love to follow other fellow runners. I noticed your shoes look like Saucony Triumphs which I bought yesterday and am excited to try out. I usually run in Newtons so it's a change. How do you like them? Nice job with your training!


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