Sunday Sweats 49: YTT Week 3

November 30–December 6
If you have any interest in the foundations of yoga and the eight limbs (asana (postures) being just one of eight limbs)
and want to read more on them, I highly recommend this text. It's incredible.
Monday: 5.67 mile run (9:25)
Took a hilly route today, but I'm happy with the effort and pace. Body was pretty sore from doing about 8,000 chaturangas, planks, and downward facing dogs yesterday so the goal was basically not to hurt myself. Ran with an old friend on a favorite route, no music in my ears, and a little bit of chatter. All good for a Monday!

Tuesday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
Still hurting a bit in the hips and shoulders from Sunday's intensity, but I'm accepting that that's probably my new normal for a while. Took Donna's class tonight, and it was nice and small—the rain tends to keep some people away. She surprised us a bit with intense holds and new transitions and gave me a few tougher modifications when she could tell I wanted more challenge. I'm really trying to pay attention to things like this and remember them for when I'm at the head of my own classes, because it really does make all the difference in the world!

Wednesday: yoga for hangovers (14 minutes)
No hangover, but this quick sequence has a great half moon/revolved half moon balance flow that I love, plus some good deep breathing. I honestly don't think I could do it with a hangover, but it is a great start to a busy morning.

Thursday: 4.03 mile run (9:12 pace)
A bit too windy to be speedy today, plus I had a few stops in quick succession for stoplights and couldn't keep up momentum like that. Had to remind myself partway through that I'm not in training and I don't always need to run for something; today could just be a day to run for fun—to run away from my inbox and to do list for a little while.

Friday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
I have to say, I really love how much variety there is in my studio(s) (same studio has a bunch of locations in NJ, two that I take classes at). I took a 7 p.m. class this evening and I really, really enjoyed it. It was small but not empty, and I was pleasantly surprised to meet one of my YTT classmates there and chat a bit before class. Nicole was our instructor and she had a really soothing guidance and a fun class. More challenging than Donna's but not as challenging as Kelly's class, and she gave us a couple different opportunities to play around in some fun places (crow transitions, side crow, and backbends). I'll definitely be back. That might be my new favorite Friday night ritual...

Saturday: 6.22 mile run (9:05 pace)
So I'm the weirdo who's run a marathon but never a 10k race, but if training runs count, this is my 10k PR! Previous PR was a 9:13 pace so I'm liking this progress. I took the same hilly route as Monday but tossed in an extra half-mile out-and-back to get up to 6, and went for fartleks on the few (very few) flat stretches of road. That twinge of runner's knee pain (the very same that took me down during the marathon) started up a little bit in mile 6, likely because of all the hills and the pretty severe bank of the road. It went away with my last step and I'm feeling pretty happy about that timing, all things considered!

Sunday: studio yoga class (75 minutes)
Oh, GOODNESS. I haven't sweat that much since a humid summer long run. We somehow crammed 43 people in the studio this morning and the heat was HIGH. It was butts-in-faces cramped. I was literally dripping sweat onto my mat. It was intense and difficult but not too much so, and I left feeling absolutely invigorated.

Weekly Totals
Running: 15.91 miles
Yoga: 239 minutes

Yoga Teacher Training Week 3 Reflections:
I have so many feelings and yet no words about today's training. We discussed some of the Hindu mythology that appears in yoga, and I thought a lot about religion. I don't have one, and just because I practice yoga doesn't mean that I'm looking to adopt Hindu as mine. But because yoga is as old as it is and so tied to Indian sages, Hindu mythology appears often in the names of yoga postures, the mudras (hand gestures) we use, and the emblems you often see associated with yoga. We approached it from the same place my college class approached Greek mythology. It was nice to tie a lot of concepts together and reassuring to understand a way to show deference to the Hindu holy trinity and related mythology without having to have a religious conversion, in addition to the spiritual one yoga often guides us to.

After, my teacher's teacher, an incredible woman named Agnes, came in and led us in a three-hour pranayama and meditation workshop. We chanted, we talked about breathing and breathwork, and I think most of us got emotional at one point or another. I definitely did, several times. Conversing with your breath in that way brings things to the surface of consciousness. I really loved the alternate nostril breathing we practiced, as well as all the other techniques Agnes guided us through. She teaches Kundalini yoga at a different studio and I'm fully intending on taking her class very soon.


  1. Those classes sound amazing, I would love to do a meditation class and three hours sounds intense! Killin it on your runs and yoga..I love the hangover yoga ha! I just started week 2 of C25K and is it normal for this week to kick my butt even if it just added 30 seconds to my runs?! Both days I have been wrecked by the end...I'm hoping it's normal ha! Happy Monday!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

  2. Ha-ha I've never tried the yoga for hangovers video, but seeing that there's a half moon/revolved half moon in a balance sequence I won't be trying it after a night of going too hard.

    Back in Portland I always loved my Friday night Yoga classes. I hope you make it into te weekly schedule! And more frequent FaceTime dates, I really enjoyed seeing your morning face!

  3. i love that yoga for hangovers video :) it's my second fave of Erin's, after the running one. congrats on your 10k PR, that's awesome :)

  4. I'm so excited for you as you continue on with your YTT! I'm working my way back through posts now, but how many weeks total is it? And yay for getting in so many good workouts this past week! And a 10k PR :)

  5. Uh, yep, definitely time to get yourself signed up for a 10k race! I think you'd enjoy the fact that it's longer than a 5k and not over in like 5 minutes, but not long enough that you ever feel like you might die.
    Very interesting reading about your discussion of Hindu and religion at YTT this week. I would have loved to listen in on that!


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