Some Thursday Love

Merry Christmas, those who celebrate. Happy Thursday, those who don't. Happy holiday season to everyone.
Things simultaneously speed up and slow down this week, don't they? Some of you are traveling home for the holidays; some are hosting out-of-towners for a few nights. Some of you have a nice long break from work and some of you will be working through the holidays. For any and all of you who find yourselves in the mood to click around the web, learn something new, pretend you're too busy working to engage in political chatter with your brother-in-law, or pass the time before your flight, here are some links and things I wanted to share.

Have you seen the second issue of Hellbent Magazine? If not, check it out here. (And if you're really far behind, check out issue one here.)

Calling all yogis. Are you bad like me? Are you a member of the Bad Yogi Club? Sign up here and never miss an announcement (or surprise sale or discount) again.

5 Times Women Made a Difference in 2015 (via Feather Magazine) — I may have cried while editing this article.

Don't carry this baggage with you into the new year (via Feather Magazine).

Stressed? Why don't you...

Are you listening to Serial season two? The first definitive piece written on Bowe Bergdahl back in 2012, by Michael Hastings for Rolling Stone.

This comic covers pretty much everything that happened in 2015.

Have you heard of the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge? This blogger is reviewing all 337 titles.

Arm balance goals.

Do you participate in the January Cure by Apartment Therapy? Why not start in 2016?

Some genius on the Internet created this playlist. I can confirm the title is accurate.

It's too late for Thanksgiving, but maybe this podcast can help you survive enjoy Christmas with your family.

I bet I can convince you to try at least one essential oil. (PS, tea tree and eucalyptus are must-haves for me too.)

Precisely why "Carol of the Bells" is the greatest Christmas song ever, and why you'll never think of it the same way again.

You may have seen this already, but it's still worth watching again—or for the first time, if you haven't!

Okay, that ought to do it. If you've clicked on anything awesome lately, share it below and give me a good read.
Happy holidays, friends!


  1. Fun and informative post, lady! I'm checking out some articles right now. I LOVE EO, I need to get some thieves!

  2. Left Shark next to the Patriots deflating the balls has to be my favorite part of the comprehensive 2015 comic. Songs that get drunk white girls excited IS an amazing playlist that I forgot existed but will love on all day today while I sadly work on this eve of a holiday I happily celebrate. I AM leaving those 5 things behind in 2016. <3

  3. Definitely need to check out the Rory Gilmore reading challenge (though I'm feeling a little tired just thinking about how intense it must be, haha). Happy holidays!

  4. i am like free of all of those habits, for the first time in my life. all the high fives!
    man, even i couldn't read all the books that Rory read.
    the january cure sounds interesting...

  5. I'm always interested in organizing stuff, thanks!


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