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I don't even know how many different places there are now to link up these Wednesday confessions, but I do know this: I have confessions to make. I also know that Kathy (with the help of the sweet Nadine) has resurrected her linkup that started them all, and my friend Sarah is playing hostess for us too. Links all around. But more importantly, here are some recent embarrassing things about me.

I decided on Sunday that I needed to reorganize my budget...while I was driving home from Richmond. There was laundry to do, articles to write, emails to reply to, but the first productive thing I did was rewrite the structure of my budget when I got home. Because priorities?
I've known for a while that I would probably want to run the Richmond half marathon in 2016. On Saturday, Tracy and I ran a bit of the course with Lisa, and it was gorgeous and truly seemed to earn its moniker, "America's friendliest marathon." (Also during this trip, we got to see Becky bring it in for her amazing first marathon! Congrats!) But it's a long way away—a year, obviously—and I didn't have to make any decisions. Except that I totally did and I'm already registered for the 2016 Richmond Half Marathon, which, for anyone not keeping track, is 11 months and three weeks away.
This picture also really makes me giggle because a) Becky just ran 26.2 miles and looks better than I do, and b) the height discrepancy is just lol-worthy.
I went grocery shopping and bought two rolls of ready-made cookie dough. I am not a baker, and I don't care. That's not the confession. This is: I purposely bought two so that I could actually bake one (sugar cookies) and eat the other one (chocolate chip) raw.

If you visited here last week two or three days in a row, you probably saw the header change two or three times. I just can't make up my mind. Maybe one day I'll let a blog layout stick around for any significant length of time. But honestly, I probably won't.

Sometimes when I really like a song, I start to miss it before it's even over. I know, I'm insane. Actually, I've read that these kinds of intense attachments to specific music are common in HSPs (highly sensitive people), which we've established I am, so I'm less weirded out by it now than I used to be. Anyway, there are times when I start a song before it's even over just because I already want to listen to it again. Some songs I've done this with lately: this one, this one, and this one. Because there's no rhyme or reason to my life, you guys.

I watched When Harry Met Sally for the first time ever in my life last week. It was pretty good.

Finally: I have no idea who the man candy on Kathy's latest button is. No idea.
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Aaaaand that's plenty for right now, you think? Linking up all over planet blog.
What are you owning up to today?


  1. ALYSSA!!!!!!! that is Quinn from (the show) Homeland!
    so excellent that you've already registered for next year! you're going to kill it :)
    thanks for linking up!

  2. You drove right by my place this weekend, how coooool! I need to do a budget rework ASAP!

  3. Budgeting is so difficult, but important. I sort of feel like I'm getting the hang of it. Until I go to Target... Ha, the cookie dough things is amazing. I haven't had cookie dough in ages. But I have had plenty of cookies... #sorrynotsorry XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  4. I'm so glad to hear that other people get so attached to songs!

  5. I am 100% guilty of starting to get a serious urge to push repeat on a song before it's even over.

    With the shore house, I just had to majorly redo our budget. Then I wasn't satisfied, so it got redone again. And again. LOL

  6. ha-ha no way, there are so many linkups and you're a gem to get a few of them all in one spot. I'll be counting down the 11 months and 3 weeks with you, I may also be getting some raw chocolate chip cookie dough. Just because!

  7. I have 2 tubs of cookie dough in my freezer, and I have thought more than once about just taking a spoonful. Just one little one.

    I didn't know who that guy was either. But I don't watch a lot of current TV. I'm assuming Homeland is a current show? I don't even know that. #netflixforlife

  8. LOL, I don't know who the guy is either! Kathy if you're reading this -- I'm sorrrryyy! Haha. I love that you've already got your Richmond run planned ;) I'm telling you, every time I read about your races, I get more inspired to get back to running after babe. AND if I run, then I can eat some raw cookie dough too, right?! xoxo

  9. I'm with you on this song business. And the HSP part. And the not knowing who that dude is.

  10. Confession--I didn't know who he was either until I saw Kathy's comment.

    I love what you did with the cookie dough. Last week, the child asked me to make some not because she wanted cookies but because she wanted the dough. #thatsmygirl

  11. I only got around to watching When Harry Met Sally a few months ago and was pleasantly surprised!

  12. Shhhhh I dont know who that is on the button either and my blog name is on it. LOL I love cookie dough. Love love love. I eat more cookie dough than I actually bake of the cookies hahaha. No shame! I am loving this new Ed Sheeran song. I dont think I had heard it before.

    Look at you kicking butt with runs and signing up for more. :)

  13. I didn't know who the guy was on the button either. I had to confess that to get the answer. I tried to listen to the 2nd & 3rd songs three different times, but my laptop is at the end of its life and didn't want to open a new tab...yet, it opened the first song (which was lovely). Now, I'm just complaining! Happy humpday!

  14. LOL I have also bought cookie dough for the purpose of eating it raw. Did you know you can buy eggless cookie dough in some grocery stores? I bet somewhere like Trader Joe's would have it. Raw cookie dough AND not having to worry about explosive diarrhea from too many raw eggs = WINNING! ;P :)

  15. So many things to comment on!
    1. No idea who that guy is either, and don't really find him that attractive? I liked the other 2 much better.

    2. YAY for finally seeing When Harry Met Sally! Though I kinda love it. I should rewatch it soon...

    3. YAY for more marathons! You're seriously killing it!

    4. Did you check out the Stop n Shop? And raw cookie dough is the shit- I have totally done that too!

    5. I love that Rudimental song and played it on repeat for 2 weeks straight. Until the radio stations started playing it and then I was all "meh." Going to check out the other two now...

  16. Richmond just passed Atlantic City as the race I've registered for farthest in advance. Happy to be in the same boat with you :)
    I only ever buy cookie dough so I can eat it raw. Half the time I bake cookies from scratch, it's so I can eat some of the dough.
    I've never seen When Harry Met Sally and I don't know the button dude either!

  17. That is super exciting that you already signed up for the half marathon! I am still trying to keep steady with my two miles of walk/jogging ha ha. The weather has gotten way too cold for me... I see a gym membership and a treadmill in my future.

  18. bahahaha you all are so short!
    yay for registering for richmond! wow!
    I have never seen When Harry Met Sally.

  19. Yay for another marathon! woohoo! Ps .. like Kris, I have never ever seen when Harry Met Sally. Like ever.


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