Sunday Sweats 46

November 9–15
Monday: rest

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
Every time I skip a week of studio class I feel it extra intensely when I return. I felt really strong in this class, hit all my balances and backbends, and was so happy to be back.

Wednesday: restorative yoga (20 minutes)
The best thing about no longer being in training? I don't have to go running in the rain when I'm starting down 10 different deadlines and feeling exceptionally sore from going all-out in yoga class. Just some good, restorative, get ready for good sleep stretches.

Thursday: 2.06 mile run (9:04 pace)
I didn't really have the time to run today but I had to move these legs a little.

Friday: travel day
Saturday: (anticipate) 3-4 mile run
Sunday: travel day
(I'm scheduling this post Friday morning, so weekend workouts are estimates.)

I'm heading down to Richmond this weekend because a few awesome things are happening: Becky is running HER FIRST MARATHON, my friend Lisa is going to dominate her first half marathon in over a year in a triumphant return to distance running, and I'm hanging with Tracy AGAIN. Friday and Sunday will probably be too busy for much actual fitness, but Tracy and I are hoping to help pace Lisa and keep her company through a few miles Saturday.

Comments are closed because I didn't say anything interesting, and I don't expect you to have any feelings about any of it. See you during the week!