As Winter Comes

As winter arrives, I am currently...

celebrating ++ the close of a catalog project that might have killed me if it went on any longer. The arrival of an amazing new teacher at my yoga studio. The arrival of winter (happy solstice!). The whole season. The arrival of issue 2 of Hellbent, the literary magazine I edit and co-founded. Check out the winter issue here!

writing ++ story pitches. Editorial comments. Strongly-worded emails. A plan for 2016—still.

wondering ++ How it can be the week of Christmas. I know, we all say it. But I started to compile some pieces for a post to recap the year and was shocked by what I remembered. All that happened this year!? All that happened less than 365 days ago!? Time is a weird thing.

reading ++ Beneath the Bonfire. The Alchemist (a little bit at a time). Attachments. Yoga books on yoga books on yoga books.

practicing ++ my breathing. Specifically, how to use it to refrain from causing bodily harm to people who frustrate me lately.

eating ++ blandly. Not sure of the culprit behind my weekend stomach bug, but I spent the entire day Saturday sicker than I've been in years. Rather than tempting fate, I'm sticking to rice and apples.

burning ++ Cozy Cabin.

watching ++ Gilmore Girls, because once you start you just can't stop. Some Christmas movies, but still not Home Alone—sorry Michael. Maybe later in the week. But mostly, Love Actually and The Holiday. Oh, and cheesy ABC Family Christmas movies (Why no Holiday in Handcuffs this year, Netflix?!

listening to ++ Serial season 2. Trans Siberian Orchestra, because it's the only Christmas music I can stand this year. (I'm not a Grinch; I'm just not interested.)

wearing ++ Ugg boots, because it finally feels cool enough to wear them and it not be ridiculous. Some days, at least.

reminding ++ you that next Tuesday is the last of the month—and the year! Don't forget to join us for Training for Tuesday, the last of 2015. (I know Steph & Jana are hosting a special link up the same day, so feel free to post early and link up Tuesday, or double up if you like!)

wanting ++ to go see this!

organizing ++ My emails, because if it's not a color-coded inbox, it is a useless inbox. My Christmas presents. I still haven't wrapped a single one of them. Some of them still haven't been taken out of their shipping packaging. At lot has changed around here...

What are you up to?


  1. So much going on for you right now!! I picked up with the last few seasons of gilmore girls earlier this year and I agree - once you start with the show you just can't stop!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. The Alchemist is one of my all-time favorite books, and Attachments was so cute! I'm with you on trying to organize presents, some of mine aren't out of the packaging either (oops). So sorry to hear about your stomach bug- I hope you're feeling better!

  3. How's Serial so far? I liked season 1, but I'm not sure that I'm interested in season 2's story.

  4. I love Holiday in Handcuffs and I haven't seen it anywhere this year. Boo!!!! Trans Siberia is my favorite Christmas music too. Just beautiful! Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. Stomach bugs are the worst! hope you have a great week, I have a feeling it is going to fly by!

  5. i can't believe that christmas is just days away. work has been killing me and then i looked up from my computer and it's Dec 21 already?!???

    i need to get on Serial season 2. Is it a continuation of S1?

  6. Attachments!!! YEEESSS!!! My favorite of her books! And Beneath the Bonfire is amazing.

    I am LOVING this season of Serial. It's so different than season one and I have no clear opinions on anything yet. She does such a wonderful job on that podcast.

  7. you should see the sheer amount of cheesy christmas movies on my pvr that I recorded from W. And not gonna lie, I'm not a big fan of Candace Bure christmas movies. LOVE THEM.

  8. Yay for the new issue of Hellbent!! I'm sure its awesome! I wrote my training for Tuesday post last week, thats just how excited I am! I think you should wrap your presents and watch Home Alone tonight!

  9. Time is such a strange thing. When I was looking back at the books I read, I was like I read that THIS year? It seems like the year went by so quickly, but it seems like January was forever ago, if that even makes sense. I've never smelled cozy cabin, but I love the sound of it! And YES, I'm so sad I can't find Holiday in Handcuffs anywhere to watch, it's seriously one of my favorite cheesy Christmas movies. Congrats on issue 2 of Hellbent! You seriously amaze me with how much you have going on!

  10. You can't stop Gilmore's just impossible!

  11. i haven't wrapped a single thing. gah.
    i hope you love attachments :)
    love actually and the holiday are my faves! i think i might watch them tonight, or christmas eve :)

  12. I need to organize my photos this afternoon.

    Hellbent is on my weekend reading list!

  13. I took an entire day off from work yesterday just to get my Christmas world in order. The gifts are wrapped, the apartment is clean, the scented candles are out and a 3 hour coffee chat with mom was delightful. I hope to see your face once more before the New Year, and literally TOUCH your face in 2016.

  14. Pay me in wine and I will come wrap all your gifts! Wrapping is my FAVORITE!!! I should look into that for next year.... You're the ONLY person excused from watching Home Alone. I still don't get how you've made it this far, but I've accepted it. It hurts my Christmas heart, but I'll Gloria Gaynor my way through it. I couldn't believe all that happened this year as well. Busy little bees! I want to write a loose plan for 2016 but I have no idea where to even start - how ridiculous is that?! Merry Christmas!!!

  15. I've read...nothing in a long time. I just remembered I read Shotgun Lovesongs on the train to and from NJ this time last year (and NO, I wasn't sobbing on the train during it but thanks for asking) and now I'm sad that my eyes have to be on the road instead of a book for my visit this year. And speaking of, time is SO weird, like how I read this when you posted it but now it's a week later and I'm finally getting around to commenting and I'll see you in a few days. And we have to talk about Serial! I have purposely been avoiding asking you about it so we that we can discuss in person ;)


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