Sunday Sweats 41: Marathon Training Week 15

October 5–11

Monday: flexibility flow & inversion practice (25 minutes)
I've been pretty neglectful of my inversion practice over the past few weeks, between how exhausted I've been, how little time I've had, and how much I've needed to focus on the run. It was fun to have a little play time today!

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 minutes) + 4.1 mile run (9:21 pace)
I do believe that yoga is the perfect warm-up and cool-down from running. But running after a 75-minute class that was heavy on the warriors and balance poses (aka ouch my quads) is not my favorite thing! Just a little heavy in the legs tonight, but other than that a solid class and solid run.

Wednesday: hip yin yoga (35 minutes)
One of my favorite ways to fit my practice into the day is while I'm winding down and getting ready for bed. A lot of restorative or yin poses can be done right in bed, so I like to set a timer for 5 minutes and really sink into each pose for a nice long time. I pick poses like reclined bound angle, reclined half hero on each side, spinal twists, and reclined figure four variations.

Thursday: 20.25 mile run (10:11 pace) + restorative yoga (25 minutes)
Today was full of more win than I could ever have guessed. I decided late last night that today would be the best day this week to get to 20 miles. Usually it's on the weekend, but this whole "not having to go to an office" thing means I can run whenever I damn well please, and I like that a lot. So I dialed back the anticipation—something that definitely gets the best of me—but turned up the pressure—something that definitely helps me—and I did it.

A great deal of my miles came in under 10:00, more than I expected to really. But after taking a whole buncha new hills and some sworn enemies I already know too well, plus a bathroom break, one water fill-up, and a few short walks that were really more about being able to eat my gels easily without fumbling the packaging back into my belt, I averaged out here. Even still, this is pretty well under my goal race pace AND without the benefit of all the things I know will help me on race day: well rested after taper, crowd cheers, adrenaline, my amazing friends who will be cheering me on. Anyway, that's peak. I actually said "oh my god" out loud (the first words I said in more than three hours; that's weird) when my watch chimed the 20 mile mark. Oh my god.

Friday: rest-ish
I  sort of intended to run 5 miles today, but I was being held together by KT tape, a compression sleeve, and a prayer. I did a total of like six minutes of yoga and then things just started happening and I ended up having none of the time I thought I was going to. I ran 20 miles yesterday though, so I'm fine with that.

Saturday: rest
My day: wake up, run out the door, amazing daytime blate with Michael, Dani, and Jenn, drive ~70 minutes home, fly through a shower, greet friends at the door, par-tay the night away. I made no time for anything related to fitness today.
Sunday: restorative flow yoga (30 minutes)
Last night my cousin asked if I was free to come join her and some other family for an Oktoberfest and fall harvest festival out in her part of the state, and ya know? I did. And then I stayed for a little bonfire, and I didn't run 5 miles today. I should probably be much more concerned about that because it's supposed to be peak week and I am way too close to the end to be missing two runs in one week. There are missed/skipped runs that I regret, and there are the ones I brush off and forgive myself for. This week contained the latter, and I wouldn't trade any second of this perfect fall weekend for a single mile.

Weekly Totals
Running: 24.35 miles
Yoga: 190 minutes

Marathon Training Week 15 Reflections:
I can't believe it's already time to dial back my mileage. This was the first week without a mid-distance run during the week, and next week I'm down to 12 for the long run. When did this happen? How did we get here so fast? Is it true that the marathon is only three weeks away?
On a separate note, I am so glad it's time to taper. (Ask me in a week if I still feel that way, or if the taper has sent me into a total tailspin of absolute crazy.)


  1. Great job on the 20 miler!!! Such an awesome accomplishment and your pace was great!

  2. Yay 20 miles! You killed it!

    Question: can I overdo it with yoga? I've been having some hip pain, so I hit it pretty hard core with hip openers and a higher intensity hips & hammies video I found. Then Sunday during my last "long" run of 8 miles, my hip was really not happy with me. I'm 1 week out from my full, and feeling more than a little discouraged right now!

  3. The festival and wine tasting look like so much fun and yay for a bonfire - perfect night cap! And AWESOME job on hitting 20 miles - that's incredible!

    Green Fashionista

  4. OMG YOUR 20 MILES AND THAT PACE YOU GO GIRL!! I am so proud and happy, you are such a bad ass. Your pace is amazing. All the pats on the back. Marathon so soon!!!!
    meanwhile, on a different note, the instagram yoga challenge has (hopefully) got me back into yoga. i was never out of it, but i wasn't working consistently, and it shows in my 'practice' the last few days and i hate that. i want to get better. is there a magic pill one can take to get better? lol jk.
    seriously, i'm in awe of your 20 miler. you're so awesome!

  5. 20 miles - way to go lady!!! You deserved that wine day!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Oh. My. God. !!!! Your pace is super jealous you get speed and distance. Teach me your ways? I can't wait to watch you crush this thing!

  7. Congrats on 20 miles! A bon fire sounds great♥

  8. Oh My God. TAPER!!! So proud of you and beyond jealous of the bonfire weekend. Keep living life!

  9. YAY long run accomplished! After my bridge run on Sunday I said the exact same thing!! OMG. The end was difficult for me to keep going, I just wanted to walk so bad, but I knew that it was just a mental thing and that I could finish, so I body over minded myself and owned that run.


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