Sunday Sweats 42: Marathon Training Week 16

October 12–18
Monday: full body flow (17 minutes) + 5.1 mile run (8:51 pace)
I haven't done this yoga video from Erin's first 30-day challenge in a long time, and I have no idea why! It was the perfect start to the productive part of my day. A day that included a visit to my beloved chiropractor, who might be more stoked for me to get to Raleigh than I am. Anyway, he fixed me up real good, pulled out the big guns, and sent me on my way to run a speedy, feel-good five miles. I call that the trifecta of body happiness. And on a Monday, no less!

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
This was a really fun and challenging class, with tons of balancing postures, twists, and deep hip work. I'm getting deeper into king pigeon pose every week, and I love feeling the difference in my body's abilities from week to week!

Wednesday: yoga for runners (17 minutes) + 4.14 mile run (8:53 pace)
Was definitely feeling soreness from last night's class today, so I went to Ol' Reliable to warm up pre-run. It was absolutely beautiful today—the trees are just starting to burn, the air settled into the cool low-60s around late afternoon, and it was crisp, sunny, and clear. It was just a tad too breezy for my run though; at parts I felt like I was being pulled by the back of my shirt. But all in all a pleasant run with a pace I'm really happy to see.

Thursday: hip yin yoga (35 minutes)
My right hip is really not happy with me right now, and as a result neither is that IT band...or knee. If I'm looking forward to one thing the most in my post-marathon life, it's some relief for this overused hip joint and all the chiropractic adjustments. Consulting my schedule, not a good idea to skip the day's run. Consulting my body and personal history with rest before a race? The right decision.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: active rest and hopefully some yoga
I'm scheduling this post in advance so I can't be sure what the weekend will look like, but I don't plan on having time to run (that didn't stop me from packing running shoes and an outfit) and factored this into the schedule. I'll try to squeeze in some yoga—at least some restorative postures while sitting or getting ready for sleep to undo the effects of the long drives I have ahead of me. But instead of running this weekend, I'll be watching Tracy accomplish a goal so unbelievable, I don't have words for it right now and I might not ever be able to do it justice with a simple blog post.

Weekly Totals
Running: 9.24 miles
Yoga: 144 minutes

Marathon Training Week 16 Reflections:
I don't have much to say, because this week is a lot bigger than me and my training. I'm happy to finally be tapering and resting up for the next challenge. But what I really want to reflect on is how much I love blogging, this community, and the sport of running. Without all three, I wouldn't know Tracy, wouldn't be spending this weekend with her, wouldn't be able to witness all her greatness in action Saturday. I love this thing we've all got going on here, you guys.


  1. Killer paces this week! Apparently taper time agrees with you ;)
    I'm sorry that I hijacked your weekend but I am SO happy, honored, and touched that you were there at every checkpoint on Saturday! I truly, truly cannot wait to do the same for you and see your face when you cross the finish line in 2 weeks!
    It IS a good thing we've got going on :) I hope that after this weekend you're more inspired than freaked out, and that you can get to work on all the non-running prep that will help you get through 26.2. You've done the work and now there's nothing left to it but to do it!

  2. I wish my every day was as productive as your Monday! I have a four-class pass for our local yoga studio and I cannot wait to go. I am hoping that I manage to go next weekend, or maybe one of these days after work. Your run times are great!! You are going to rock your marathon!

  3. The trifecta of body happiness. love it! i'm sorry about your hip, i hope it's not too bad. good call on listening to your body, way more important.
    I'm so glad blogging brought you Tracy and that you were able to spend this past weekend with her as she was a complete and utter badass, and that she will be there for you for your badassery moment. Seriously, that is awesome and I am so happy for you both! I can't wait to hear all about both of your events!

  4. Ahhh, taper! Glad you were able to cheer Tracy on - that is so cool! Hope your hip starts to cooperate or at least quiet down soon!


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