Sunday Sweats 43: Marathon Training Week 17

October 19–25

Monday: 4.11 mile run (9:13 pace) + low back & hip yoga (15 minutes)
I'm definitely having my taper crazy thoughts (I'm so not ready. How can I possibly be ready to run a marathon? What can I do to be more ready? How is running only 4 miles today going to make me ready in less than two weeks? What is rest and recovery? Why do people keep saying those things?) but at the same time am really grateful for prescribed short runs and gentle workouts, because I know my body needs (and is seriously craving) them. I ran without KT tape on anything at all for the first time in weeks and my body didn't rebel—sure proof that rest is actually good for something.

Afterward I tried out this video that I must have done once, ages ago, because it was in one of my folders on YouTube. It was actually really great and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a low-intensity yoga routine you can do without a mat in the morning, before bed, in bed, before or after a run, etc. Nice and easy.

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
Me driving to class: I'll take it nice and easy tonight. Me in class: Can I balance here? Can I take a bind here? Can I go unassisted here? Can I take it further here?
Because why? Dunno. But it was a good class and Donna kept me on my toes. Although, she did forget to bring us to pigeon on the second (left) side, and I didn't have the heart to tell her since we were already running late (and the yogis who come in after us are pretty aggressive about getting in there early). We got a nice long hold on the right side, and that's the side of me that desperately needed it, so no complaining from me.

Wednesday: IT band yoga (16 minutes) + 3.1 mile run (8:44 pace) + deep hip yoga (18 minutes)
Did NOT realize how sore my shoulders were until the first plank of this sequence. Then suddenly I flashed back to the higher-than-usual number of chaturangas and warriors last night. Oof. Anyway, this video has some really delicious stretches for the IT bands and hammies, one of which I do while standing before every single run. It's a godsend.

Out on the run, my hip was cranky within a mile. I went without tape, and I really don't see what the solution to my hip woes is other than taping for the marathon and then resting enough to let it die down. I know it's because of the miles I'm putting in on top of the improper alignment, so hopefully this is just a temporary side effect of marathon training. I threw in another hip sequence afterward to calm it down for the evening.

Also, speaking of things to calm down, the air wasn't air tonight. It was just all gnat clouds and I caught roughly 1.8 billion of them in my eyes, mouth, nose, ears, and sweat-glued to my face. I was actually wiping dead gnats off my face when I came inside. Nature is gross sometimes.

Thursday: quick hip flow (13 minutes)
Woke up with my hip hurting really badly. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't starting to get a little nervous about it. I know it's probably part of the taper madness that's making it appear worse than it is, so I'm not scheduling any surgeries (or any other crazy consideration that's run through my mind) until after the marathon.

Friday: 4.01 mile run (8:54 pace) + flexy hip yoga (20 minutes)
Hip felt better with tape today, but it finally dawned on me yesterday that I really should be icing too, so I'm hoping that helps me get ready for race day. I had a bit of wind dragging me on this run but overall it felt good and I felt strong. This weather makes me feel so good though, and I came out of the gate too strong. I need to really figure out how to stay on top of that on race day.

Saturday: rest
This was kind of just a "life rest" day. It was a bit gloomy outside and the perfect day for Netflix binging, hip icing, and foam rolling.

Sunday: 8 mile run (9:00 pace) + restorative yoga (30 minutes)
Well that's it and that's all. I mean, not really, because I have three more runs next week, but this is the last significant mileage before the marathon in one week. One week. Seven days.
I haven't gotten to my yoga practice yet, but I'm pencilling it in before bed and planning to combine it with a much-needed long meditation, and didn't want to put this post off any longer.

Weekly Totals:
Running: 19.22
Yoga: 187 minutes

Marathon Training Week 17 Reflections:
If you think I can get my end-of-the-road marathon training reflections down to a little snippet in this post, you must be new here. Check back this week for how I'm handling my last week before becoming a marathoner.

I can't believe I'm saying this again already, but don't forget that the last Tuesday of the month is fast approaching! Get your Training for Tuesday posts ready because Tracy and I can't wait to see what you've been working toward, training for, and totally winning at this month. We've got a new button (because I'm a genius and deleted our old one off the server, oops! Sorry, guys!) so go ahead and grab it below. Hope to see you on Tuesday!


  1. love the new button!
    ew gnat clouds. boo. can't wait to read all about your pre marathon thoughts next week and then of course hear all about how amazing you did next week. i can see the future, don't argue ;)

  2. EEKKKK so close to marathon time!! You are going to do splendid, my friend! I cannot wait to hear all about your experience and how much you kicked butt. xo

  3. You are so ready and you're going to do great!

  4. Oh, ha! I was wondering what happened to the old one. I was telling my sisters about the "taper crazy" that you and Tracy have been experiencing and, after I explained what it meant, they agreed it was the perfect way to sum up the pre-race feelings. Not envying you that, but it's almost over and you're gonna do great!

  5. Ah, another Training for Tuesday and Less than a week until you COMPLETE 26.2!! I'm so excited for you and the euphoria you're going to feel once this dream becomes reality!

  6. I know you have all the emotions right now but I kinda sorta can't wait for next weekend for a multitude of reasons. Also, I love reading your recaps because I make mental notes of the yoga videos you post for when certain things hurt. IT band yoga ? Yes please.

  7. nature is seriously the worst.. Unless it's raining while I'm running. Then I make an exception.

    OMG ALMOST A MARATHON RUNNER!!! CRRAAYYYY!!! So excited for you!

  8. OMG ahhhhhhhh I AM SO EXCITED IS THIS NORMAL?!?!?!? So many last have already happened and even more to come this week. Take it one day at a time and remember that this is what you've worked for. You're doing it!


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